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Walkthrough Gotham Knights - game guide

 All story missions, boss fight strategies, investigations

Walkthrough Gotham Knights - game guide

Case 01. Batman's last case

Kirk Langstrom

Batman has died, so Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin must continue to investigate him and find out what he managed to find out before his death. One of the leads is Dr. Kirk Langstrom. After choosing your character, go up to the roof of the building.

Then duck down and jump down the hole to enter the art studio. Get outside and go along the roof, following from the marker to the marker and using the hints that pop up on the screen. Eventually, the video will play. After it, point the camera toward the flag on the building opposite and press the indicated key/button when the "capture" icon appears.

Cling to the balcony opposite, go down the corridor and enter the illuminated room on the left side to get into Langstrom's office. To activate detective vision, press and hold the indicated key/button to aim. Scan several selected objects. Scan the scratches on the floor to find a trail leading outside the office. Leave the office and follow the trail through the door, down the stairs, and so on until the laboratory. Jump over the broken glass to get into another room.

Shortly after, we learn that Dr. Langstrom was killed during work hours. Activate the detective's vision and aim the crosshairs at the hidden mechanism under the floor. Approach a workstation with a few glowing markers and hold down the corresponding key/button to examine. You must investigate the crime scene for evidence. Move the cursor around the location and look for important items that are marked with a "magnifying glass" icon.

In this case, you need to determine which input device opens the secret door and find Langstrom's secret code. The input device is a microwave and the password is "127". This will open the secret room. Go through the hole and jump down the elevator shaft. Continue down the corridors until you reach a room with green capsules containing various creatures that Dr. Langstrom must have been experimenting with.

Go through the capsules and up the stairs. Go to the monitor to find the hard drive. Take the item. Now you can return to the bell tower to meet with the team. Go back and climb the elevator shaft. Open the lab door and keep walking toward the exit until you encounter an enemy group. Use hints for melee attacks and defeat enemies while remembering to dodge in time. After defeating them, go to the next building next to the burning van.

Inside the hall is an unsuspecting enemy that can be attacked from behind. Approach the enemy and press the corresponding key/button. Keep going up the stairs until you see another bandit who is beating up someone. Crouch, approach the enemy from behind, but this time press another key for a silent kill. Continue along the corridor to find another unsuspecting enemy and perform a silent reception. Finally, covertly deal with the fourth enemy by the window and the task will be completed.

Take advantage of the window. Climb to the top of the statue in the courtyard and perform a stealth kill directly from it. You need to clear the yard from the remaining bandits. Operate as stealthily as you can, as a result of which you will earn an additional 75 experience points. First, approach the freak on the left side of the van and silently kill him. Then repeat the same with the freak at the right van. And then enter the building opposite him.

Once inside, you will be spotted by a freak who needs to be eliminated immediately. Press a key/button for a ranged attack. If you hold it, then you will perform a powerful attack. Finish off the freak, keep going upstairs and get out onto the balcony, where you can eliminate another target. Clear the area using melee attacks. Approach the hostages behind the library counter to free them. After freeing the hostages, a huge protected freak with a large weapon will burst into the room.

To break through his defenses, you need to perform heavy melee attacks while holding the same key/button. As a result, the enemy will become vulnerable to other attacks. Go down to the street and call the batcycle.

Drive through the streets of Gotham following the yellow arrows to find the best route to your destination. Keep an eye on the occasional tooltips that appear on the right side of the screen to learn more about how to control the Batcycle. While inside the bell tower, approach your teammates at the computer to continue the task.

Langstrom's body

Approach the console and hold the interaction key/button to open the batcomputer. As desired, distribute the ability points earned by leveling up the character. By doing this, you will also unlock access to new skills. So, press the specified key/button to close the tutorial message. On the console, you can also explore the world map, current affairs, challenges, equipment, and attributes. There is also a database with records and emails.

Exit the bell tower through the vault door to start patrolling Gotham. Once outside, hold the indicated key/button to open the map and find crime markers. Go to at least two of these markers and kill the bandits to collect evidence. After reaching each marker, deal with the enemies in any way. When you collect enough clues, the next objective in this case will open.

Once you have collected enough evidence, you will automatically receive a message from Alfred. Listen to Alfred to update the task. Call the batcycle and drive through the streets of the city to get to the place where you need to complete a new task. When you get to the yellow circle in the street, dismount and climb onto the roof of the building to complete the objective.

