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Signalis walkthrough - game guide

 Guide to the passage of the game, finding all the story items, and weapons, solving puzzles, and fighting bosses

Signalis walkthrough - game guide

Signalis is an isometric survival horror game in which you play Elster as she tries to find her Gestalt friend and explores a gloomy base and an abandoned mine on a distant planet.


After the opening cutscene, go upstairs and open the door by pressing the F key. The next door is blocked, so head up the stairs in the center of the room. From here you can go right, up and down. The door on the left side is locked. Go into the room above and take the instruction manual for the Penrose-type vessel from the box. With the help of RMB, you can close any page or move away from the device being inspected. You can go even higher or through the door on the right (again, the left door is blocked).


Go up and find another capsule. To the left of it there is a code bar with nine buttons, but it is not yet clear which of them should be activated. Go down to the room below and turn right. You will see a room with a broken window. A dirty page from a diary is lying on the floor. There is nothing else to do in this room. At any time during the game, you can press the M key to open the map.

Return to the room with the stairs and go through the door on the right to Mess Hall. Look for the manual "LSTR Features: Repair Logic Module" on the table. Examine the panel at the top and LMB on the duct tape.

Return to the room with the stairs and go down. Keep going down through another door to get to the cockpit (pilots). Take a photo from the dashboard in the upper left corner.

Leave the cab and go through the door on the left (the right one is now blocked). Explore the control panel. Gateway key required. Take a look at the glazed niche on the right. A spacesuit is hidden in it. You will receive it only after you apply the key to the gateway. Press TAB to view the back of the photo. It displays a code that must be entered in the uppermost room (Cryogenics).

When the water from the chamber leaves, you can pick up the key to the gateway.

Go all the way down and go through the door to the left of the cockpit. In the inventory, select the duct tape or gateway key, press F, select "Connect" and combine with each other. So you fix the key to the gateway. Use it on the terminal and take the suit. Click LMB to go forward, and when you go down, make your way through the hole. At the very end, once in the room, inspect the table and take the book "The King in Yellow".

S-23 Sierpinski

Floor 1

Exit the restroom and look at the reception to the right of the elevator that leads to the surface and you don't need it now. Remove the key from the reception from the note. On the chairs on the left is a brochure "Welcome to Site C-23 Sierpinski". The door on the left is blocked, so go to the door on the right. Unlike previous cases, you will see a "yellow lock". This means that you need to apply a key or a card here. Just interact to automatically open the door with the key from the reception.

The door is closed from above, another key is needed. A little further there is a sealed door with a red poster. Study it. It's called the Rule of Six. The doors on the right and bottom are locked, so go through the center door on top. You will see a corpse on the floor. Turn into the room on the right, this is the Staff Room. Examine the note in the lower right corner (Memo: Wall Safe Codes). There is a poster on the wall that reads “Keep Records”. On the table above is a service request form F-29. Interact with the red TV to save your progress. You can save only with the help of such devices!

Return to the corridor on the left and go up to the library (the rest of the doors are blocked). On the table on the left is a device for viewing microfilm from aperture cards. Remember this place and go through the Staff Room to the right, into a parallel corridor. Go to the room above to meet the android Star. Watch the cut scene. You need to take the elevator down to the mine, but it requires an administrator key. In the upper left corner, on the orange chairs, is the Protector's Key. At the top is room 4C, but you don't have the key to it.

Go down the corridor and enter the lower door on the right. On the wall hangs a poster "Do not run through the aisles!". You can find a safe in the wall in the far right corner. You don't know the code! This is room 4B. Remember this place! go back to the left corridor, down and open the door on the left using the protector's key. You will enter the Observation security room. Open the middle drawer, take the pistol, aperture card and read the Type 75 Pistol User's Manual. A little higher is a note "Memorandum: terminology." Press TAB and F and then select Take to equip the pistol. As usual, you can aim with the right mouse button and shoot with the left mouse button.

