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Walkthrough of all side quests Gotham Knights

 How to get all side quests, defeat Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and Clayface

There are 8 main story cases in the action game Gotham Knights and only three side tasks, which we will devote our next guide to.

HQ01: Harley Quinn

Harley is back

Look for an orange marker in the form of a "bomb" on the map of North Gotham. There you need to save the hostages by deactivating some bombs. To do this, approach each hostage, press and hold the indicated key/button, and the bomb will be defused. You can do this both in hidden mode and without hiding from anyone. If you are discovered, the countdown will start: you will need to defuse the bombs in 60 seconds. Don't get distracted by anything. If you defeat all enemies and go unnoticed, you will gain additional experience points.

Harley is back

Having completed the first goal, another one will appear in the same North Gotham. You need to defeat all enemies. To get bonus experience, you need to destroy two opponents by performing perfect attacks. A perfect attack is obtained after a perfect dodge (you need to dodge an enemy attack just before he tries to hit you) and a subsequent counter.

After completing the second task, look for a new marker on the map in North Gotham. Again, you need to defeat all enemies. To get a bonus experience, get rid of two opponents with a ranged attack by pressing the corresponding key/button. To complete the first part of the case, return to your headquarters.

Dr. Q at the Monarch Theater

To start this section, you need to return to the bell tower. At the headquarters, open the batcomputer, select a case and hold the indicated key/button to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will find yourself outside the headquarters. Go to the nearest alley, which is marked with a white marker. Defeat the four enemies in the alley. Follow the white marker to the back of the alley. Going down the stairs, you will find a secret entrance behind the fence. Crouch down and go inside. Once inside the building, follow the only path.

Shortly after entering the building, you must use your grappling hook to climb the wall. Continue on and you will come across a fork. Choose either path, as both options lead to a room with enemies. To reach the next objective, it is recommended to use the left passage to make it easier to complete the bonus objective. You will enter a room with three enemies. You don't need to act stealthily, but you need to kill enemies stealthily to get bonus experience.

After defeating all enemies, you need to move the stage. Look for the switch next to the third defeated enemy. When the scene opens, three new enemies will appear. Get rid of them and go to the room that has just been opened. Scan the boxes on the left side by pressing the corresponding key/button to get the device. Another door will open and another trio of enemies will appear. After defeating them, enter the door and follow the only path. You will reach a floor with several enemies. Stealth is optional, although a secondary objective is activated: killing everyone stealthily will give you additional experience points.

After defeating the enemies, follow the only path. You will reach a room with other opponents. Be aware that there is a bonus objective associated with three silent stuns. Above the first enemy, there is a hook that you can use. Immediately after that, look to where the first enemy was, turn to the left side, and use the grappling hook to get to the second enemy. Go back to where he was killed, look to the left and use the hook again. Defeat the remaining two enemies in any way convenient for you. After destroying all opponents, go through the gate in the middle of the room. Follow on to see another cut scene. After the cutscene, the boss fight will begin.

You must defeat Basher, but first deal with a small enemy in a rat mask, otherwise, he will heal the main boss. To damage him, hold the indicated key/button for a powerful melee attack. After that, you can use standard strikes. After some time, opponents will appear. After defeating Basher, another cut scene will start, which will lead to a new battle. Blazer, a stronger version of Basher, will appear. Smaller enemies will come with him. So that they do not interfere under your feet, deal with them first, and then kill Blazer. Watch the next cut scene.

You will find yourself in a room with monitors and bombs. Approach the bomb and defuse it by pressing and holding the indicated key/button. Enemies will appear, and bombs will start to re-activate. Kill all opponents as soon as possible. Disarm the bombs periodically, otherwise, you will die and start over.

Basher and Blazer will appear soon, as well as a few minor opponents. Again, you'll have to deactivate the bombs. After defeating Basher and Blazer again, all the bombs in the room will activate and you will have to defuse them. Another cut scene will play and the case will end.

Dr. Q's pager

After the previous chapter, you will find yourself in your headquarters. Talk to Alfred. Exit the bell tower and go to the orange marker on the east side of Trecorner Island. Enter the building from any entrance.

Optionally complete two bonus objectives, one of which requires you to defeat one enemy with a powerful melee attack. To do this, hold the indicated key/button, which is also responsible for the standard melee strike. To complete the second bonus objective, you need to capture. To do this, weaken the enemy until you can grab him. Follow the prompts on the screen. The next target is in North Gotham. Enter the building from any direction.

And again, you will be offered two bonus tasks. To complete the first one, you need to defeat two enemies with a ranged attack. To do this, press and hold the specified key/button. The first objective can be combined with the second bonus objective: defeat one enemy with the Momentum ability. You can do this with any ability available to you! Defeating all enemies will complete the job.