You will find yourself in front of the front door of the police station, but you need to go inside through the back entrance. While on the roof, follow the white markers until you are in front of the garage entrance. Enter the garage to activate the next objective. Keep going through the garage until you see some cops, then duck down. Hide behind one of the police cars and keep going around the cops until you can go through the door.

Stay crouched and keep going up until you reach the gym. The next door will be locked, but there is an air vent in the gym that you need to climb through. Crawl through the ventilation until you are on the other side. Leave the rooms, go out into the corridor and open the door to the containment cells. Once you enter the cell block, duck down and sneak through the cells. When the officer moves away, continue moving and grab the upper balcony.

Crouch down through the evidence room, and turn right twice to find a container. Go to the red-lit room and open the door. You must go to the other side, but first, open the container. To do this, go to the right and go up the stairs to the container. Cling to the blue-lit balcony to complete the next task.

The door through which you need to go is locked, and therefore you need to find the key card. Keep going down and find a panel on the corner that you need to interact with. Enter the room and hide behind the counter. Wait for the officer to move away from the board, then jump over and take the key card. Go back upstairs or climb onto the balcony ledge and unlock the door.

Keep moving until you see a new cut scene with the appearance of Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Raj al Ghul. Asking questions is useless, as she will soon disappear. Exit the morgue and enter the autopsy room to find Langstrom's body. Approach him to start studying. You need to determine which device hides the biodecryption key and which sample is required to use it. You need a glucometer, and the sample is a tube of blood.

Exit the autopsy room and prepare to make an emergency escape from the police station. The cops have found out about your infiltration, and now you must leave the department. Crouch and walk past the railing in front of you, and grab the railing diagonally across from you. Jump down and go to the exit, following the white markers. Use a batcycle. As usual, follow the yellow arrows to return to the bell tower.

Weird Science

Inside the bell tower, approach the evidence board on the left side of the console. On it you can track the information found during the investigation. The Leads section provides the most up-to-date information on the following actions. Highlight the evidence to get information about the next objectives of the investigation. Hover your mouse pointer over the Leads section and press the indicated key/button. The next stage of the current task is to find criminal informants among freaks and bandits and interrogate them to find out more information. Must visit Robinson Park and West End.

Once you've completed your examination of the evidence board, you need to prepare for the patrol by completing three tasks. First, enter the training area, complete the basic training, and complete the interrogation. During training, you will learn how to find criminals and an informant hiding in an enemy group. To interrogate an informant, you need to grab him, first reduce the number of health points, or sneak up on him unnoticed, and then he will speak.

During training, follow the prompts on the screen by holding down the desired key/button and using the mouse to aim. Scan the enemies and find the informant among them. Crouch and approach the informant using stealth. When you get close enough, grab the informant and interrogate him by holding down the appropriate key/button. You can also grab unsuspecting enemies, or those who are stunned, low on health, or under the influence of a knockdown. Walk up to an enemy and weaken them until a prompt appears allowing them to be grabbed.

Grab the informant and press the indicated key/button to interrogate. Go to the workbench to the right of the console and read the newspaper. Watch the cut scene. Finally, use the workbench next to the newspaper to start crafting. In the "Craft" menu, select "Melee Weapon" and press the specified key/button. Now hold another to create a melee weapon. Leave the bell tower and walk around the city in search of new clues. Head to the West End, to the crime scene. Weaken the enemies and interrogate one of them to complete the task.

Head to Robinson Park and repeat the same to complete the second task. You have collected enough information and you can continue. Go to Thalia's location in Gotham Underground. Now you can return to the bell tower to regroup and tell the others about your findings. Open the map and use fast travel. Harley Quinn got in touch with the team.

Blackgate Blues

Exit the bell tower and get to Blackgate Prison where Harley Quinn is being held. When you get to the main gate, duck to avoid being spotted by the patrolmen and continue down the stairs on the left side to be under the bridge. Move under the bridge to get to the other side and then slide along the wall. Continue along the coast until you enter the sewers. Make your way further, climb onto the ledge and find the container.

Climb to the other side and keep moving until you can interact with the panel. You will open the door and you can go downstairs. Make your way under the opening, and you will find yourself in a protected room. Since the access to the prison block is at ground level, jump down and get rid of all the guards. Once you've done that, go to the far end of the room to find a container. Another one is at the end of the corridor on the left side of the entrance to cell block #3. Go into this block and open the door to find three prisoners beating up the guard. Get rid of them and continue to the elevator switch.