Go to the corridor and up. Kill the first enemy and enter the library. Watch the video with Isa Tou gestalt. Isa's note is on the table above. Apparently, she is looking for a certain Erica. Apply the aperture card to the device on the left. Examine the information about the safe. Memorize the factory code 204512. Each time you pass through a save room, record your progress! Return to the corridor and go through the lower right doors and the next corridor to Class 4B. Enter stake 204512 on the safe and take the audience key. Run up the right corridor. Where Shtar used to be, there is a repair patch (first-aid kits for Elster). On the chairs at the top right are pistol cartridges. Open the top door with the auditorium key. Go down the hole in this auditorium.

Floor 2

Go through the door at the top. You will find yourself in the southern corridor. The door on the right opens from the other side. Go through the door above to block A6. Go through the second door on the right. There is a diary on the counter in the upper right corner. Return to the corridor of the block and go up. In the box at the top left is a service request form F-29. Examine the door from above. Interact with the hatch. To open it, you need the key to the service hatch. Go through the door on the left and read the careless note. In the upper left corner is Alina's diary.

Go down to the south corridor and open the door on the left. Call the elevator on the left. Enter inside. on the wall to the right is a vertical Sierpinski card. On the panel on the left is the key to the service hatch. You can interact with the slot. To activate the elevator, you need a Protector ID card. Exit the elevator. For the door on the left, you need a map from the west wing. Return to the right and up, to block A6. Go to the top door and use the service hatch key.

The solution to this puzzle will be different for each player! Use the arrow buttons to change the length of the pins on the top (blue contraption). Press the F button on the control panel to apply the settings. You need to make sure that all the lower, darker parts align with one bottom line. If the pin is higher, then you need to increase the top above it using the arrow buttons.

After opening the door, examine the passage on the right. Requires the East Wing Key. At the top there are several doors. Enter the first one on the right and inspect the blue butterfly box on the far shelf. You need a square wrench. Enter the next room where you can save. Take the repair patch from the table. To the right is a storage box. It is very important because you have six slots available. Luckily, repair patches stack into one slot. In the meantime, you can leave a photo in the box that you no longer need.

In the third room (left) on the table on the right is a note "Memo: codes for wall safes." Grab the handgun ammo, two disposable stun guns, and read the Electric Impulse Devices manual. There's a wall safe upstairs, but the factory code won't work anymore. Examine the Wunderwaffen poster and take the key to the east wing from the table on the left. The door on the left in the corridor opens from the other side. Go right along the northern corridor and open the door with the key from the east wing.

Enter the first room from the top. There is a repair patch in the middle booth, and the left one will be locked. In the next room, find pistol ammo and repair spray (unlike patches, it restores more health). What's more, you can combine the spray with the patch to get Repair Spray+. Return to the corridor and open the lower right door by the overturned shelving. Kill the enemy. When the enemy falls and convulses, you can run up and press F to finish him off.

The door on the right is opened by the key to the wardroom, so go through the door on the lower left. On the right is the R-90 service request form. Kill the enemy and find the key to the wardroom on the left. Return to the previous room and open the door on the right with the key. Kill two new enemies in the large dining room (Mensa). There are pistol ammo on the table at the bottom right. At the top, there is another ammo and a repair patch.

Go through the door below, into the southeast corridor. Open the door on the left to create a short path to the southern corridor where you got to at the very beginning. Open the bottom door to access the Worker Bathroom. Pick up the broken key and go out into the corridor. Run to the right and open the far upper door. Talk to Storch. Get the West Wing Key and another Disposable Taser. By the way, do not forget to equip these shockers in the same way as you did with a pistol. To use the equipped tool, press the C key.

Run to the southern corridor (to the left), kill a couple of enemies, and follow the elevator to the left. Open the door on the left with the West Wing Key. You will see a large elevator where you can go down to the mine. But you need an admin key. Open the far upper door, kill the enemy and go upstairs. Pick up the second part of the broken key and combine both in the inventory. It is not necessary to kill the monster. Go through the door on the right, take the shocker and go up. You will enter the northwest corridor. Open the door on the right to create a shortcut. In the upper right room, there is an enemy and a repair spray+. In the upper left room, filled with blood, look for the note "Frequencies":

  • Moon - 059.000
  • Sun - 089.000
  • Libra - 111.000
  • Tower - 141.000
  • Tree — 187,000
  • Sword — 230,000

Go to the corridor on the right, and save in the first-aid post, as you did before. In the room to the right of the first-aid post, in the warehouse, open the box with the butterfly, the found and repaired key (two parts of the broken key). You will receive the mysterious artifact "Slab of Eternity".

