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Walkthrough Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars - game guide

Walkthrough Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars - game guide


How to complete all levels, find story items, defeat bosses, and more

After the introductory video, pick up the items lying nearby, including healing balms and a note. Climb down the path and break the boards blocking the path using LMB. Keep moving, chasing the beast with Hilda's spear. Climb up the ledges with white paint, using the F key. Along the way, even before the ledges on the left hand, there will be a chest, but you will not be able to open it.

border outpost

You will soon reach a save point. Go a little further and fight the first enemies. Use - to capture targets. Defeat all enemies, including the shaman with the orange energy barrier. By breaking the barrier, you can deal damage to it. The battle will end after his death. At the wall on the right, pick up Hilda's last weapon. It is possible to move on, but it is possible to go back to open a locked chest with asterite ore.

Move on, cross the log and kill all the enemies. You can knock down a tree to create a shortcut back. There is also an animal below. If you kill him, you will receive the Elixir of the Morning Star. Head down to the pool to face the first boss, Devourer the Ravenous. The enemy doesn't have many attacks. Land 2-3 of your own hits and dodge to the side with Spacebar. If he raises his paws up, then he is going to jump or make a jerk. Dodge to the side. He can also use a spin attack. She has a large range of damage, so in this case, I recommend running back to a safe distance.

After the victory, pick up the Blade of the Legionnaires of the North Wind and enter the cave. Climb up the wall and watch the cut scene.

Rock of the Horned Owl

Don't forget to activate the new savepoint. At any time, by pressing TAB, you can distribute the received points of characteristics and talents. Go a little further and look under the rock on the left for the grave of the legionnaires of the North Wind. Go through the tunnel with water. In the large room, turn right and open the chest. Follow the left and go down the stairs. Soon you will leave the city. Immediately after the things on the right, look for another chest.

A little later, you will encounter the Strongman. You won't be able to defeat him in any case, although you can try and continue the fight until he uses a lethal technique. You will meet the Followers and find yourself in the Shelter.

There are some useful characters here. Minerva distributes tasks, and Roxanne is a housekeeper who can store extra items. Strongman Bion will allow you to train with different opponents. You can also find the blacksmith Vulcan, who is able to improve Hilda's weapons and create protective jewelry. You can do this. When you're ready, talk to Minerva to pick up the first quest.

black streets

You need to go to the black streets and get the stone of displacement stolen by the "labrys". You will also get flicker. By pressing "4", Hilda will activate it, and you will light your way. You can go down and in one of the tunnels with water, in the corner, find two cursed relics. Don't rush to put them on. At the top, look for a grate guarded by a Followers guard. After opening it, go to the black streets. Use the twinkle to light your way.

There will be a blue haze on the right. You can view the "Instigation" memory. Turn left and find a silver tile behind a stone in the water. Kill the first enemy, climb a little higher and read the note on the building on the left. Ahead will be an animal, hitting which, you will receive an elixir. If you fall after him, just walk up along the stream and come back. Enter the building on the right and kill some enemies. Run up the bridge, go up to the top floor of the building and enter the room, at the entrance to which sits a big man. After defeating him, follow above and help Quint, who was attacked by three opponents.

Chat with Quint on various topics, and ask a couple of questions. You will learn that the labrys have taken the travel stone to their stronghold. Get down. Follow the wooden stairs even lower and turn left. Find a chest with ore and a poor man who will ask you to hand over the Reverend's pendant. You need to get on the bridge leading to the other side. Return to Quint and open the door near which he was sitting. Break the boxes, barrels, and boards and activate the save point located in front.

Inside the building, go down and kill all the enemies. First, go to the other side and finish off the opponents behind the door. At the other end, there is a grate leading back to the sewers, but it requires a special key. On the right, there will be a passage back. This is a shortcut. You can break the stone wall on the left to find an alcove with bonus items.

Go to where the big thug went. Go down the nearest stairs and cross the bridge you saw earlier. After killing the enemy, you will find yourself at the temple of the Reverend. Talk to the woman on the pedestal. She asks that this amulet be left with the poor man (if you took it earlier). You will have to communicate with the Reverend and the poor man several times, as well as decide what to say to each of the two characters. On the left side of the Reverend there is a temple. You can activate an echo involving Eumenides. If you pray inside the temple, still nothing will happen. Go past the Reverend in the other direction, kill the enemies and find a chest with ore in the niche. Face the bridge, turn left along the cliff and go down the stairs to find a hut with a chest (ore).

Head back across the bridge and smash the pillars on the right to create a shortcut back. Go left. You can jump down the hole to kill the enemies and find a chest with another ore by the cliff. Climb back up the twisted ropes. Go through the doorway, and activate the save point. Go into the room ahead. Don't rush to the top. There is a secret passage in the far left corner. Climb down it. One chest will contain ore, and the second chest will be a mimic. Defeat him, and search the tunnels to find a bag with Quint's belongings. Now it is useless to return to it, so go back a little and start climbing to the very top, killing enemies.

