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Overwatch 2 Game Guide - Unlock leaderboard and leaderboard system explained

Overwatch 2 Game Guide - Unlock leaderboard and leaderboard system explained

 Like its predecessor, Overwatch 2 offers a ranked mode. In this guide, we explain how to unlock ranked mode, how the ranking system works, and what opportunities you have to improve in the game.

Unlock Ranked in Overwatch 2

Overwatch players get instant access to ranked mode. The only requirement is that you have already unlocked it in Overwatch and your progress has been carried over to Overwatch 2.

New players must first win 50 Unranked games. Unlike unlocking other game modes, matches against the AI ​​do not count towards this count. According to Blizzard, your level of play will already be analyzed during your time in unranked mode in order to enable a good entry into the rankings.

How does ranking work in Overwatch 2?

In contrast to the skill ranking (SR for short) from Overwatch, Overwatch 2 relies on divisions of the respective ranks. Each tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster) is divided into 5 divisions. Examples of this classification would be Gold 3 or Bronze 5.

To get promoted, the ranking system relies on a simple principle: 7 wins mean promotion, 20 defeats mean descent by one division. You can see your progress after 7 or 20 matches.

After Grandmaster, you can expect a leaderboard, the Top 500. The Top 500 remains unchanged from Overwatch. This means your rank in the top 500 will be updated after each ranked match. The Top 500 will be unlocked 2 weeks after the start of the season and will be available to you if you have completed 25 ranked games in each role or 50 ranked games in free choice of role.

At the end of a season, you will receive ranking points based on your rank. You can use these points to unlock golden weapons. The amount of points and other rewards depends on the leaderboard challenges.

More information thanks to player data

Thanks to the new statistics in Overwatch 2, you can now better understand your performance in ranked matches. In the ranking progress and your career profile, you can get an overview of your performance in individual games. This should help you to improve your performance even further.

In this overview, you can call up hero-specific statistics in addition to match statistics. You can even watch a replay to analyze team fights and your own deaths, for example.