A radio station

Interact with her, go forward in first-person mode and inspect the red device. You need to set the correct frequency. First, enter the building on the right and find the device and the replica radio module on the table in front. Take the last one, open the inventory and click on W. Activate the module on the left, use Q and E to tune in to the frequency, as on the receiver outside (160.000). Go outside and interact with the red device. Wait for the green bar on the right to fill up and the door to open.


Returning to the base, save in the first-aid post.

After saving the progress, look into the room on the left side to inspect the safe built into the wall. Open inventory, click on W and turn on the radio. Hold Q or E to rewind the frequency. Look behind the box in the lower-left corner of the screen. As soon as the inscription disappears in this field, stop rewinding. If you rewind too far, carefully rewind. Numbers will start to appear in the field. This is a possible code combination. There will be several such frequencies, but only one of them will offer the correct code. Every time you will need to enter the code you see on the safe and check if it works. In fact, the key to solving the puzzle is a note with different frequencies. A tree was depicted on my safe, so I had to tune the radio to the frequency of the tree (187.000).

Inside the safe is an identification card. Take the item, go to the lower left corner of the map, and use the left elevator (not the right one as before). Ride to the third floor. To confirm your choice, you need to press the blue button.

Floor 3

The door below is blocked on the other side, so go to the right. Behind the glass is a table with a shotgun. Open the door on the right side. There are several doors in the east corridor. The one at the top leads to a safe room with a save device and a shotgun. Go upstairs and get into an office with an access card printer. You need an empty card. The passage to the left is open, so return to the east corridor.

Follow through the upper door on the right, into the northern corridor. The nearest room opens with the key to the observation room. The next door is open and leads to the Imaging room. You can explore the printer and switch to different patterns. You are interested in button D, which shows a pattern with a clear key. The next door in the north corridor leads to the morgue, where there are shotgun shells and a door that requires a key to the crematorium. The last door of the northern corridor is closed.

Return to the eastern corridor, kill the enemy and go down. Open the door on the left to enter the Waiting Room. On the chairs on the left is a note with clues in the form of Latin letters and numbers. Before you will be a door that requires five keys of different elements (fire, earth, and so on). Go through the door on the left to enter the western corridor. Immediately climb up and open the last door, creating a shortcut to the elevator.

There are three rooms on the left in the western corridor. At the top, find a repair spray and a wrench handle. In the middle room, the restroom, there will be another repair spray and a corpse with a key to the pump room. The lower left door of the western corridor opens from the other side, but the key to the pump room can open the lower right. Read the instructions on the tables on the right and interact with the control panel of the three tanks.

Do the following:

  1. Down button under tank A (pump water to B).
  2. Down button under tank B (pump water to C).
  3. Down button under reservoir C (pump water to A).
  4. Down button under reservoir B (pump remaining water to C).
  5. Down button under tank A (pump water to B).
  6. Down button under tank B (pump water to C).
  7. Down button under reservoir C (pump water to A).

If done correctly, tanks A and B should have the same amount of water. Return to the middle room of the west corridor (on the left) and jump down to where the water used to be. Pick up the water key and repair patches. Exit to the flooded corridor on the right. You can immediately enter the lower room on the left to find a ladder leading up. Open the door and you can return to the western corridor.

Go down into the flooded corridor. Enter the lower right room and in the flooded closet, find some handgun ammo and a clean key. Enter the second room on the right to save your progress, and find the key to the observation room and shockers. Return to the waiting room and insert the water key into one of the door slots. Use the Observation Room Key to open the first door in the northern corridor. Inside the room, you will find an auto-injector (healing item) and a 10mm head. Combine the head with the handle to get a wrench. You can read the note on the shelf on the right.