On the second or third floor, the passage will have a blue mark. These marks indicate where you should go next. Go down to the labris camp and kill the opponents. Pull the lever on the left to create a shortcut. Go through another gate to fight Decimus. Just dodge his attacks. Combos consist of two or four hits. You will receive the key to the city rampart.

After the victory, talk to Quint and move on. Turn right and fight Baraad. In any case, it will not work to agree with him. During the fight, he can attack a combo of two or three hits, or even one. Later, he will start using fire. Run away from him whenever a fire sphere appears around. If Baraad launches a ring of fire around him, just roll through it. After the victory, go into the passage on the side. Go downstairs, search the room and take the stone of displacement.

The main quest has been completed, but you can continue exploring the area. So, in the room where there were treasures and a stone of displacement, there is an elevator. Step on the button to go down. This path leads to a cave. The passage on the left will be blocked, and the road to the right leads to the Flood Belt save point and a locked gate.

Take the elevator back, past the room where you fought Baraad, run up the stairs, and open the door from the top of the barn. Run in a circle and in a small box you will find the bill of sale of the house of the Rock. Go further from the door and find yourself in a narrow passage with an echo. Behind him will be the entrance to the barn outpost. Roll to the right to reveal enemies and a door that will allow you to create a shortcut to the middle of the area. Climb the stairs and activate the save point. Climb up and exit into the courtyard. In the arch, look for Urya's token (important item). There is nothing else to do here. Use the symbol of Rhodes to return to the Hideout. Talk to Minerva. She will give three tasks that can be completed in any order.

Bazaar Arges

Once on the surface, turn right. There will be a locked gate, and in the booth on the right there is a blue button, the path to which is blocked by flames. Switch to Ice Enchantment (F3) and attack the flames until they die out. This will create a shortcut to the black streets. Whether you need it or not, decide for yourself.

Since the path to the Stella mine and the Falan Academy leads through the bazaar, first we will complete the task in the bazaar and find out where Marissa is. Go around the circle and find another door above. Approaching her, Hilda will say that this door leads to the market. Quint will be the opposite. If you find his bag, you can expand the range of goods. The more bags you bring, the more goods will appear in Quint's shop. You can talk to Vulkan, who will ask you to find the missing tools in the Agres Bazaar. Show her all the blueprints you find to expand your crafting options. You can give the Urya token (as well as all subsequent ones) to Bion to get ore.

When you're ready, leave the Shelter. To the left of the passage with the first cultist, there is a chest. Step on the button to go upstairs. Walk left and activate the explorer. Move forward. Don't turn left. Go further and turn into a small courtyard on your left. Find a document related to Vulcan under the canopy. In the room on the left is a bag with Vulcan's tools. You need him for a side quest.

Go back and turn right. There is a piece of cloth in the passage. Examine it. Marissa must have passed through here. Kill two enemies. Talk to the man behind the door of the house on the left, behind the ditch. You can buy a collection of poems from him (an important item). Go right and up where the cultists are pointing. Cross the bridge and defeat the minotaur, who will tear out the pillar. To the right, under the archway, there will be a glowing object indicating Marissa's footprint. Go left. Kill the werewolves, one of which is knocking on the door. Talk to the woman outside the door and agree to give her sister the stardust in the handkerchief. Return to the other side of the ditch and find a house in the same area, to the left of the drop down. Pass the stardust handkerchief to the woman, she will give you a comb. Return to the quest giver. The woman will say that the comb is for you. The task will be completed, you will receive a comb ornament,

Continue moving and at the fork near the man's house, first go to the right. Search this area, kill the enemies and find a couple of chests. Return and go up the stairs to the other side. You will exit to the sanctuary of the Guardian. The werewolf breaks in. Kill him, but you need a key. Go down to the square and finish off all opponents, including three minotaurs and the high priest. After defeating all enemies, you will be able to chat with the priest of the Trinity. You will receive an Ice Charm.

Keep moving. Soon you will see a huge flying monster that will sit on top of the tower and shoot sharp feathers. Don't rush, turn left. You can open the cart door in the aisle to create a shortcut. Collect the loot and find another passage leading to the beginning. When you're ready, run between covers to avoid getting hit by feathers. Go down and turn between the wagons on the right. Do not try to collect all the resources, because it is difficult to do so.

Kill new enemies. On the right there will be a ladder that you can climb up, go through a hole in the wall, and open the door leading to the Guardian's sanctuary. Go back and up the steps opposite. Kill all enemies, search the chest and take the resources. Return to the street and go through the open gate on the left. You will find yourself on distant streets.

Kill the flying monsters on the right first. First, go to the right and up the slope to the wagons. A minotaur hides behind them. Move along this street, killing a lot of enemies. Behind the gate, you can activate the conductor and open the door leading back (short path). A man lives in the house on the right. Give him 500 stardust and get more information.

Go back and go to the large statue where the ritual is being performed. Kill all the enemies, then interact with the hemispheres of dark energy to find Marissa. It will be in the far left hemisphere. In all the rest - enemies that will have to be killed. Climb up to the amphitheater, activate the conductor, and go inside. Go up the stairs to the right to the chest. Then move up the stairs on the left and run on top, breaking the boards and killing the enemies. Do not stand in the places of divorce - this is where Eulalia will attack. Finally, you will jump down.