Jump down and defeat the enemies. If possible, dodge them to avoid damage and get extra experience points. Continue up the stairs. Go to the camera with Harley and talk to her. After talking with the girl, you can leave the prison block. Squeeze through the door, clear the prison yard of enemies and cross the basketball court, making sure to open the container behind the prisoners first. Keep going through the corridors until a new cut scene starts, during which a large bandit will appear.

Get rid of it in any convenient way. If she blocks hits, use piercing abilities. For example, a batarang volley. Gain momentum by landing melee attacks, then hold the target key/button to fire a batarang salvo. When you defeat an opponent, you will be attacked by two other opponents. Continue by interacting with the elevator switch to open the door. Before you will be new enemies that you need to defeat. Go up and down the elevator shaft to get through the vent.

You will find yourself in the basement, where three more prisoners are waiting for you. Defeat them using powerful strikes against a powerful opponent. Open the container in the same room and go through the door until you reach the recording room. Before you scan the catalog on the main table, examine the Old Newspaper (1/4) at the table. Then enter the upper right room and scan the note from the warden (2/4) and the calling card (3/4). Go to the upper central room to find the container and the profile of the prisoner (4/4).

Scan the glowing red items located on the main table. After scanning, you can pick up the card. Enter the room on the left side of the upper right room where you studied two of the four items and scan the closet. After scanning, take the file that Harley was looking for from the drawer. Repeat the steps, go through the vent and go up the elevator shaft. As soon as you return to the Nexus, you will encounter even more prisoners fighting with guards. Eliminate everyone and go through the prison corridors to return to Harley.

Harley tied the book we needed to a balloon to run after. Run through the corridors, ignoring the enemies. When you get to the courtyard, you will have to defeat the guards and rebellious prisoners. If possible, perform perfect dodges by pressing the indicated key/button at the last moment to gain additional experience points. After defeating everyone, you can pick up a balloon with a book from the basketball hoop. You can return to the bell tower. Open the map and use fast travel. On the bell tower, approach Alfred to the left of the console to talk to him. Go to Harley's book lying on the crates next to the evidence board.

Case 02: Rabbit Hole

He is Oswald Cobblepot

Leave the bell tower and go to the yellow marker. Get inside Penguin's mansion through the roof and go through the next door. Keep going down and get rid of all the Penguin guards. If possible, try to perform three silent kills to get extra experience points. Once you clear the area, keep going up and use the door. Since the Penguin does not want to help us, we can leave the building. Follow the markers, remembering to open the container right before the exit.

Open the map and use fast travel to return to the bell tower, regroup and chat with the others. On the bell tower, approach Alfred and talk to him. To convince the Penguin, you need to get his attention in another way. Approach the recorded message of Lucius Fox near the console and listen to it. Go to the evidence board, hover your mouse over the "Prospects" section and press the indicated key/button to study the information.

When you're ready, exit the bell tower. Once outside, open the list of available actions and press the indicated key/button on the task "Rabbit Hole". Select a list of activities related to this case. You will see what you need to do to progress through the story. You should start with the task, the marker of which is in the West End. Get to the West End, defeat all the enemies, and then get the chips. If possible, try to perform three grabs and perfect attacks to gain extra experience. Go on another mission in Robinson Park.

Get to the marked place. You need to stop organ theft, and find and scan some cryogenic containers. Hold the correct key/button to activate the detective's vision and look for a white glowing object near the ambulance. After identifying him, clear the area of ​​enemies.

Pick up an item, as a result of which a countdown will begin, during which you need to get to the next location. Open the map to find out where you need to go, call the batcycle, and head to the marker. Talk to Dr. Tompkins. Go after Lucius Fox, who is in Otisburg. Get to the right place, after the video with Fox, talk to him again to complete the task. Follow Detective Montoya. Get to Old Gotham. Now you can return to the Penguin's mansion. Once on the roof, enter the living room. As before, go through the doors.

In the room, defeat all the people of the Penguin. If possible, avoid damage to gain extra experience points. Once you clear the area, go upstairs and go through the door. Someone is bugging Penguin's office. You must find the bugs and destroy them. One bug is under the bust of the Penguin, another is behind the Penguin himself, and the third is by the lamp on his desk. Go to the wine cabinet and take a bottle of whiskey. Climb down and go outside.

Powers Club

Go to Alfred on Treycorner Island. Get to the roof to see a new cutscene. After that, head to the Powers Club in Old Gotham. Make your way through the roof into the greenhouse and go through the doors. Continue down the corridor to get into the club. Climb down and defeat the two guards. Press the indicated key/button to activate detective vision and scan the yellow footprints on the floor. Then scan the red highlighted mechanism hidden under the floor.

