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Overwatch 2 Technical Problem Solving

Overwatch 2 Technical Problem Solving

 Overwatch 2 Troubleshooting - Not Installing? Doesn't start? Brakes? Flies out? Lags? Error? Is not downloading?

Unfortunately, there are flaws in games: brakes, low FPS, crashes, freezes, bugs, and other minor and not very errors. Often problems begin before the game even starts when it won't install, won't load, or won't even download. Yes, and the computer itself is sometimes weird, and then in Overwatch 2, instead of a picture, a black screen, the control does not work, and no sound is heard, or anything else.

What to do first

  1. Download and run the world-famous CCleaner - this is a program that will clean your computer of unnecessary garbage, as a result of which the system will run faster after the first reboot;
  2. Update all the drivers in the system using the Driver Updater program - it will scan your computer and update all drivers to the latest version in 5 minutes;
  3. Install Advanced System Optimizer and turn on the game mode in it, which will end useless background processes during game launch and increase game performance.

Overwatch 2 system requirements

The second thing to do if you have any problems with Overwatch 2 is to check the system requirements. In a good way, you need to do this even before the purchase, so as not to regret the money spent.

Overwatch 2 minimum system requirements:

Windows 7, Processor: Intel Core i3-2100, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560, ATI Radeon HD 5850,

View recommended requirements

Every gamer should at least have a little understanding of the components, to know why a video card, processor, and other things are needed in the system unit.

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Bugs

In a separate section, we want to note that due to the large influx of players, users may encounter various connection errors. Do the following first:

  1. Make sure you have a mobile phone number connected to your account. Without it, the user will not be able to play Overwatch 2.
  2. Make sure your internet connection is stable.
  3. Check the status of the Xbox and PlayStation networks when playing on these consoles.
  4. Make sure you've correctly linked your console account to your account if you're playing Overwatch 2 on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.
  5. Check the game's social media for server maintenance.
  6. Close and restart Overwatch 2.
  7. Completely restart your computer or console.

Failed to connect to the game server

In addition to overloaded servers, the Overwatch 2 team experienced two distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks shortly after launch that severely impacted servers and prevented players from accessing the game.

Since the number of players has decreased and DDoS attacks have stopped, stability and access to the server has improved, so failures when connecting to the game server should occur much less frequently.

We suspect that this Overwatch 2 error message will appear on any future instances of server downtime, whether due to unplanned server outages or intentional maintenance periods on the part of Blizzard.

How to fix queue error (zero players)

As with the previous bug report, this Overwatch 2 issue is also the result of overloaded servers and DDoS attacks on launch day. This message now appears much less often when issues are resolved and servers are stable, allowing players to log into the game smoothly.

Unexpected server error

Developers at Blizzard are aware of an ongoing issue where players who have merged their console and PC accounts are receiving an "Unexpected Server Error" message.

If this issue is still affecting you, we recommend checking back into Overwatch 2 from time to time to see if the issue has been resolved. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait.

How to fix "LC-202" and "LC-208" errors, disconnecting from the game server

These Overwatch 2 error codes can appear whenever the user is disconnected from the game servers, with "LC-208" being the error code that appears on consoles. These problems are currently very common among players. This is most likely due to the stability of the servers on launch day.

The error can also be caused by your own internet connection being disconnected, a problem with the PC, or some networking errors on the console. Try restarting your router and reconnecting to the internet.

If the problem is caused by the PlayStation or Xbox network, the player will have to wait a while until the problem is fixed. We recommend checking the status of the network connection service on the console to see if this is causing the issue.

The Blizzard Support article for the "LC-202" error code also suggests that this may be due to the lack of a BattleTag (a special username for any games). If you're playing Overwatch 2 on a console, make sure the account is properly linked to your console account and you have the correct BattleTag.

How to fix "BC-153" error, can't login

The error code "BC-153" in Overwatch 2 is caused by not being able to login, most likely due to a connection issue. Often, this problem can occur after one of the other error codes mentioned earlier. Since Overwatch 2 just launched, this code is showing up for many players due to server issues. After the servers are restored to stable operation, the appearance of such an error should occur much less often.

If the issue persists, check for any scheduled Overwatch 2 server maintenance, unintentional server downtime, or other issues with Overwatch social media pages. Make sure your network connection is stable. If the problem is not related to the Internet connection, the player will simply have to wait for the Blizzard developers to fix the problems.

How to fix "Something went wrong" error on PlayStation

If this problem occurs, the player needs to restart the console. After that, start the game - the error should disappear.

How to fix "Player not found" error

If an error occurs in a game with friends, disband the team and try to invite users again. As a last resort, it is recommended that all players restart their devices.

How to fix the "Different version" error

Users need to exit the game, check for updates and download them. It may also help to check the files on the PC.

How to fix missing skins error

If the player has lost all the skins for the heroes, then he will have to wait a while. The developers are already aware of the problem, so they will fix it soon.