The nearby chest is a mimic, so it's up to you how to deal with it. Go down and go to the center, searching the corridors. You must find the feather scene and take the elevator up. The battle against the boss, Eulalia the Prayer, will begin. First, run around the arena, avoiding the streaks on the ground (which will explode) and the feathers flying at you. Eventually, Eulalia will land and you will be able to launch your own attacks. This is your chance, so use SP elixirs and the most powerful skills. After the victory, you will receive a lyre and a brooch, and you can also go backstage to collect documents for Marissa. Climb up to the open passage. The key is hidden in the chest on the left. Go inside and go to the dressing room on the right. Look for echoes and documents hidden in the far-ajar cabinet. The mission will end and you can use fast travel to return to cover.

Give Minerva the found documents. Marissa will appear at the location. If you find the tools for the Volcano, give them to the blacksmith. You will be able to improve power-ups (charovites that are switched by the keys F1, F2, F3, and so on).

You can return to the Pegasus Gardens, where you found the hidden documents, and chat with Eco the harpy. There is a box next to it. Inside it you will find a mirror. Talk to Eco again. She asks to pass the mirror to Nya, who lives near the amphitheater. Return to the beginning of the amphitheater, to the first steps. There is a locked door here, but the key you need fell out of Eulalia. Open the exhibition hall pantry door and find a chest with a blue aura on the right. Select the first charovite (purple) and destroy the aura to find the ore.

Go back, past the place of the ritual. Turn left, up the slope with the wagons. Nia lives in the house on the right, to whom you must give the mirror. Talk to Quint in the Hideout and he will ask you to return his goods from the storage in the bazaar. Return to the bazaar and go to the very beginning, where there is a ditch through which you can jump over to the red area. Don't do this, go past the canal and turn right. You should have opened this gate earlier, and behind it there will be a building on the left, near which lies a stone sign for Quint's vault. Go inside and open the door with the key given to you by Quint. Kill the werewolf or let him go. In any case, you will receive goods and can give them to Quint to expand his assortment.

Falan Academy

Return to the beginning of the bazaar. To do this, from the Shelter, get to the surface through the door opposite Quint, taking the elevator. Once on the surface, run to the left until you find a passage to the courtyard on the left. Don't turn around, go ahead. On the left hand side there will be a Vulkan workshop, where you could previously find a note and tools. Do not turn again and go forward through the open gate (to the right of them on the wall there is a sign that says that this path leads to the mine and the academy).

Extinguish the fire with Ice Charm (F3). You will come to the Falan trail. A little further you will find a conductor. Activate it. Pass it up the stairs between the mountains to find a passage to the Falan Academy. Opposite there will be a lion, which you must destroy. Walk up and to the left. Climb the steps to meet Eumenides.

Move to the right side and finish off the soldiers in the courtyard of the academy. You can turn into the passage on the right side, but it leads to a dead end with a dangerous enemy, a mimic chest, and a cracked wall that you can break. Go to the left side, go up to the building in front and finish off the opponents. Climb up to the building, go inside, and in the basement look for the altar and the parade military uniform of the Falan Academy (plot item). Return to the surface and take the steps on the left to meet Otto of the Northwind.

Soon you will find an area with an artillery piece. Hide behind shields. From here you can go right or left. First, go to the right and you will find yourself in the limit of the Archons. Climb up, kill all the enemies and go to the far balcony to disable the first ballista. You can also find a couple of chests at the top. Blue should be broken with purple charovite. Get down. You can exit the building on the side to find the conductor. A little further there will be a ladder with another weapon. You definitely need to turn it off.

To do this, go back to where the first gun was. It is now disabled, so you can go deeper and turn left to get into the hall of pride. Move up and down. In the far right corner, at the top there is an exit to the outside with shields. Move between the shields, hiding from the guns, until you get to the armory. Activate the conductor, on the right, look for Otto, with whom you agreed to meet.

Exit to the large hall, follow to the left, and find the elevator to go down. In the main hall, you can talk to the blacksmiths and open the large door on the left. On the opposite wall, there will be another room with blacksmiths and an overseer. After killing the last one, take a task from one of the blacksmiths: he asks you to find an asterite amplifier. There, look for the blacksmith who lost his tool. There is an elevator next to it. Climb up and go outside. After killing all the enemies, go outside and turn off the gun by pulling out the charged module. Run to the left side, finish off the enemies and enter the building. The conductor will be on the left. You can explore several rooms. In one of them, the key to the armory is hidden in a box.

Go up the steps opposite. This path will take you to the battle tower where you will find Otto. You can search for Emil's amulet or cheer up Otto. In the second case, you will have to destroy several enemy waves. You will find yourself in a dungeon. Go down one flight, exit to the balcony and turn off the gun. Soon you will find yourself in the inner square. On the right there will be a gate leading back to the armory and the blacksmiths. There, against the wall, to the left of the gate, look for a save point.