After scanning the mechanism, you will see the highlighted wires. Move along them, going upstairs and opening the door. Walk down the corridor and enter the area with enemies that need to be eliminated. Operate stealthily whenever possible to gain additional experience points. Scan the bust found inside the left room and press the discovered button. Now we need to find the second one.

Go to another room and analyze the book in the corner. Click on the button inside the book. Go back to where you fought the two guards and activate the wall lamp. Go down the secret stairs and open the door. Go into the room and approach the paintings hanging on the wall. Scan the spotlight at the beginning of the room. Activate it to reveal a yellow wire and several pieces of an eagle statue that, when viewed from a certain angle, line up with a shadow on the painted walls.

The goal of the puzzle is to rotate the pieces and cast a bird-like shadow on the wall pointing to the right. The head and claws of the "bird" should look to the right. If you haven't changed anything yet, you can use our solution (otherwise, pause the game and return to the main menu, then click on the "Continue" button to reset all actions):

  • Pattern 1 (Claws) - 1 click
  • Figure 2 (beak) -2 clicks
  • Figure 3 (first wing) -3 clicks
  • Figure 4 (second wing) -3 clicks (may require a fourth click to trigger the cutscene)

Defeat the guards. Go downstairs and open the door, climb onto the balcony above and clear the area of ​​enemies. If possible, operate in stealth to gain extra experience points. Defeat the next group of guards walking towards you. Keep following the blood trail. Open the center doors. Move on until you see a man tied to the wings of some kind of owl.

Approach the man and untie him to free him and watch a new video. Next, you need to get out of the trap of blades and flames. It is important to choose the right moments for movement. Keep going through the cave until you squeeze through the wall. This will return you to base. Open the map and return to the bell tower.

Case 03: In the shadows


Get to the Gotham Gazette. To do this, leave the bell tower and head to the next marker, the Gotham Gazette headquarters. Climb up to the roof - exactly where the yellow marker points - to find the door leading to the hideout. Approach the wall to open it. Enter the Owl's Nest, go down, and approach the wooden cabinet. Activate the detective's vision and scan the document. Approach the wooden table and hold the indicated key/button to study it.

To complete the task, you need to follow the instructions of the Court of Owls. You need an Ofásiede Card and a brass peg (fourth pin on the card from top to bottom). Leave the shelter.

Chelsea Tunnel

Get to the construction site of the Chelsea Tunnel. Move on to the next marker. Enter the tunnel between the two statues and when you are in front of a locked gate, look up and to the left to find an opening leading through a burning vent. Climb down and press the indicated key/button while standing in front of the hole to get further. After jumping into the tunnel, keep moving until a new cut scene starts, from which you will learn about a new type of enemy. These opponents are capable of dodging standard melee attacks, so don't even try to use them. Instead, you need to use powerful blows by holding the desired keys/buttons. Successful attacks will stun the enemy, and you can finish him off with standard melee attacks.

Go through the tunnel and open the door. You will find yourself in a large abyss, and you will need to get over to the other side. Go to the left side past the gap, immediately go right and climb onto the balcony on the right side to find the container. Cling to the wooden scaffolding to your right to find another container. Continue towards the white marker and head towards the mine until a new cutscene will play.

There will be even more enemies of a new type. Use the strategy above to defeat everyone. Keep moving until you reach a fork. First, go to the right side to find the container, then open the door. Grab the structure above. Walk forward and jump off the balcony. You need to find three samples from the excavation site. The first is in a bulletproof wall, the second is up the elevator shaft, on a table with two spectrographic analyzers, and the third is at the end of the room, near two x-ray analyzers and a container.

Go back to where you found the second sample and interact with the keypad next to the green door. Continue up the main path and head up the elevator shaft, jumping from platform to platform. When a new objective is unlocked, go downstairs. First, open the chest located behind the metal containers. Approach the table to start the investigation. To accomplish the task, it is necessary to determine which sample should be placed in the extract, and the chemical agent that will extract the material from it. Therefore, choose composite ore and an orange container.

Follow to the upper level and go through the door. Keep walking towards the elevator. Approach the console to activate it. Enemies will appear. Kill enemies that inflict a poison effect. Follow the white markers as you move from platform to platform, ignoring any enemies you encounter along the way. Continue through the collapsed tunnel until you see a locked door. Rotate the camera 180 degrees and cling to the top point.