How to fix black screen error

This problem occurs for PC users who, using the Alt + Tab key combination, try to minimize the window in full-screen mode. It can be fixed with a full restart of the game.

Overwatch 2 won't download. Long download. Solution

The speed of your personal Internet channel is not the only determining download speed. If the distribution server is running at, say, 5 MB per second, then your 100 MB will not help matters.
If Overwatch 2 does not download at all, then this can happen immediately for a bunch of reasons: the router is incorrectly configured, problems on the provider’s side, the cat gnawed the cable, or, in the end, the server crashed on the service side from where the game is downloaded.

Overwatch 2 won't install. Installation terminated. Solution

Before you start installing Overwatch 2, you need to double-check how much space it takes on the disk. If the problem with the availability of free disk space is excluded, then the disk should be diagnosed. Perhaps it has already accumulated a lot of “broken” sectors, and is it simply faulty?

Windows has standard tools for checking the status of HDD and SSD drives, but it is best to use specialized programs.

But it is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the download was unsuccessful due to a broken connection, this also happens. And if you're installing Overwatch 2 from a disc, then it's worth seeing if there are any scratches or foreign substances on the media!

Overwatch 2 won't launch. Error on startup. Solution

Overwatch 2 is installed but simply refuses to work. How to be?

Does Overwatch 2 crash after crash? If yes, what is the text? Perhaps it does not support your video card or some other hardware? Or does it not have enough RAM?

Keep in mind that it's up to the developers themselves to build a crash error reporting system into their games. They need this to understand why their project doesn't run on testing.

Be sure to write down the text of the error. If you don't speak a foreign language, then check out the official Overwatch 2 developer forum. It will also be useful to look into large gaming communities.

If Overwatch 2 does not start, we recommend that you try disabling your antivirus or put the game in antivirus exclusions, and also check the system requirements again if something from your build does not match, then, if possible, improve your PC by purchasing more powerful components.

Overwatch 2 has a black screen, white screen, and color screen. Solution

Problems with screens of different colors can be roughly divided into 2 categories.

Firstly, they are often associated with the use of two video cards at once. For example, if your motherboard has an integrated graphics card, but you are playing on a discrete one, then Overwatch 2 may run on the integrated one for the first time, while you will not see the game itself, because the monitor is connected to a discrete graphics card.

Secondly, color screens happen when there are problems with displaying the image on the screen. This can happen for various reasons. For example, Overwatch 2 cannot work through an outdated driver or does not support a video card. Also, a black/white screen may be displayed when working at resolutions that are not supported by the game.

Overwatch 2 is crashing. At a certain or random moment. Solution

You play for yourself, play and here - bam! - everything goes out, and now you have a desktop in front of you without any hint of a game. Why is this happening? To solve the problem, it is worth trying to figure out what the nature of the problem is.

If the crash occurs at a random point in time without any pattern, then with a probability of 99% we can say that this is a mistake of the game itself. In this case, fixing something is very difficult, and the best thing is to just put Overwatch 2 aside and wait for the patch.

However, if you know exactly at what moments the crash occurs, then you can continue the game, avoiding situations that provoke a crash.

However, if you know exactly at what moments the crash occurs, then you can continue the game, avoiding situations that provoke a crash.

Overwatch 2 freezes. The picture freezes. Solution

The situation is about the same as with crashes: many freezes are directly related to the game itself, or rather, to the developer's mistake when creating it. However, a frozen picture can often become a starting point for investigating the deplorable state of a video card or processor. So if the picture freezes in Overwatch 2, then use programs to display statistics on component loading. Perhaps your video card has already exhausted its working life for a long time or the processor is heating up to dangerous temperatures? The easiest way to check the load and temperatures for the video card and processors is in the MSI Afterburner program. If desired, you can even display these and many other parameters on top of the Overwatch 2 image. What temperatures are dangerous? Processors and video cards have different operating temperatures. For video cards, they are usually 60-80 degrees Celsius. The processors are slightly lower - 40-70 degrees. If the processor temperature is higher, then you should check the condition of the thermal paste. Perhaps it has already dried up and needs to be replaced. If the video card is heating up, then you should use the driver or the official utility from the manufacturer. You need to increase the number of revolutions of the coolers and see if the operating temperature drops.