Clear the area and first go up the stairs to the barracks. Go through several rooms and go outside on the left. View the memory and use the device on the left to disable the guns. This path leads to the beginning of the location, but you don't need to go there. Go back inside and in the room on the left, find the blueprint for an improved asterite weapon and a box with an asterite amplifier. In case you forgot, this amplifier is needed by one of the blacksmiths on the first floor of the armory. Search the barracks. There are several enemies and a lot of notes here, and even information about Meteor, Minerva's brother, and Ray (the same lion that sits at the entrance to the barracks and does not attack you).

Leave the barracks, return to the inner square, and turn right. Go down the stairs to the bridge to the Styx. Defeat the Centurion while dodging Irida's beams and watch the cutscene. The Guardian Colossus will appear. This is the true boss of the location. In fact, you have to fight against two Colossi at the same time. You can attack anyone, but in the end, when there is no HP left on the scale at the top of the screen, one will fall to his knee, and you will have to hit the second one at least once.

Take the Irida and go further along the path to the Styx. Talk to Otto. After a while, you will find yourself at the bank of Acheron. The entrance is closed, so you can return to the Hideout (when prompted or with the help of a special item). Or you can return to the lion Luchik and show him the amulet that you received from Otto. Give Bion an Ethos token to get a tempering solution (needed to upgrade weapons).

Stella mine

Return to the beginning of the bazaar. To do this, from the Shelter, get to the surface through the door opposite Quint, taking the elevator. Once on the surface, run to the left until you find a passage to the courtyard on the left. Don't turn around, go ahead. On the left-hand side, there will be a Vulkan workshop, where you could previously find a note and tools. Do not turn again and go forward through the open gate (to the right of them on the wall there is a sign that says that this path leads to the mine and the academy).

Extinguish the fire with Ice Charm (F3). You will come to the Falan trail. A little further you will find a conductor. Activate it.

Return to the Falan trail and this time go down the hill (rather than up between the rocks to the Academy) to get to Stella's Mine. Kill the enemies in front of the Foundation Pit and talk to the inhabitants, coming close to the locked gate. Talk to Abellon about the Pit, the locals, and the mine. Follow her and turn right. There will be an elevator leading to the mine. Take your time and go left and right to collect resources to upgrade.

Return to the main street and go right. In the last house on the left, knock on the door, listen to a woman named Lovatti and agree to help. You need to take the pendant to her beloved Mutu. Ride down the only lift to reach the quarry.

Go left and kill the first enemies at the tables on your left. There is a box with a note on one of the tables. A little further there is a small open house, and on the shelf on the left, look for an important item - an elegant figurine of a calf. On the other side of the street, there will be new enemies and an echo of the Oath of the Golden Olive. The nearest building can be opened to reveal a loot chest. Use another elevator to go down.

Watch the Amulet Experience echo, go down the stairs and fight Shai, who will set up an ambush. The main thing is to dodge the flying knives. Talk to the guy to get Shai's dagger. Go left and activate the conductor at the Upper Vein.

Enter the mine through the purple barrier, go down and turn right. Pull the lever to lower the bridge. Talk to Shai again and break the boards on the right. Kill a couple of porcupines, which should be attacked from behind. Watch out for turrets that deal decent damage. Keep moving and deal with new targets. There is a note on the table. Avoid the mines, which are easily identified by the rope ring on the ground. The path to the left leads back to where you came from, so turn right and pick up a note indicating a squabble among the "goblins".

Turn into the cave on the right, defeat the scorpion that jumps down from above and search the chest. Return back and follow to the right. Raise the gate by pulling the lever, cross the bridge to the houses and go down to the left. Immediately turn right and under the wooden structure, you will find the surviving goblin. He needs an antidote, but it's not necessary to save him. Open another gate on the right. Kill the enemy in front and go to the right. Deal with a few more porcupines, and at the end of the narrow corridor, look for planks that can be broken to create a shortcut back.

Go back to the crevice, go down the other side and look for the "Cheap Pendant" echo. Pick up the daggers and go back, to where you found the surviving goblin, and turn left. There will be a wall ahead that you can climb. You can also go right. Climb the wall first and pull the lever to create a shortcut to the top vein. Get down and go the other way. On the left is a large scorpion. Kill him to get resources from the chest.

To continue, go back to the houses where you found the wounded goblin, go down and go down the stairs ahead. On the left, there will be a large pit, at the bottom of which stands Shai. Interact with the wall on the right and climb down it. Talk to Shai. When Shai and Garrison run away, go back and turn left. Go down the corridor, go to the end and climb the wall on the left. Lower the bridge on the right with the lever. This is the same bridge that Greydove raised. Enter the building on the right and behind it you will find a dead end with a box, inside of which there is a first aid kit. It contains an antidote, so you can return to the wounded thief and save him. But this will only be possible later, although you can use an Aetherite Shard to move to the last activated conduit.

