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Overwatch 2 Enter workshop codes and our recommendations - Game guide

 In addition to the normal game modes, Overwatch 2 also offers a workshop for custom game modes. There you can not only create your own games but also share them with the community. In this article, we show you the most popular workshop codes and how you can activate them.

Overwatch 2 Enter workshop codes and our recommendations - Game guide

Activate workshop codes in Overwatch 2

The five-digit codes are collected on the website. To activate a code, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open Custom Games and create your own game. New players must first unlock this mode.
  2. Opens the settings.
  3. Select the option "Import code" from the overview.
  4. Copy the chosen workshop code and click okay.

The most popular workshop codes


Access to the workshop is currently disabled. Therefore, no new content can be created and existing content cannot be adapted to Overwatch 2. However, the following codes work fine.

training areas

The following codes will lead you to training areas that you can use to specifically improve your skills.

  • Aim Strafing Trainer (Code: A9FBX) throws you into an arena full of moving heroes, making it perfect for practicing hitting moving targets.
  • Aerial Aim Trainer (Code: TKBR3) presents you with a number of flying targets and is therefore good practice for encountering opponents such as Pharah or Echo. You can customize the trainer within the map by shooting the appropriate balls.

Alternate game modes

  • In the 1v1 Arena (Code: TXCXX) you fight your way to the top with different heroes in 1v1 battles. Your goal is 50 points and a win in the top tier.
  • In the 1v1 Meta Arena (Code: METDP) you can customize your heroes before the 1v1 battles. Echo with Roadhog's Ultimate and D.Va's Defense Matrix? This mode makes it possible.
  • Island Party – Heroes Minigames mode (code: W468T) is a collection of minigames such as races, shooting contests, and tagging. You progress through them one by one, with heroes and abilities assigned to you. Unfortunately, the mode doesn't explain its minigames.

We will expand this list and update it for you as soon as the workshop starts again.