To start this part, enter the bell tower (your headquarters), open the batcomputer, and start the mission. Watch the cut scene. After a minute, the loading screen will appear. Interact with him, watch the new cut scene and go forward to the location where you need to destroy several opponents.

After defeating all the enemies, scan the civilian sitting next to the overturned ambulance. Turn right from the civilian and go down the street to the ice cream truck. Scan the inside of the ice cream truck with the scanner while holding down the indicated key/button. After scanning the ice cream van, turn off the alarm by pressing and holding the specified key/button. Enter the hospital to the right of the ice cream truck using the roof. Inside it, follow the only route. Climb up and move on until you reach a room with three enemies. Destroy all opponents.

After defeating them, go forward and jump down the elevator shaft. When the explosion occurs, the path to the next room with enemies will open. Defeat everyone, go to the quest marker, and find yourself in a room with new opponents. Get rid of them, open the door and move on. Ahead will be a new room with enemies that you need to get rid of. After being placed with two enemies, follow the only route and use the grappling hook to climb higher. Shortly after that, you will reach the chapel.

Inside it, you need to defeat the enemies and save the townspeople. To complete the bonus objective, you must avoid any damage. Leave the chapel, use the door, go to the guard post and find yourself in a room with enemies. After killing everyone, deal with a new couple of opponents and follow the quest marker to the security room. As soon as you get to the right room, watch the security channel. After examining the footage, turn around and exit through the door on the right side to reach the elevator.

Press and hold the indicated key/button inside the elevator. You will reach the L3 wing and you will see a cut scene. Defeat the enemies and continue to the L3 wing by going through the door marked on the screen. Once in the corridor, go anyway, because you will still get to the only exit. Defeat all enemies, enter the room and repeat the process. Break the window to see a cutscene with Harley Quinn.

The battle against Harley will begin. The key to victory is dodging attacks and then counter-attacks. I highly recommend using the Drone Momentum ability, which allows you to heal and deal damage to Harley. After dealing enough damage and reducing Harley's HP by 25%, a cutscene will begin. Harley Quinn will take a break, ordering the minions to attack you. After defeating him, watch the cut-scene and attack Harley again until she has half of her maximum health left. You will see another cut scene, after which the battle will continue. The Harley will begin to scatter mines that you must bypass. Each mine does a lot of damage. After defeating Harley, watch the final cutscene that ends her case.

FR01: Mr. Freeze

Robbery at STAR Laboratories

This mission will appear automatically on the map. Approach the marker in the southwestern part of the city, enter the STAR lab, and use the grappling hook to climb up the shed. Shortly after, reuse the hook. After doing this, you will reach a room with enemies that you need to defeat. Having done this, go through the room and soon you will find yourself in a server room with other opponents. If you need extra experience, kill enemies silently. To do this, you need to sneak up on the enemy from behind and hold down the indicated key/button.

After defeating the opponents, interact with the console to open the gate. Leave one server room and go to another. Defeat all enemies and disable the turret by pressing and holding the indicated key/button. Thanks to this, you will be able to get out of the server room through the only open door. Follow the security room and destroy another enemy group. If you act covertly and destroy everyone without betraying your presence, you will gain additional experience points.

After defeating the enemies, interact with the security terminal and go through the door behind it. Use the hook again to get to the room with the enemies that need to be eliminated. After defeating them, find and scan the footprints with pieces of ice in the corner. Follow the trail of Mr. Freeze. After a while, you will reach a room where a cutscene will start. After that, you will have to destroy several enemies.

After completing the battle with a victory, you will see ice ahead, blocking the path. Use the grappling hook to climb over the door and duck down to get into the ventilation system. Shortly after, use the hook again to get to the cryogel lab. Leave this place, using the hook, and move to a new room with a terminal marked with a white marker. After opening the door, watch a short video.

After the cut scene, you will be attacked by enemies. While they are doing this, rotate the railgun. Interact with the terminal. Shortly after turning the railgun, you will have to turn it on. Interact with the terminal again. After activating the railgun, a large enemy named "Shocker" and regular opponents will appear. Defeat everyone. You can get extra experience points if you avoid any damage. After the battle, launch the railgun using the terminal marked with a white marker. The chapter will be completed.

cold front

You must stop five crimes throughout the city. These crimes are marked on the map with white triangles. Please note that not every crime is suitable for completing this task. Only those in which enemies use cryogenic weapons will be counted. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine in advance what weapons opponents use in a particular crime. But you can understand this during the fight if you see that the enemies are shooting "blue beams". Stop five crimes to complete the second chapter of this case.

Laboratories Quartz

To start the third chapter, return to the bell tower (to your headquarters). Open the batcomputer and start the mission. After watching the cut scene, you will find yourself on the roof of the Quartz Labs. Make your way to the laboratories and destroy the first enemies.