Exit this building and go right. Climb the wall on the right hand down. Kill all enemies. See the big guy with the green axe? Kill him to get the Key to the Mining Master's Office. With this key, you will be able to open the building next to the place where the wounded thief is located. In this office, you will find a note, resources, and a lightning charm that imbues weapons and charged bombs with lightning magic.

It may seem like there is nowhere to go. In fact, you need to climb the same wall again, a little higher and to the right, and then go down to the very bottom. But be careful and go around all the traps! After going down, kill the enemies and go left. Pick up the Gipp token from the helmet and you will see a broken elevator at the end of the path. Return and go to the right, to the echo and a pair of turrets. There is a note in the building on the right. Go into the tunnel and activate the elevator on the right. Climbing up, you will create a shortcut. The elevator was not working before.

Climb back up, go right and drop down the bottom shaft. The video will start. The battle against the boss, Garrison Greydobrov, will begin. Deal enough damage to him and when his health is reduced by 20%, he will run away. If necessary, help Shai to his feet by holding F. Move down the tunnel avoiding the traps. Jump to the left, across the gap, and open the chest. Jump down and defeat Garrison a second time. There will be three turrets around. Garrison will flee after about 60% of his total health is left.

Keep moving and defeat Garrison again. Avoid traps and destroy turrets. Take a running jump to the ledge on the right (after the third victory), and beware of exploding crystals. Defeat Garrison for the fourth time. This will be the last battle, and Shai will no longer help. After the victory, enter the corridor and first turn right. At the end of the path, there will be a fork with a note and orichalcum ore. On the left, there are planks that can be broken to create a shortcut to the crevasse. Enter the star corridor and activate another conductor, which was so lacking throughout this task. In front of the conductor, on the left, there will be a protective stone. Examine it to complete the main objective of the mission in the mine, but do not rush to leave it.

Get down and jump on the ledges a little further than the conductor. Go the only route and collect different resources. Look at the Anxiety and Opportunity echo, open the chest and take the note from the table. Ride the elevator up to activate it and create a shortcut. Walk forward and to the left, to another elevator. So you can get out of the mine and return to the Pit. Talk to Abellon, whom you met at the very beginning. Return to Minerva and tell about everything to complete the mission. Tell them to calm down the miners.

Once you complete all the tasks associated with the three locations, Minerva will unlock the fast travel system. Finally, you will be able to teleport between open conduits! If you find Gipp's token in the mine, give it to Bion. You will receive two Orichalcum Ores. If you find a letter in the Falan Academy, give it to the blacksmith Vulkan.

Sewerage Rhodes

Run to the hideout guide to teleport into the sewers of Rhodes. Minerva will teleport behind you, and you will receive the key to the vault of Laurus' house. Climb the stairs to the right and find a chest in the building. Find a narrow staircase on the other side. Climb up it, climb onto the crates on the right, and up the next ladder. Jump into the neighboring yard from the red visor. There is a note on the stand. Defeat the colossus and open the big gate. In a small building on the left, before the colossus and the gate, there is a button. Click on it to open a shortcut to the guide and Minerva.

Look through the echo "Euminid's Plan", kill the new colossus and find a hole in the building on the side through which you need to jump into the tunnel. Kill the porcupines and jump down in the far right corner. Go right first, destroying the shooting statues, and destroy the protection of the chest to get a ceremonial decoration.

Go the other way, destroy the statues and view the echoes of "The Good Old Days". The door on the right will allow you to get back, creating a shortcut. You can also kill another mimic disguised as a chest and find a poster for Marissa's performance in a small box. Take the Polarized Light Reader from the box. Go back and chat with Minerva. Use the Explorer and press R to return to the Hideout. Talk to Minerva again. Examine the entire table and terrain layout. Browse each new region to update your assignments. Four locations will become available to you at once, and you can visit them in any order.

flooded suburbs

Go to the conductor and select the flooded suburbs. You may have visited this place before and then the gates were locked, but now they are open. Pass through them, go to the right and kill the enemies in the water. Look through the Final Warning echo and look under the wooden walkway next to it for a chest with three blocks of Asterite Ore. That's how much you need for the next weapon upgrade! Now go to the right, past the waterfall, and interrogate the guard of the aristos.

Return to the gate and go left, uphill, into the gorge of the dragon hole. Hilda should comment on this. Jump down into the cave. Get out, go right and turn around. Climb up the rocks. You can kill the ferret in front to get the Morning Star Elixir. You also need to take a running jump onto a stone block in the center of the location to find the first key of the Virgin of Mercy. Throw the tree down a little further. Optionally, you can go down the wall on the left to kill a couple of crabs, open a chest and collect other resources. When you're ready, cross the fallen tree, through the cave, and clear another flooded area.

Go left and talk to Guard Vangelis at the Aegis Gate. He will say that the passage further is closed. Fight him. You don't have to kill him, but you still need to reduce his health to a minimum. Then ask all questions. On the side is a conductor that you can activate. Go back and turn to the cave on the left, where there are three purple animals. After defeating them, enter the cave and get to a new location, Pontius Legacy.