Overwatch 2 is slow. Low FPS. Frame rate drops. Solution

With stutters and low frame rates in Overwatch 2, the first step is to lower the graphics settings. Of course, there are a lot of them, so before reducing everything in a row, you should find out exactly how certain settings affect performance. Screen resolution. In short, this is the number of points that make up the picture of the game. The higher the resolution, the higher the load on the video card. However, the increase in load is negligible, so reducing the screen resolution should only be the last resort, when everything else does not help. Texture quality. Typically, this setting determines the resolution of texture files. Decrease the quality of textures if the video card has a small amount of video memory (less than 4 GB) or if you are using a very old hard drive with a spindle speed of less than 7200. Model quality (sometimes just detailing). This setting determines which set of 3D models will be used in the game. The higher the quality, the more polygons. Accordingly, high-poly models require more processing power of the video card (not to be confused with the amount of video memory!), which means that this parameter should be reduced on video cards with a low core or memory frequency. Shadows. They are implemented in different ways. In some games, shadows are created dynamically, that is, they are calculated in real-time every second of the game. Such dynamic shadows load both the processor and the video card. In order to optimize, developers often abandon the full rendering and add a pre-render of shadows to the game. They are static because in fact, they are just textures that are superimposed on top of the main textures, which means that they load memory, and not the core of the video card. Often, developers add additional settings related to shadows:
  • Shadow Resolution - determines how detailed the shadow cast by the object will be. If the game has dynamic shadows, then it loads the core of the video card, and if a pre-created render is used, then it “eats” the video memory.
  • Soft shadows - smoothing out bumps on the shadows themselves, usually, this option is given along with dynamic shadows. Regardless of the type of shadows, it loads the video card in real-time.
Smoothing. It allows you to get rid of ugly corners at the edges of objects by using a special algorithm, the essence of which is usually to generate several images at once and compare them, calculating the “smooth” image. There are many different anti-aliasing algorithms that differ in the level of impact on the performance of Overwatch 2. For example, MSAA works “head on”, creating 2, 4, or 8 renders at once, so the frame rate is reduced by 2, 4 or 8 times, respectively. Algorithms such as FXAA and TAA operate a little differently, achieving a smooth image by calculating only the edges and using some other tricks. Because of this, they do not reduce performance as much. Lighting. As in the case of anti-aliasing, there are different algorithms for lighting effects: SSAO, HBAO, HDAO. All of them use the resources of the video card, but they do it differently depending on the video card itself. The fact is that the HBAO algorithm was promoted mainly on video cards from Nvidia (GeForce line), so it works best on the “green” ones. HDAO, on the other hand, is optimized for AMD graphics cards. SSAO is the simplest type of lighting, it consumes the least resources, so in case of slowdowns in Overwatch 2, it is worth switching to it. What to reduce first? As a rule, shadows, anti-aliasing, and lighting effects cause the most work, so it's best to start with them. Often gamers themselves have to deal with Overwatch 2 optimization. For almost all major releases, there are various relevant forums and forums, One of them is a special program called Advanced System Optimizer. It is made specifically for those who do not want to manually clean up the computer from various temporary files, delete unnecessary registry entries and edit the startup list. 

Overwatch 2 lags. Big game delay. Solution

Many people confuse "lag" with "lag", but these problems have completely different causes. Overwatch 2 slows down when the frame rate at which the image is displayed on the monitor decreases, and lags when the delay when accessing the server or any other host is too high.

That is why "lags" can only be in network games. The reasons are different: bad network code, physical distance from servers, network congestion, incorrectly configured router, and low Internet connection speed.

However, the latter is the least common. In online games, communication between the client and the server occurs by exchanging relatively short messages, so even 10 MB per second should be enough for the eyes.

Overwatch 2 has no sound. I can not hear anything. Solution

Overwatch 2 works, but for some reason does not sound - this is another problem that gamers face. Of course, you can play like that, but it's still better to figure out what's the matter.

First, you need to determine the scope of the problem. Where exactly is there no sound - only in the game or in general on the computer? If only in the game, then perhaps this is due to the fact that the sound card is very old and does not support DirectX.

If there is no sound at all, then the matter is definitely in the computer settings. Perhaps the sound card drivers are not installed correctly, or maybe there is no sound due to some specific error of our favorite Windows OS.

Overwatch 2 torrent download not working. Solution

If the distribution kit of the game was downloaded via torrent, then in principle there can be no guarantees of work. Torrents and repacks are almost never updated through official applications and do not work over the network, because in the course of hacking, hackers cut out all network functions from games, which are often used to check the license.
Using such versions of games is not only inconvenient but even dangerous because very often many files have been changed in them. For example, to bypass protection, pirates modify an EXE file. However, no one knows what else they do with it. Maybe they embed self-executing software. For example, a miner who, when the game is first launched, will be integrated into the system and will use its resources to ensure the well-being of hackers. Or a virus, giving access to the computer to third parties. There are no guarantees here and cannot be. In addition, the use of pirated versions is, according to our publication, theft. The developers have spent a lot of time creating the game, investing their own money in the hope that their offspring will pay off. And every work must be paid for. Therefore, if there are any problems with games downloaded from torrents or hacked using certain means, you should immediately remove the pirate, clean your computer with an antivirus and purchase a licensed copy of the game. This will not only save you from dubious software but also allow you to download updates for the game and receive official support from its creators.

Overwatch 2 gives an error about the missing DLL file. Solution

As a rule, problems associated with the absence of DLLs occur when you start Overwatch 2, however, sometimes the game can access certain DLLs in the process and, without finding them, crash in the most impudent way.

To fix this error, you need to find the required DLL and install it on the system. The easiest way to do this is with the DLL-fixer program , which scans the system and helps you quickly find missing libraries.