Climb higher and higher until you can use the stairs. Behind it is a container. Return to Gotham through the blue door. As soon as you exit the tunnels, you will be prompted to automatically return to the bell tower. However, the connection with the bell tower will be cut off, as Talia al Ghul is listening in on you. Go to Thalia in the Financial District. After talking to her, you can return to the bell tower. Open the map and use fast travel.

Case 04: Masquerade

Mark Hendrix

Approach the board to study new clues. Exit the bell tower and go to the yellow marker in the south of Tricorner Island. When you get to the right place, wait 10-15 seconds until a new target appears. Head to the new yellow marker on Tricorner Island. In this place, jump down and start killing enemies. You need to deal with three enemy waves before the door's durability drops to "0". If you can perform three perfect attacks, you will gain additional experience.

Once the area is cleared, Mark Hendrix will come out the door and you can talk to him. As usual, open the map and return to the bell tower to meet the others and prepare for the next stage.

Orchard Hotel

Leave the bell tower and go to the yellow marker pointing to the Orchard Hotel in Otisburg. You can get inside from the roof. On the way to the ballroom, you will be noticed. Walk down the corridor until you reach the buffet. Crouch down and move along the wall until you reach a corner. Stop and wait for the enemy to move away. When he moves, move behind the sofas and wait for the moment when the enemy passes the second column.

Follow the white marker until you can open the door. Next, you need to get to the security system and turn it off, while not allowing yourself to be detected. Go past the first cell, turn the corner and stop. You will see a group of guards, who, fortunately, are looking the other way. Before you enter the security room, take a small detour to the left to find a container.

Go back and enter the security room. Silently kill the guard and then disable the system. Deal with the enemies outside. Go to where you saw the enemy group. The camera will point to a hole at the top that you can grab onto. Do this and open the gate. Listen to a few people. We are talking about a woman in a wheelchair in the middle of the room, two guests on the balcony above this woman, and a man in an owl mask in front of a portrait of Bruce Wayne. The masked man will appear only after you listen to the rest of the characters.

Come back through the vent. Go through the door until you see more guards. Deal with them. If you avoid damage, you will gain additional experience points. Once you get rid of everyone, you can use the scan to find two more containers. Continue down the main corridor until you see an air vent marked with a white marker. Climb up and move through it.

Interact with the piano and then go through the doors. Continue down the corridor until you can open the door leading to the stairwell. Climb down until you find a secret door. Before you continue, go even lower and look for a container. Interact with the secret door to open it. Walk down the corridor until you see a fireplace. Look around this place to find an owl statue located in front of the fireplace. You can interact with her. Approach the statue and press the switch to open a secret corridor.

Walk down the corridor until you meet three members of the Court of Owls. Get rid of them and scan the touch screen that one of the members of the Court interacted with. Finally, activate the projector by interacting with the switch next to the touch screen. Interact with the touch screen again to insert the flash drive and collect evidence. Destroy two more enemies.

Go through the moonlit room where the two Court members came from and find a puzzle. You have a large floor map with 4 Gotham buildings located on it. To solve the puzzle, you need to walk through the floor tiles in the correct order, from oldest to newest. This order is indicated by the years found under the paintings in the same room. Based on how we entered, number the buildings from left to right from "1" to "4". Step in the following order: 4-2-1-3. Solving the puzzle will unlock a secret niche on the left side of the room.

Walk down the corridor until you pass through a new door. After entering the room, approach the painting on the left to trigger a cutscene. There will be guards that you need to get rid of. Continue down the corridors and head up the elevator shaft to return to the ballroom. When you do this, you will be stopped by enemies, among which there will be a completely new enemy - the killer. It can be killed with elemental attacks. Run back to the ballroom and jump down.

Here you need to destroy the League of Assassins with firearms. Do not stand in the red circle to avoid damage and counterattack at the first opportunity. If the League of Assassins disappears, wait for it to appear while standing still, then quickly dodge attacks. After the victory, open the map and return to the bell tower.

Case 05: Court of Owls

little birds

Leave the bell tower and go to Thalia in the Financial District. Exit the garage and head to Detective Montoya in Old Gotham. To complete the next step, you need to find 5 corrupt detectives and eliminate them. After that, go to the hideout in Bristol. When you get to the right place, go to the cemetery. Continue down to the hideout and kill all the enemies. If possible, make 2 rolls for additional experience.

