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Sector Edge: the open beta of the game has officially started

 After a successful beta phase, the Sector Edge game is available in open beta. Find information on this indie game.

Sector Edge: the open beta of the game has officially started

Imagine playing Minecraft and Fortnite or Call of Duty at the same time. It is possible with the game Sector Edge. This is a free-to-play indie first-person shooter game with fully destructible environments. In this game, you can combine the gameplay of an FPS, with the destruction of sandbox-type games.

The game has been available for early access since October 31, 2020, on the Steam platform. It is a choice of the developers to release the game in early access to allow them to make changes based on player feedback in order to release the cleanest possible product when it is officially released. Since October 21, 2022, the game has been in the open beta phase.

Sector Edge goes into open beta on Steam

The Sector Edge game goes into open beta, one more step towards the official release of the game available in early access. Currently, the game is at a fairly advanced stage and can offer a certain experience to players via the open beta. You can enjoy: 

  • 4 game modes
  • 15 cards
  • 163 accessories
  • 5 equipment
  • 14 weapons
  • and others...

Additionally, the game features cosmetics that allow you to customize the look of your weapons and character.

When it is officially released, the game will always be free. The only paying elements will be the game cosmetics. Finally, when it is officially released, ranked matches will be present.