Go back to the flooded corridor and enter the upper room on the left. Several enemies will appear here. After the victory, pick up pistol and revolver cartridges, repair patches, and a videotape. Enter the back room and use the wrench on the ventilation with the spinning screw. Pick up the key of air from the floor. You can also insert it into the same door on the third floor.

Return to the east corridor and go through the lower right door to enter the south corridor. Enter the first room from the top. Take the auto-injector, read a couple of notes and insert the video cassette into the tape recorder. Go forward and pick up the gold key from the seat on the right. Insert it into the door with five locks.

Go to the room with the save screen and go to the office above. Insert the blank key into the access key printer. Previously, you found a printer, and image D showed a ground key. You need to repeat his scheme. Take a look at the screenshot below. Select "Print diagram", then start from the top left point, press F and go through all the points, as noted in the screenshot below. Print the card and insert it into the lower left slot on the door.

It remains to find the key of fire. Clear the southern corridor. In the middle upper room there is a note and a camera with someone, in the upper right room there is Oyla, which you can talk to. There is a safe in the wall. Examine it. Letters instead of numbers. A sword is depicted on the safe. It follows from the previous note that you need to tune in to the frequency of 230.000. as a result, you will receive the code 56984. There is a note near the door of the bunker for five key cards of different elements. She is the key to finding the code combination from the safe. If you look at the note and match the numbers with the letters on the same buttons, you get the code SRK*H. You will have to choose one of the letters yourself, and my code looked like this - SRKFH. Take the eidetic module (cyborg eye) and the key to the crematorium from the safe. You can open the middle lower door of the southern corridor to find two enemies and a large room with lots of loot,

Visit the northern corridor, go back to the morgue, and open the crematorium door. Take the thermite sticks on the left. If not noticed, then over time, the enemies come to life. Thermite bombs are the only tool that allows you to immediately kill a cyborg. Examine the wall panel and read the note below. You need to set the correct CO2, gas, and O2 values. Rotate the toggle switches, then start the systems by lowering the lever on the right. At the top left, indicators will light up that indicate an overestimated or underestimated value of those same parameters. For example, if the blue CO2 indicator with an up arrow is on, then you need to turn the CO2 toggle switch to the left, counterclockwise. The screenshot below shows the correct location of the toggle switches in my case.

Return to the door and insert the last, fiery key into it. Go into the room behind the door, collect ammo and save. You will face the first boss of the game, Mina's Replica. Hide behind the pillar on the left to avoid getting hit. When Mina runs out of ammo, she will kneel down and start reloading. Her helmet will be opened. Take this opportunity to shoot Mina in the face. After the battle, watch the video with Adler. Exit the office and go left until you find the library door ajar.

Floor 5

The door on the left needs a key. The door on the right is locked. There are two lower doors left. Go through the bottom left door and examine the wall-mounted electronic panel on the left. It needs fuses. In the room on the right, collect thermite sticks, spray, and a service key. Save your progress, return to the main hall of the fifth floor and open the door on the left. Go down the stairs and go to the sixth floor through the door on the right.

Floor 6

The top right door requires an owl key. You can go through the door from below or to the right. First, go down and pick up the ammo for the pistol. Follow the door on the right, collect the ammo and read the note. From the shower below, where there are three enemies, you can go to the right or down. It’s not worth going to the right yet, because there will be a room without light, and you still don’t have a flashlight. Go downstairs, and collect the note and the repair patch. Go through the door and find yourself in the hallway of the workshop. Go through the second bottom door. Clear the warehouse and gather supplies. You can't open the door below, but you can jump down the hole. There is also another locked door in the hallway that requires a workshop key.

Floor 7

After doing this, kill the enemy or just leave the room, collecting resources. You are on the seventh floor. The room on the left is unlit. At the top left, there is a de-energized elevator. Enter the dining room (upper left door), kill the enemies, collect supplies and take the fuse. Enter the upper right door. To the right will be a shuttered door. You need a pen to remove them. Go through the top door and from the corridor turn into the Star Dorm room on the right. Another door in the corridor leads to a room with four creatures. They need to be killed in a certain order. The frequency will be displayed on the screen. Tune in to her and kill the highlighted monsters. The frequency will change periodically. Exit to the landing through the door on the left, opening it from this side. You can go down the stairs to the eighth floor, but the door there opens from the other side.