Scan the Owl mask near the burning barrel. Then open the map and move to the bell tower. Listen to the message on the console, leave the bell tower and go to the Iceberg Lounge in the Financial District by sneaking inside through the roof.

Labyrinth with traps

Climb up to enter Penguin's office. You will find yourself in a labyrinth with different traps, and every time you die, you will start over. Run through the maze and when you see holes in both walls, duck to avoid falling into a trap. Keep moving, and when you get to a room with torches overhead, only go over the ones that are inactive. Climb to the other side and get to a dead end. Then turn around and walk forward until you find a room with moving spikes. Calculate the time to move forward and get to any exit.

In the following sections, choose any path, and, eventually, you will find yourself at the exit. You are in a room with a large sphere in the middle that looks like an owl. To solve this puzzle, you need to step on four devices scattered around the room. From where you came in, look for the device on the left; then - on the right; behind, above the sphere; above the entrance to the room. You will have enough time, so activate them in any order and then go through the door. If you fail, you will have to fight several enemies and then try again.

And again you will find yourself in a maze. Keep going any route until you are attacked by opponents. After the victory, move past the statues and deal with new enemies. If possible, use Momentum abilities to gain additional experience. Go past the opened door until you see a new cut scene. Unlike normal enemies, gladiators carry a shield, so you must use heavy attacks to break through defenses and find an opportunity for normal melee attacks. Keep fighting until the cutscene plays.

Pass by the collapsed statue and jump down. Grab the platform in front and make a small detour to the left, towards the container. Continue moving in the opposite direction. Search the second container in the area first, and then approach the control room using the railing above. Climb down and kill the enemies. Alternatively, you can try to perform a few silent kills to get extra experience points. Kill everyone, go to the wheel on the console, and use it.

When the stage starts moving, get to the first platform ahead. Activate detective vision mode and scan the big red fuel tank in front of you. There is a container to the left of the container. Get close to the fuel tank and use the batarang to aim and destroy the thermal valves. As a result of the explosion, you will be able to go further. Grab the fence and jump into the hole. Move through underground tunnels avoiding ice jets. At the end of the tunnel, cling to the upper ledge and open another container.

Go back and go through the hole halfway. While on the ledge, perform an air attack on the surgeon, weaken him, and grab him for interrogation. Exit the lab by opening the gate at the very end. Activate the elevator by interacting with the switch. Clear the area of ​​all enemies, and repeat the same with the claws. Approach the wheels on the consoles to override hibernation control. When you do this, even more enemies will appear. Get rid of the last enemy group.

Redistribute failover from the center console. Defeat two gladiators. If you complete 5 perfect dodges, you will gain additional experience. To do this, you need to press the dodge key/button at the last moment, right before the enemy attack. It's time to leave this place. As before, open the map and move to the bell tower.

Case 06: Jacob Kane

The court's decision

Leave the bell tower and go to Detective Montoya in Old Gotham. You need to find a bandit in the West End area to find out more information. As usual, weaken the enemy until you can grab and interrogate him by pressing the indicated key/button. Next, you need to find an informant in the Kotla area. Do the same and interrogate the man.

The next source of information is a freak from Robinson Park. If for some reason you can't find the freak crimes, go back to the bell tower to complete the patrol and try again. Through three interrogations, you will find out where Judge Moreno is located in Bristol.

Head to the indicated location and deal with three enemy waves until the door's durability drops to 0%. If possible, perform 1 Silent Throw on Marked Targets and 3 Perfect Throws for additional experience points. Once the area is cleared, Judge Moreno will come out to you and you can talk to her. Return to the bell tower using the map and fast-travel.

Voice of the Court

Inside the bell tower, examine Kane's drone, located to the right of the console, where the white marker points. You will teleport outside and a new side case will automatically start. You will not be able to climb the Kane Industries Building in the normal way, so you will have to look for alternative options. Try to get on one of the ledges from the water tower.

Move to the right and climb up to the other side. Go around the building until you see a platform above you that you can grab onto. Press the indicated key/button while grappling to jump off and use the jump momentum to get to the top of the building. Kill all the enemies on the roof. When you get to the very top, interact with the console to gain access to the building. Activate the detective's vision and go to the white boxes. There is a laser drill in the corner.

Take the tool and defeat all enemies. If possible, stay undetected to gain additional experience. Take the access card from one of the corpses, enter the corridor where the enemies came from, and keep walking until you see an opening above. Climb through it and go down to the guard post. Activate the console and reprogram the access card. Leave the guard post by going through the nearest door. Before you go through the door with the white marker, open the other one to find the container.