You will meet Eumenides. Defeat the wolf, which will disappear when it reaches about half its health. Chat with Evangelos. Climb the steps to the shrine with the glowing tree, enter through the side door and go down the steps. Immediately after the first flight, on the floor will be the second key of the Virgin of Mercy. Go down even lower, kill the enemies, search the chest and interact with the altar. You teleport to the valley. A combat test awaits you ahead. I advise you not to stand at the edge of the arena, otherwise, you may be pushed down. Also, avoid burning tiles. After a few waves, Queso the Unbreakable will spawn. After defeating her, you will receive the Blade of Triumph and Essence of the Ancestors. Pray for her to come back.

Go back, leave the temple and turn right. After killing enemies, pick up the echo "Path to Utopia". There is a chest in the far corner, but it is a mimic. After defeating him, go through the gate and go upstairs. Defeat the lightning deer to get lightning concentrate. Climb the wall and jump down to the other side of the cliff. Go down below and go to the hunters' camp on the right. Enter the center of the camp and find the conductor on the left to activate.

Climb to the upper tiers on the ropes and look for Odysseus. Talk to him. Agree to help and get supplies for the villagers. There are four houses on the upper floors. Knock on each one and hand over the supplies. Also, go down the stairs next to Odysseus and find another villager near the bearded man. Return to Odysseus, he will ask you to find the eggs. Kill ordinary enemies in water bodies. Sometimes they drop eggs. Also, glowing eggs can be collected directly from the rocks. The third task is to defeat the chimera. If you killed a monster with horns that shoots lightning, then inform Odysseus about this. You will receive the third Key of the Virgin of Mercy. By the way, you received the fourth key of the Virgin of Mercy even earlier, when you defeated Vangelis.

Return to the Aegis Gate. Vangelis will be injured. You will receive his token, which you can show to Bion. Run down and to the right, killing the enemies. Soon you will be at the temple. Walk forward and turn right. Climb down the wall to the crab. The cave behind it leads to a ladder that allows you to create a shortcut to the place where you fought the chimera. In addition, there will be a chest with blocks of asterite ore. Keep climbing higher until you reach the Temple of Mercy. On the right, there will be a conductor that must be activated. Kill all the enemies in front of the temple and set the four keys of the Virgin of Mercy in the statue.

Before entering the main temple, look around the areas to the left and right of it to collect additional resources. Fight the boss, Andreas, the Reverend's butcher. The first stage of the fight will be very easy and you will easily defeat Andreas. He then uses a red crystal and transforms into a huge minotaur. After the victory, move through the only open door, view the echo, and knock on the wooden door. After talking with Selena, return to Minerva and give her the item you received.

Arges Square

Move to the workshop of the Lavra house, located in the Arges Bazaar. Open the gate opposite the teleport. Previously, you could not unlock them. In effect, they create a shortcut to an area you have already visited. Return to the conductor and go past him through the passage on the right. At the end of the street where they fought the colossus, there is another gate. Open them, view the Ideal and Reality echoes, and run up the stairs. You will find yourself on Tertsiya Boulevard. This is Arges Square.

There is nothing special to the right and left, so jump down through any gap in the fence. In the far corner, behind a wagon with blue cloth, there is a chest with a nugget. The gate is locked, so go the other way and kill a whole group of soldiers. There will even be one armored bull among them. Climb the steps, turn right onto the steps, next to which is a blue fish (or arrow). Walk forward and find the mansion of the Laurus House and another guide. Be sure to activate it.

On the right side, look for the echo "We'll be fine", climb up the stairs and go to the side of the house. Talk to Narcissus behind the house, enter the room ahead and go between the jugs until you find a chest with a tempering solution. Exit to the courtyard through the house on the left and talk to Lord Marble. A bearded man is standing near the stage to the right. Talk to him to get a Cracked Feather. Talk to Minerva and enter the office next to two guards. Choose the second option (wait for Minerva in the office). After talking to her, collect documents, resources, and echoes.

Exit the office and run to the right. Go down any of the two passages to the hall with three doors. There is a blue circle on the floor. Step into it and turn around to see the blue symbol on the wall. Press F to activate this symbol. A secret passage down will open. Go downstairs, and search the basement. On one of the shelves on the left, there will be an asterite device and a receipt. Open the far door and go down into the sewers. Be careful as there are turret statues here. In the end, there will be a blue symbol on the left hand. Interact with him to open a secret passage. You will enter the sewers of Kavala, and you can activate a new conductor. Also, chat with Narcissus.

Go further, turn left and kill the shaman who will create a protective barrier. Go to the main sewer hall. Run to the left, along the walls, killing enemies. At some point, you will be able to turn into a corridor with water on the left. Do it. There will be documents in the room on the left. Go right and turn left at the end. Pass by the red thickets to find yourself in a room with a burning wolf. First use an ice enchantment against him (F3 key), attacking the enemy with any weapon. Then you can defeat the fiery wolf itself, which will stand on its paws and start attacking you. As a reward, you will receive 4000 shards and a gold ingot.

