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The best places to build a base in Grounded. How to use fast travel


The best places to build a base in Grounded. How to use fast travel

You need to choose a place to build a base in Grounded wisely so that all the necessary resources are nearby, dangerous enemies do not bother you, and it is easy to get to any point on the map. We have collected the best places for the base so that you can safely explore the microcosm of the game.

The best places to build are those that are both accessible, safe, and close to various resource deposits. By the mid-game, with the opening of fast travel, you will definitely need a network of such hideouts scattered throughout the map, as running from one corner of the yard to another on foot is a real challenge.

We tried to arrange the locations themselves in the order of their passage - from the initial to the most remote and dangerous, and selected places for the bases so that, regardless of the player's location, he could always quickly return home. The "Early game / mid game / late game" tags do not mean at what point these bases will be useful, but when you visit these locations.

Of course, it is not necessary to capitally build up each base. It is enough to enclose a safe place and set up a camp with an overnight stay, a workbench, and a couple of chests.

It's also worth mentioning that we select places for players in survival mode, which means we evaluate their effectiveness, not beauty. If you play in creative mode, where all the resources are available, there are many other cool locations to build: a stump, a birdbath, a picnic table, and a sandbox. But to survive in these places is quite difficult.

Below we will consider all the potential bases in more detail, as well as talk about the pros and cons of each of them. There are no ideal locations, and in general, it is possible to go through the entire game with one base, but this is hardly convenient, especially when the player gets the ability to quickly travel.

Mystery Machine (early game)

The Mysterious Machine can be found southwest of the oak tree, you will reach it in the first minutes of the game. This is possibly the best base location in the game as it has a lot of positives indeed.

Pros: Surviving here is easy and simple. Resources are more than enough for the first time, there are no dangerous insects (wolf spiders, for example, rush to their heels when approaching the Mysterious Machine), and there is a Field Station and a juice box nearby. In addition, this is the center of the map, which means that you can quickly run to all locations at an early stage of the game, as well as get the necessary resources.

Cons: In addition to the simplest resources, you can’t find anything else near the Mysterious Machine, which means you have to run for a long time to the resource deposits of the third level. In addition, the base will be located at ground level, which means that you will have to build a high tower for the cable car if you want to quickly move around the map. Other than that, it's the perfect place to set up your first base.

Oak Lab (Early/Mid Game)

The area around the laboratory under the oak tree is quite dangerous - ground spiders of all kinds roam the location, and sometimes aggressive soldier ants wander. But still, it will be quite useful, since there is a field station nearby, and a laboratory with BURG. Scrap inside. The game does not allow you to build inside the laboratory, but the most daring players can build a base right at the door, under the cover of oak roots and leaves.

Pros: BURG.L can be useful, not to mention the lab itself. There are also a lot of resources - there is a juice box nearby, grass of various levels, acorns, and lanterns work at night, attracting midges and giving a stable source of food. And among the roots of oak, the base is difficult to detect for enemies. In addition, you are even closer to the center of the map and will get to the northern regions faster. And yes, in case of impending danger, you can take refuge in the laboratory.

Cons: Wolf spiders. At least a couple lives inside an oak tree and roams the area day and night. If they see you, it will be very difficult to survive. Therefore, you will have to be secretive and not build a huge camp that is easy to spot. Let's be honest - this is more of an outpost than a full-fledged base.

Wooden Fence (Early/Mid Game)

Something in between the previous two locations. Climbing on the leaf, you can set up a camp right above the Field Station on one of the stumps, expanding the territory with the help of foundations and floors. Yes, spiders still roam around, but now we are completely safe. The main thing is not to build up the leaf entrance with a floor since spiders are able to walk on it.

Pros: The proximity of all major resources: to the south - grass, dew, and various sprout stones. To the east - an oak tree, its acorns, a lantern with midges. A little to the north - stems and a growing thistle (source of arrows). The base stands on a hill and, with proper building, is completely safe - wolf spiders cannot jump to the player. The height advantage also makes it easier to build fast travel routes - the camp can be made a "hub" to access all the main locations. Field station right at the foot of the base.