Floor 5

Return to the fifth floor and install the fuse in the electronic panel of the lower left room. Activate the second, fourth, sixth, and seventh toggle switches (from left to right) so that block A is 800 volts and block B is 230 volts. Then turn up the red toggle switch.

Floor 8

Go to the sixth or seventh floor and you will see that the narrow lifts have begun to work. Take the left elevator down to the eighth floor. This is the last floor of the station. Go into the room on the left. In addition to two enemies, a handle from a lifting shutter sticks out near the top door. Go up two rooms to find yourself in Falke's room. In her hands is a cylinder with an image of an owl and a speaker. Apparently, you need to record Falke's voice or some song (which was mentioned in one of the notes) in order to open the cylinder and get the owl key.

Return to the corridor of the eighth floor with elevators. The central door at the top requires a library key. Go through the door on the right and run up the corridor (for the door on the right hand you need a hummingbird key). The upper left door leads to the elevator to the mine, but you still need the admin key. upper right door - to a room with a locked door that requires an eagle key. But the most important thing is that in this room there is a flashlight module on the table. Take it and install it? like a shocker. Click on C to turn on the flashlight. Now you can explore dark rooms.

Return to the eighth-floor library corridor. Go through the lower right door first. There are four enemies here. To clean the room or not, decide for yourself. It contains ammo for a pistol, shotgun, revolver and a repair spray. In fact, you will spend more ammunition. Go through the lower left door in the hall in front of the library. Study the model of the solar system. This will come in handy in the future.

Floor 7

Take the elevator to the seventh floor, go all the way to the right and up. Crank open the curtains on the door on the right and enter a safe room where you can save, among other things. Take the owl key from the table on the right. Go down to the lower left corridor where the elevators work. Open the door on the left to enter an office with two enemies. Go into the room above and find yourself in the protector's archives. There are two important items here. On the table on the right is an island key, and in the upper left corner is a hunter's key.

Floor 6

Go to the sixth floor, into the shower room, and with a flashlight on your forehead, open the repair bay on the right. Kill the only enemy, collect resources and enter the door from above. You will find yourself in a dash. In addition to duct tape and ammunition, there is a weapon box here. Open it in inventory with the hunter's key to get a revolver.

Open the door in the upper hallway with the owl key to enter a closed room. Take the damaged music cassette from the table above and connect it with duct tape to fix it.

Floor 7

Go to the seventh floor, follow the northern corridor and enter the Management Office. A prompt with a frequency will appear on the screen. Tune in to her to destroy the monster. Examine the painting and use the island key on it. Take the workshop key. Return to the sixth floor.

Floor 6

Go down to the lower corridor in front of the workshop and open the door with the newly found key. Examine the room, collect resources and take a look at the tape recorder. Insert a whole cassette of music into it. Read the description. It says that the tape recorder transmits a signal at a frequency of 142.000. Tune in to that frequency and make sure the music is playing.

Floor 8

Return to the eighth floor, turn left from the narrow elevators, and up to the room with Falke lying on the bed. While the music is playing, inspect the cylinder in her hands. It will open and you can collect the Hummingbird Key. From the eighth-floor hallway, go through the upper right door and open the door on the right using the hummingbird key. Look for the eagle key on the table. You can read some notes and go through the door on the right. Tune in to the correct frequency and shoot the marked monster. After that, search the dark bedroom, and find resources and the key to the mailbox.

Go to the upper corridor of the eighth floor and go through the right door from above. Open the door with a large image of an eagle with the corresponding key. You can examine the box on the table, but something is missing in it. But there is a dossier on Elster and Adler's diary.

Floor 6

Go to the sixth floor from the landing and find the mailboxes in the corridor with elevators. Interact with them, use the recently received mailbox key and take the library key.

Floor 8

Return to the eighth floor and open the door to the library in the lower corridor. Read the documents and talk to the Hummingbird who is sitting on the right. Examine the device at the top. You need to move it so that it captures the red book at the top. Here is the correct sequence of pressing the arrow buttons: right, up, left, up, left, down, left, up, right, down, left, up, right, down, right, down, right, up, right, up. Take the astrolabe.