Go back and find the wooden bridge where the cultists are standing. You need to move along this and the next bridge, killing enemies to get to the other side. First, go right to find a chest. Then follow the other way, there will be another chest on the left. There is also a grate that you can open to create a shortcut back. The other door leading to the elevator (pointed to by the blue fish/arrow) is locked. We'll have to look for the key. Walk back a little and turn left to enter the Kavala Gateway.

Walk on the right side and turn into the only tunnel on the right, before the echo. Kill the cultists and turn into the passage on the right, along which the minotaur walks. In the adjacent tunnel with water, go to the passage to the left and up the stairs. Defeat the enemies, take message #3. Hilda will offer to show it to Narcissus, but this is optional. Go down another ladder and finish off a few cultists. At the very end is a shiny chest, inside which is hidden the key you need for the elevator mechanism.

Return to the main hall of the gateway and find the conductor behind the echo on the right. Activate it, climb the stairs above and inspect the remote control. The mechanism is jammed. Leave the gateway and go right to the grate, which can now be opened. Examine the chest on the left and activate the elevator. After climbing Prima Boulevard, activate the conductor on the right. First, you can go through the gate opposite and down the stairs. Kill the bull and find the temple. There are two chests behind him, and one of them is a mimic. Enter the temple itself and interact with the altar to move to the next challenge. You need to kill the gladiators on the left and right, who use the horn to summon normal enemies. Both there and there are hills with a turret. After killing the gladiator, you will receive a charging element that you need to install next to the turret. Activate both turrets and the test will be completed,

Go the other way from the guide and chat with Minerva. Agree to start testing. Move up, killing enemies. Minerva will open the way further. In the third battle, there will be two colossus at once! Defeat Marble the last Archon using all available abilities and moves. You will receive the Archon's Relic and Marble's Private Key. Climb the steps, go past the owner and activate the conductor. Go back to Minerva and talk to her (where Marble was defeated).

Shimmering Depths

Return to Stella's mine by moving to the Star Corridor guide. If you have not activated it before, then go down to the very depths of the mine yourself. Jump on the ledges behind the conductor. Kill the enemies and go forward until you find that the crystal wall has now burst, and an echo has appeared nearby. Watch the echo and move through the hole in the wall.

Go forward and you will find yourself in a huge cave. First, follow to the right and go into the flooded cave, from where the water flows. This path will allow you to go upstairs and find additional resources, but in the end, you will return to the same place. Walk back a little and turn into the passage on the right. Follow the only path and go down the cliff into a large cave with many crystal enemies. On the left, there is a ladder that you have yet to lower. In the far right corner, there is a wall along which you can climb up.

Talk to Shai and the Bachelor. On the right lies Sedorovy. Ask Shai how you can help him. You should find some kind of asterite. You can also buy various items from Shai. In a nearby adit, you can find a silent scientist who will ask you to find the executioner's crystal. If you have already killed him, you can transfer the item. You can move to the Hideout to upgrade weapons or enchantments. Then return to the shimmering depths.

Pass by the Bachelor and Shai. Turn into the room on the left and view the echo. Start climbing down the walls. It will be a long descent, so please be patient. Crystals encountered on the way will explode. Soon you will find a note and a chest. After a while, you will find yourself on an underground lake. Climb down and kill the enemies. Move only aground! There is a blue glow on the hill to the right. This is a conductor that must be activated.

Walk forward. If you go left, you can find an altar. Pray to launch a new combat challenge. You will find yourself in the verdict room. Fight Eury. First, defeat the enemies located in the corners. After that, attack Euryus until you win. You will receive the blessing of the elements (amulet).

From the temple, go to the left. There are two ways - to the left through the spacious part of the cave or slightly to the right, where there is a narrow corridor. If you go left through a large cave, you will find an elevator. Insert the charging module into the control panel, but this will not be enough. Return and go to the narrow corridor. If you stand with your back to the guide on the underground lake, you need to go down and go to the right. Soon you will notice a stranger who will jump down. Do not follow him, but turn into the corridor on the right. Climb up and jump on the ledge in the common room. Walk along the wall and turn left. There is only one way here. Pick up all items. Be sure to pick up a turquoise symbiotic crystal along the way. It must be shown to the silent scientist.

Keep moving and climb up the wall by the large crystal. Take the Hastar token and lower the ladder to create a shortcut. Go back to where you saw the stranger and jump/go down. Walk a little further to see a cut scene. Hilda will meet her father. Kill the enemies, and follow the father, who will cut holes in the crystal walls. In the end, you will find yourself on the platform above the fault, and you can activate a new conductor (after the cut scene). Examine the documents and echo. Take the red crystal lying to the left of the table. Examine some more documents near the stone. Go through the narrow opening on the right, read the note, and go down the stairs. After reading the last document, talk to your father and say that you are ready.

Follow Harold. Kill the enemies, but do not rush to go to the pink crystals on the left. Go to the right side, finish off a few more targets and pick up the last note from Tanria and her husband. There will be a message to Marissa. Don't forget to hand it over to the Shelter. Go back a little and turn into the cave on the right. Kill the enemies and climb the high wall. Do the same with the next wall and activate the conductor. You are on the other side of the first cave in this location. Walk between the pink stones and destroy the huge monster to get a pink symbiotic crystal. Don't forget to give it to the silent scientist at Shai and the Bachelor. You can do this right now by moving to the guide "Camp of Natural Philosophers".

