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Overwatch 2 Carry over progress: You take that with you from the predecessor

Overwatch 2 Carry over progress: You take that with you from the predecessor

 Overwatch 2's multiplayer replaces Overwatch. But what about your progress? Here you can find out what you transfer from the old to the new game.

Merging accounts in Overwatch 2

Since Overwatch 2 also supports crossplay, you can merge your accounts from different platforms. According to official Overwatch news, you'll be given the option to merge your accounts when you first log into a console. This already works in the predecessor Overwatch. The merge will then automatically apply to Overwatch 2.

Make sure you are logged in with the correct account before merging. Otherwise, your progress cannot be transferred. While it is possible to change the linked accounts annually, you will not receive the progress of the newly linked account. However, the newly linked account takes over the progress.

What is carried over from Overwatch?


Some players are currently having problems transferring content. Blizzard have already acknowledged this issue and are working on a fix.

If you're a PC player, it might help to log in briefly to the Asian server. However, this is no guarantee.

In principle, almost all content is automatically transferred to Overwatch 2. This includes:

  • Your hero gallery (skins, emotes, sprays, spells, victory poses, highlight intros, weapon skins)
  • Your game level and rank (If you have different ranks when you merge, your highest rank will apply.)
  • Your statistics (depending on the value, these are added together when merging or the best value is taken for average values.)
  • Your acknowledgment (If there is a difference in acknowledgment upon reconciliation, your highest acknowledgment will apply.)
  • your achievements
  • Your Overwatch League Brands (except from Nintendo Switch)
  • Your credits (will be converted to a new currency)
  • Your custom games (options and links)
Since Overwatch 2 replaces the loot boxes with a Battle Pass , you cannot take loot boxes with you. At the launch of Overwatch 2, all Overwatch loot boxes will be automatically opened and transferred.

The gameplay settings are also not transferred because they are platform-specifically different. So you should check your hero settings after switching.