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Overwatch 2 Merging accounts bug, can we fix it?

Overwatch 2 Merging accounts bug, can we fix it?

 Merging accounts is normally automatic on Overwatch 2, but some players are experiencing a bug. We tell you if a solution exists.

Overwatch 2 allows players of the first Overwatch name to merge their accounts automatically or manually by making a relative manipulation.

However, some people have reported having a bug with merging accounts which prevents them from recovering their progress from the first game. The developers are aware of the issue and are currently working on it as explained in a post on the Blizzard forums.

Is there a solution to fix the account merging bug on Overwatch 2?

If you encounter the error message "Account merging is not working" when attempting to link your Overwatch and Overwatch 2 accounts, don't panic, this is a known issue with Blizzard and they are working to fix it. It should be noted that normally the merging of accounts is automatic, but you can, however, try the following solutions from Sportskeeda:

  • Be sure to link the two desired accounts, because if you made a mistake, it is possible to dissociate the accounts, but you will have to wait a year before re-merging accounts
  • It is also important to note here that only one account per platform can be linked. Therefore, if players have two accounts on the different platforms PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, unfortunately, they will only be able to merge one.
  • If you encounter the error message while playing Overwatch 2, we recommend that you check the status of the game's servers  and potentially if a message has not been posted on Twitter
  • If the servers don't seem to have any issues, you can always uninstall the game and reinstall it. In some cases, this can solve the problem due to corrupted or partly incomplete, or even missing game files

Finally, we remind you that you can also write to Blizzard Support in order to receive assistance from an advisor if you encounter problems with the merger of accounts or when you try to launch a game or the Game.