Return to the room you opened with the eagle key and insert the astrolabe into the box. Opposite the library, there is a room with a diagram of the planets. Perhaps you have already been there. The image below shows the correct solution to the puzzle. Once the rings are in the correct position, press the center button. Inside the box, you will find the admin key and the diary from the altar. When you're ready, enter the room on the left on the eighth floor and use the admin key to go down into the mine.


Things get more complicated in the mine. The card is not working. As you exit the elevator, head southwest through the tunnel to go through the first door. In the next room, go through the tunnel to the southeast. In the third room, go through the door to the south to find a safe room where you can save your progress. Between the stones above this room, you can find ammo for a nitro weapon.

Inside, collect various materials, and equip the flashlight module. When you're ready, go through the door to the south. Get off the platform. After going down, enter the tunnel in the north. In the new room, interact with the well button to open it. Survive the attack by moving around the well until it opens. When the well opens, go down inside.

Go south to find a hole. Get through it. When the flashback starts, explore the beach to complete this level.


Exit the well and go through the door to the west. In the next torture chamber, go through the east door. Go north to find a hole. Make your way through it to find the second well. Jump down there and a boss fight will begin. In this fight, use pillars to avoid the enemy. Shoot at the boss, try to immobilize, and deal damage with large-caliber weapons.

After the fight, you will find yourself in a safe room where you can save your progress. Equip the flashlight module before heading to the door to the east. Continue heading east, carefully avoiding the enemies. In the next room, take the ring from the stele. Then go through the door to the north. Inside, use the flashlight module to navigate through the maze.

Take the rusty key and the flesh plate. Then return to the previous room with enemies to find another door. Climb up the stairs. Return to the pool room. Pick up a large wooden doll lying in one of the pools. Go through the other door to the north. Take the small bottle from the chair. Repeat the steps to return to the save room. You can use the small bottle to wake up Iza and take her weapon.

Return to the room with the pool to go down into the hole. Follow the door to the north. At the organic well, turn east. In the control room with a microphone, take the golden ring from the table. Use the radio and tune into the following frequencies to get the code: 100, 123, 155, 53, 196. Now you have all the elements to open the doors.

Go back through the hole as you did before. Use the rusty key on the door to the west. Take the wooden doll and combine it with the big wooden doll (useful later). Open the door to the north with the code you received. Use the flashlight module to find the sacrificial slab. Return to the torture chamber by the stairs. Use the north door by opening it with the code. Inside, find a small wooden doll lying on a table. Combine all wooden dolls to get a single doll.

Search the room to the west with the flashlight module. Look for the snake ring at the back of the room. Then go east to a new corridor. Use weapons and the right frequencies to destroy standing-still enemies. Head west to find a room with incense on a table. Take them and continue down the corridor to the east. Head back down through the organic well and open the north door in the first save room. Then open the south door. Find a stabilizing plate on the altar and replace it with a doll (assembled from several others).

Now search the room east of the hole for a new room with a save device. Cross the bridge to the south. You will find an altar with a statue. Examine the note on the seat. Arrange the rings on four fingers as follows: Serpent, Gold, Void, Regency. Take the tablet of knowledge.

Return to the highest level using the stairs in the previous room. Pass by the pools and enter the door on the left, near the torture chamber. Go to the room north of the morgue. Use the incense on the memorial to collect the last slab (of love). Return to the organic well. Go through the door to the north to find a portal. Install all the plates to open the portal. Head up the stairs to unlock the normal ending.

It's not over yet

The story is not really over. Start a new game to continue. Search the ship, or rather, the room east of Stern Hall. After the cutscene, you will need to repair your body. Go down into the cabin to find a new well. The memory will begin. Go to the boat in the distance. The nightmare will continue. Exit the restroom and follow the only possible path to the east to find a save room. After saving, go to the east auditorium.

If you have not lost all your memory, you should remember the code from the safe. Enter "204512". Press the enter button and turn the dial to open the safe. You will receive an audience key. Return to the corridor and go north to find a new well. Jump inside to start the final chapter.