Go to the main door and go down the stairs. Get rid of the guards. Go through the door and open the container to your left, then use the console and turn off the alarm. The countdown will begin. Run to the white marker and cross to the other side before the timer runs out. If you are not noticed by security cameras, you will receive additional experience. Once you enter Kane's office, open the container to your left.

Then activate the detective's vision and interact with the wall opposite the desk at the back of the room. This is a Sudoku puzzle:

Go through the doors and open the container on the left, and then the second container by the fireplace. Reactivate detective vision and scan the globe next to the painting. Interact with her. Go to the elevator door and use the laser drill on it. The noise from the laser drill will attract several enemies.

You must defeat several opponents while the laser drill will open the door. If possible, avoid taking damage to gain extra experience points. At some point, the laser drill will get stuck and you will need to re-activate it.

When the laser drill gets stuck, approach it and activate it. Defeat all remaining enemies. As soon as the elevator door opens, there will be new opponents that you need to get rid of. Enter the elevator to go upstairs. Crouch down and get rid of all the guards. If possible, perform 4 silent kills to gain additional experience. Get rid of the guards around the table. Keep going down and open the red door.

More security officers need to be defeated. This time you will also have to disable the turrets. If possible, do all of this without being caught, and then you will gain additional experience points. To deactivate the turrets, you need to access the panels near the garage door and the inclinator. Activate the inclinator on the panel and continue down. When the inclinator goes down, you will be attacked by a new enemy group. Defeat everyone and try to avoid damage to get extra experience points. When the inclinator stops, defeat the three claws. If you use the impulse abilities, you will gain additional experience.

Go through two doors until you reach a new enemy area. Destroy all enemies. If possible, eliminate two opponents using the environment (objects highlighted in red, which can be activated with a batarang). Once you've cleared the area, access the console, which opens the door to the reactor room. Go through this door to get to the reactor. There are four containers here that need to be opened in order to complete the bonus objective. Once you reach the room, go through the toxic fumes and find the first container.

Keep moving and turn to where there is a fire hazard to find the second container. Go through the fire barriers to return to the beginning of the area. Cling to the upper balcony, where there will be the third container. Continue along the main path and you will find the fourth and last container. Climb up and open the red door to see a new video. Clear the area. If you can, perform 5 silent kills to gain extra experience points. There are two more containers in this area that can be opened. You can easily find them with detective vision. Scan the armored door.

Grab onto the dot above the door to interact with the console that moves the laser. Move the laser up once and left once. Go to the other console that moves the platform and press the switch three times. Go back to the other console and move the laser down. Use the previous console again and activate the laser to destroy the door. Go through the door, open the container and break open the red door. Keep running down past the traps and open the door to watch a cutscene.

Defeat two hunters. If possible, perform 4 perfect attacks to gain additional experience. Keep going through the doors until you see a new cutscene. Kane is arrested. Chase Thalia. If you lose sight of it, look for white markers. After a while, you will need to get to Wayne Tower. Climb to the top and watch the cut scene. Defeat the Assassins: You need to wait for them to appear out of nowhere, then dodge the attacks and counterattack. After defeating the enemies, you will automatically return to the bell tower.

Case 07: League of Shadows

Friends in trouble

Leave the bell tower. As soon as you leave, Alfred will report that Lucius Fox and Detective Montoya have been kidnapped by the League of Shadows. The first goal is to save them. Let's start with Lucius Fox. Get to the marker in Otisburg and go up to the roof to activate the next objective. When you get to the roof, jump down and finish off the enemies that are trying to disable the force field. You need to stop hacking before progress reaches 100%. If you can, kill two enemies with perfect attacks and get extra experience points. Approach Lucius Fox and chat with him.

Now you can help detective Montoya. Head to the marker in the West End. Fight enemies until you destroy each of them. If possible, try to perform three perfect dodges to gain extra experience. After that, open the map and return to the bell tower.

Talia al Ghul

Leave the bell tower and head to Arkham Asylum, east of Bristol. Approach the main gate to go through it. Move through the garden and enter the Vault. Climb up to get to the lab. Scan the capsule with detective vision. Approach the table by the blackboard to start investigating. You need to determine how Thalia advanced Langstrom's research and what she was pursuing by doing so. The solution is Genetic Marker Group M and Serum v24.07 (pink bottle).