Cons: All the same spiders. Mostly weavers, but sometimes wolf spiders pass by. At times you will have to run as fast as you can, trying to jump to a safe place. In addition, you will have to spend time expanding the foundation of the base and conveniently place all the workbenches.

Hedge Climb (Early Game/Mid Game)

We will go to the laboratory in the fence in the southeast immediately after the first meeting with BURG.Lom. Most of this place is quite dangerous: spiders on the branches, weavers in the roots of the hedge. Climbing the fence begins in its western part - where the field station is located. This is a good place for another base. Nearby there are almost all the necessary resources (including incredibly useful berries ) and one of the paths north to the Upper Yard.

Pros: Few enemies, lots of berries, Field station, juice box on the branches. Not a bad place, albeit without any special advantages - great for a transit point.

Cons: Remoteness from most locations, which means that it will take a long time to get somewhere without cable cars. There are many resources, but they are not very diverse. It is quite difficult to run away from enemies - it is easy to fall from the branches, and there are almost no shelters on the ground. And the neighborhood with the Mother of Spiders cannot be called pleasant.

Pond surface (mid-game)

Want to take on the world of Grounded? Once you get the Pond Super Tech Chip, go to the Library Terminal and buy the Unstable Foundation recipe from the Science Shop for 2500 Bits of Knowledge. Now you can build floating supports and create a base right on the water!

Pros: Underwater enemies often do not pay attention to what is happening above, so the base built on the pond is one of the safest. We are also located in the center of the map, which means that you can sail for any resources you need. The only danger to the player in the later stages of the game is the koi fish. And in general - this is a floating base!
Cons: There are plenty of resources here, but the variety let us down. And you can’t call this place completely safe: in addition to silver spiders that occasionally float to the surface, mosquitoes live on the shore, which can easily get to you. Not to mention that in the event of a foundation failure, the base will quickly sink. So it is often necessary to check the strength of all elements.

Woodpile (mid-game/end-game)

The number of safe places in the Upper Yard is very limited, especially near the Barn. But there is a small exception - Woodpile, which is located south of the termite nest, with a Field Station at the top and an ax stuck in a log. It's high enough and safe here. In addition, it is easy to get to high-level regions and bosses from here.

Pros: Insects physically cannot jump to this place. The Field Station is located nearby, the base itself is fairly easy to get to, and there are various resources nearby (although there is much more dry grass than other items).

Cons: As with the Hedge Climb base, we are cornered, and any journey to the southern locations will take a long time. Space is limited, which means that building a huge base is unlikely to work. Finding food here is also a little difficult, unless, of course, wandering into very dangerous places.

South of Javamatic (mid-game/end-game)

To the west of the barn are the buried MIX.Ra modules and the Javamatic machine, a modified coffee maker with cables running from it. The open area south of Javamatic is surprisingly safe. At least until the associated story mission, and this is probably the best place to build a base in the Upper Yard.

Pros: As with the Mystery Machine, there are no dangerous insects in this area (although they can spawn). The open area facilitates construction, and there are plenty of basic resources around. After completing one of the story missions, you will gain access to a warehouse nearby, which is filled with useful and rare materials. Also, the base is located right in the middle of the Upper Courtyard, so getting to high-level locations will be easy.

Cons: As soon as the story mission begins, the base will be in danger, as various insects will flood the area. With a small probability, there will be strong opponents among them, representing a great danger. After all, this is the Upper Yard.

How to fast travel in Grounded?

Everything will change after finding the first super-tech chip in the Laboratory in the fence. You will get access to the Ropeway technology for 2500 Bits of Knowledge. With the help of new recipes, you will be able to connect two points of the map with a cable car and quickly move between the bases.

Main condition: the end point must be lower than the starting point. Therefore, if you want to build a base in a lowland, you will have to build a tower from which you will go to other regions.

Crafting fixtures is quite simple. Clay can be obtained from the Flooded Zone with a shovel. Gossamer rope can be crafted from gossamer fiber using a spinning wheel. Stems are obtained by cutting down dandelions and weeds with an ax of the second level.