Follow Harold to fight against the Titan Avatar. Climb up the ledges on the right and left, kill the enemies and destroy the crystals on the two sealing devices. Then quickly return under Harold's shield. After that, dodge the Titan's attacks and attack his huge arms. Talk to Harold and watch the cutscene. View the Concerned Father Echo located behind Shai. Teleport to the Hideout and talk to Minerva. By the way, you will have a stellar core, and you will be able to fully pump weapons up to level 10.


Travel to the bank of Acheron in Styx. Go inside the bank and view the echo "Search". Climb up the stairs and you will find a huge monster with a hammer. You cannot kill him! Run left past the green goo and activate the mechanism to open the gate. Follow a little further. Turn into the room on the left. Behind the shelves, in front, there is a chest. Get to the next gate, which opens with the same remote control. You can turn in front of them onto the bridge on the right and find a grate at the other end. Open it to create a shortcut.

Turn left, go forward and find yourself on a spiral staircase. If you climb up, you will run into a grate for which you need a key. Run down the stairs. The monster has left you. It is useless to go to the right because there are dead ends or closed doors everywhere. Go left and right. Kill enemies. On the right, there will be a passage into a bottomless gorge. Install three charging modules in three devices. If you installed the same module in the Shimmering Depths, then you will open a portal that allows you to move between the two locations. Of course, this does not make much sense, since teleportation between conductors is available to you.

Follow the path to the right and open the grate, creating a shortcut. The third path leads to a locked grate, under which lies a note. Return to where you entered the bottomless gorge, and follow to the right. You will see a passage marked with a blue fish (arrow). Before you open the grate behind the enemies, find a chest with a key to the upper floor on the shelves on the right. A little further there is a chest with resources. Run up another spiral staircase and open the grate. You will return to the very beginning. Repeat the same route to the first spiral staircase, go upstairs and open the grate with the found key.

You will be taken to the "Purgatory" floor. Go left and right. Kill the enemy and open the chest. Now move in the other direction on the same floor, and turn right after the man. Activate the conductor and go forward. enter the room and chat with Otto. Talk to Aganon and ask how to defeat the Black Warden. Talk to Otto again and tell us what you learned. You will receive a key.

Return to the corridor and go right. Activate the device ahead. Optionally, you can inspect the room on the right, opening the grate and killing the enemies. Walk forward all the way and activate the device to open the gate and create a shortcut. There will also be an echo of "Retreat". Go back a little, turn left and go to the cells on the right. In the second chamber on the left, there is a seal on the wall. Interact with her to open a secret hole in the caretaker's cell.

Move along the corridor, kill the dogs and the fanatic. In the cell on the right, on the shelf, look for a chest with a key to the laboratory. Go further down the corridor and soon activate the conductor in the caretaker's cage. A little further will be Aganon and Otto. Read the notes and view the echo. There is a mysterious asterite in the room to the right of Aganon. After picking it up, move on. Open a couple of chests. The second is a mimic. Go through the opening and stand on the round button to lower the spiral staircase down.

At the bottom, go a little forward and activate the conductor on the left. Turn right down the corridor and open the gate to create a shortcut. There is also an echo and some notes nearby. Go ahead and activate the "Result" echo. Stand on the red seal and place the Black Watcher's Phylactite. A boss fight will begin. After the victory, enter the secret passage in the wall, climb up and activate the conductor. Examine the room of Petrius and Irenaeus. After talking with the latter, return to the Hideout and talk to Minerva. Go to the guide and move to the Falan trail at the Academy. Go up the path to the Academy and see Irenaeus with Otto. Talk to them. Minerva will appear. Watch the cutscene and then return to the Hideout and talk to Minerva.

Cutter Peak

Talk to Minerva again and select "Wait for Trinity Night". Agree to go to Cutter Peak. Move to Evtenia Square at the Arges Square location. This is where you fought Marble. Enter the building ahead, the Acropolis. Talk to Minerva.

Run up the stairs, kill the enemies and activate the conduit. At the very top, eliminate some enemies and search the chest, and then open the gate. Stand in the center of the lift to get to the top. Turn around and activate another echo at will. You need to get to the next elevator. After the second battle, you can go down the path on the left to open the loot chest. Continue climbing. In the gazebo on the right, there will be an echo with the young Eumenides. Activate another conductor and enter the next elevator.

At the top, kill a few more colossi and go up to the magic beam. You will enter Astrochenon. Activate the conductor and go forward. Eumenides appears. Defeat Harold while Selene and Minerva free his mind. View the echo ahead, go around the fountain, activate the conduit and enter the magic beam ahead, optionally viewing the Awakening echo. The battle will begin against Eumenides the Punished. The battle will consist of two stages, but you should have enough strength to defeat him without our tips. Place three relics around Nesus, then talk to Minerva. Passage completed.