You land in the Atrium. You can examine the wall to understand that before the finale you need to solve the last riddle. Start by looking for a door in the northwest. In the hall (Hallway) go through the first door. In the adjacent Blackwart Office room, look for a submachine gun lying on a table. Look around the computer and import all the information into your database. Head through the door north of the room to find the new Blackwart Bedroom save room.

Exit to the hall and go through the third door to the west to go up the stairs to the Ladder Room. Upstairs in Blue Hallway, go through the door in the center and find the faucet located in the kitchen. Get it and return to the Atrium. Enter the door to the northeast. In the Pipeworks corridor, use the valve on the pipe to go further. Examine the north door to find a blue floppy disk. Then go to the door east of the previous corridor to find acetone.

Continue east to find a hole in the crusher. Get through it. Head south to find the Public House room and the tower map on the table. Continue south until you reach the Metro Platform corridor. Go through the door to the east to find a new save room. Take the patient key from the table and open the door to the north to go upstairs.

Upstairs, use the correct frequencies to clear a path to the apartments. Walk west to reach the Hallway corridor and enter the first door. In the Butterfly Room, look at the board with the butterflies to find the letters on their wings. Examine the safe and enter the code AEON to open it. Take the moon hidden inside.

Exit to the corridor and enter the upper door to the west. In this room called the Dentist Room, look for the red floppy disk and go through the door to the west. In the hospital hallway, go through the door to the north. In the ward, look for a chest with a magpie symbol. Remember this place!

Make your way back to Blackworth's office located in front of the save room. Insert two floppy disks into the computer. Import all information into your database. It's time to solve the puzzle. Click on the Antenna icon. First tune the radio to 125.000. Rotate the antenna at the same time to find the correct frequency. You will need to tune in to antenna 42. Do the same with 210.000. You should also be aligned with Antenna 42. Click on the Transmit icon to send the magpie sound to Antenna 43.

Head to the Atrium and go through the door to the southeast to enter the commercial corridor. Enter the first door. In the backyard, interact with the touchpad and enter Ito Isolde's number "560524" to open the door. Step inside to trigger a cutscene. After the dialogue, search the memorial on the right to find a death map.

Equip the lantern module and acetone and then proceed to the Hallway. Go through the door west of Dormitory. Use the acetone on the board to take the lover's card. Then head up the stairs to the Ladder Room and enter the door south of Blue Hallway. Using the flashlight module, search the Dark Appartment to pick up a developing tank from the table. Then go through the hallway to the north to get back to the dentist's office.

Tune in to frequency 213.000 and examine Magpie's chest to open it. Collect the star and the store key. Head to the previously visited Metro Platform corridor and use the key on the door northwest of the photo shop. Take the plot item and combine the product with the tank to develop the photo. Go to the door west of the Metro Platform to find the lockers. Scan the photo to get the Sun.

Repeat your path to the Atrium. Go to the last unexplored room. We are talking about the Meat Room in the northwest in Blue Hallway. To solve the riddle, lay out all the cards on the table. The Sun is on Buyan, the Moon is on Rotfront, Death is on Leng, Love is on Kitezh, the Tower is on Vineta, and the Star is on Heimat. Interact with the box in the top left to show the phases of the moon. Memorize these phases with their respective planets.

Return to the atrium and set the phases of the moons to the planets against the wall. Use the screenshot as a hint. Enter the hole in the atrium wall and take the book. Exit through the door to the west and prepare for the final battle. I advise you to leave an empty slot in your inventory. Go through the door to the north and climb up to start the battle.

Fight with Falke

Falke is the final boss of Signalis. First, don't waste bullets by stupidly shooting him. Dodge his attacks by running sideways. When she is about to use spears against you (you will see crosses on the screen), dodge. Once the spear is on the ground, pick up and equip it, then shoot Falka to knock her down. Interact with Falke on the ground to stab him in the head. With each new blow, Falke will become more aggressive and more dangerous. Use the medicines and repeat the steps a total of six times.

After the fight, search the ship to find the one you were looking for. Depending on your actions, you will unlock one of four endings.