Leave the lab using the hole on the left side. Continue along the main corridors and go down. Go down the elevator shaft and open the door. Enter the side room on the left to find a container. Go past the prison cells and enter the control room in the middle where you need to pull the lever. Return to the main hall and open the wooden door leading outside. You need to find a way to get back inside, but the League of Shadows already knows you're here.

Defeat the Assassins of the League of Shadows. If possible, perform three perfect dodges while avoiding attacks at the very last moment to gain additional experience. Head to the back of the building where the container is, and then head back inside. you will again find yourself at the laboratory. Climb up and enter the elevator. Grab the hole from above and move towards the door. Open the container in one of the side rooms and then head down the corridor until you reach a room with a hole in the ceiling. Pull up and approach the device to reset it.

After that, you need to align some frequencies. If you notice, there are amplifiers around the tower (not those that are directed outward), showing certain symbols. These amplifiers are connected to external ones via colored wires. You must keep an eye on each colored wire and put the corresponding symbol on the outward-facing amps. However, this must be done in a certain order. Looking at the amplifiers from the outside, number them from top to bottom and from left to right from "1" to "4". Interact with them in the following order: 2, 4, 1, 3.

Jump off the tower and follow the white markers back to the lab. Approach the broken green capsule to examine it. To defeat the Man-Bat, avoid his lunge and wing attacks. After dodging, use standard or heavy melee attacks.

Case 08: Demon Head

Dangerous Skies

Approach the board and hover your mouse over the "Hooks" section to get a new objective. You need to go outside and defeat the three human bats. Go outside and proceed to the first location of the Man-Bat in the Elliot Center in the Financial District. When fighting these enemies, remember to avoid lunges and wing attacks. The task will be complicated by the presence of assassins of the League of Shadows.

Once defeated, move on to the next marker with the Man-Bat on the rooftops of the hospital in the West End area. Do the same with the third enemy, which is located on the rooftops of WayneTech in the Southside.

Pit of the Lazarus

Head to the Gotham Cemetery in northern Bristol. Park at the entrance and climb over the wall. Go to the entrance to the crypt, following the icon. Jump through the hole in the ground and go down. When you get to the lanterns, throw the batarang at the chains to gain access to the ledges and keep moving. Go through the tunnel until you get a new task.

Grab onto the ledges of the lantern to get to the other side of the Batcave. Squeeze through the gap and keep sliding down, getting ready to grab another ledge. Jump down and defeat the killer. Continue through the tunnels, down the slide, and defeat the three assassins. Go past the abyss, where you will have to defeat another Man-Bat. As usual, avoid its lunges and wing attacks, and only then land your standard or heavy melee attacks.

Open the container in the arena where you fought the Man-Bat and continue past the joker card. Squeeze further and run through the tunnels, then launch the batarang into the chain on the ledges. Move forward by performing slides and grabs. Defeat several assassins, open another container and squeeze through the crack. Keep going down the slide and clinging to the ledges.

Once at the bottom, eliminate the opponents, make your way through the gap and open the container from the ledge halfway. Jump down and defeat the assassins, then shoot the chains to clear the ledge and keep moving. Open the container to the left, go forward, and get rid of the killers standing in your way. When you're done, open the container at the entrance to the temple.

Before you make your way further, make sure you have the best gear and are strong enough to take on two bosses in a row.

Boss fights require more patience than skill. Basically, you need to avoid Bruce's "red" attacks and not step on the Lazarus pits scattered around the arena. Make sure to dodge and land fast melee attacks while recharging Momentum abilities. Once the cooldown is over, use these abilities to deal more damage. Then be patient again and dodge until you can use Momentum again.

The fight with Thalia consists of two stages. The fight is basically like fighting Bruce, with the only difference being that her strikes are much faster and you have less chance to counterattack.

During the first phase, she literally spams her attacks non-stop, and you need to try to dodge them, waiting for the moment for one, maximum two counters. Over time, you'll recharge Momentum's abilities, and you'll be able to use them to deal significant damage to Thalia.

In the second stage, Talia uses the same fighting techniques, but this time she is armed with a halberd and some of her attacks are not telegraphed, no "red" prompt appears on the screen. Use the same strategy as in the first phase, and when you charge two pieces of Impulse, perform an attack, dealing significant damage to the boss. Eventually, a cutscene will play, ending the boss fight.

The battle with Thalia is the main reason why I wrote about the fact that you must make sure of your abilities before entering the temple. It deals a lot of damage, and the battle itself will be quite long and tedious.