Enter inside, and go forward or through the ventilation system on the right to get into the same room. You will find yourself in a large room with several enemies. Defeat everyone. To get additional experience points, you need to kill three enemies with a silent stun. To do this, act stealthily, sneak up on each enemy in turn and hold the indicated key/button. To open the vault door, scan the console in front of it, then interact with it.

When the door opens, opponents will appear who will have to be eliminated. Inside the vault lies a frozen scientist. Scan it and look for clues scattered around the corpse. His office is upstairs next to the console you used to open the vault. To the right of the entrance, look for another device. Scan it with a scanner, take it with you and watch the cut scene. Returning to the bell tower, you will complete the third chapter of the Mr. Freeze case.

Gotham on ice

Immediately after the previous chapter, you will find yourself on the bell tower. Talk to Alfred to start the fourth task. After talking with the man, open the batcomputer and start the task. After the video, you will find yourself on the bridge 200 meters from the Elliot Center. Just go to the center and defeat the opponents standing in front of it. If you want to get extra experience points, grab targets by attacking them from behind or from above. The enemy must not be aware of your presence.

After defeating the enemies, you will be able to climb higher using your grappling hook. Make your way through blocks of ice until you find yourself in a location with a new enemy group. Defeat everyone and then use your grappling hook to get through. Get rid of the following opponents, and if you want to get extra experience, hold the melee attack key to perform powerful blows.

After defeating the enemies, you will see another helicopter. Use the hook now and against the wall a little further. Shortly after that, you will see two enemies that you need to defeat. After doing this, use the hook twice and you will see an ice bridge in front of you. Go to this bridge to see a cut scene, after which you should enter inside the center.

Upon entering the building, you will enter a room with enemies. To gain bonus experience, you need to defeat five enemies while remaining stealth and performing silent attacks. Immediately after that, open the elevator door and, once in the mine, use the hook. Leave the center and use the hook. Go to the car and install the device found in the last task.

The battle against Mr. Freeze will begin. It is very slow, but each hit deals massive damage. Dodge his attacks. When he hits the ground, immediately counterattacks the boss. Sometimes spikes appear from the ground. Attack Mr. Freeze only after these spikes are gone. After the boss's health is reduced by 25%, he will jump onto the car, which will start firing lasers at you. Keep dodging to avoid damage.

After a while, Freeze will attack you again in close combat, firing missiles from time to time. There will be markings on the ground indicating where the missiles will land. Repeat the same steps as in the first step. When the boss has less than 50% of his total HP left, he will jump back onto the car. This time they will do more damage. You need to dodge or jump over them. After the fight, a cut scene will begin, which will return you to the headquarters and complete the fourth chapter.

On thin ice

Immediately after the previous mission, you will find yourself in the bell tower (your headquarters). Talk to Alfred and leave the headquarters. Get to the fortress in the west of the map. It will be marked with an orange marker. There are two different ways to get inside. It doesn't matter which one you choose. To get extra experience, you need to weaken enemies, grab them and throw them into walls, cryogenic canisters or on tables. Make sure the enemy dies the moment they hit the environmental object. Having cleared the fortress, you will complete the next mission of Mr. Freeze's case.

Breakthrough to Blackgate

And again you will find yourself on the bell tower (headquarters of the Knights of Gotham). Talk to Alfred and start the task on the batcomputer. A cut-scene will start. Interact with the screen and watch another one.

After the cutscene, you will find yourself in the prison yard. Defeat the enemies. Perform a perfect dodge and counterattack to gain bonus experience. After the fight in the courtyard, go through the door where the opponents came from. You will reach a prison block with other enemies. Defeat everyone. One is in the watchtower in the middle of the cell block. To get there, you need to use a hook. To gain additional experience points, you need to act covertly. Enemies can be attacked from behind or from above.

After defeating all opponents, talk to the lawyer at the bottom of the watchtower. You need to scan the footprint on the ground next to the lawyer. Do this and follow the trail to collect different objects. The first one is under the railing, on the ground, on the left side of the lawyer. Follow the trail to the camera and scan the helmet. Continue the route and scan the mug in another camera. After scanning all the objects, go to the large door next to the clipboard that was scanned in the first place.

The door still won't open. First, defeat all the enemies that appear. Destroy four enemies with your abilities to gain bonus experience. You can choose any of them. After defeating the enemies, open the door and get to Mr. Freeze's cell. The chamber will be empty. Get out of there and turn right. Make your way through the wall and destroy the three enemies. To get extra experience points, avoid damage. Enter the courtyard through the metal door on the right side and watch the cut scene.

You will again have to fight with Mr. Freeze, using a mechanical suit. To deal the most damage, attack his yellow glowing legs. When they turn red, he will fall to his knees and you can deal additional damage to him. After getting below 50% health, Mr. Freeze will AoE all over the area. Once Freeze is around 30% of his maximum health, regular enemies will start spawning. It is not necessary to kill them. The case will be completed as soon as you defeat Mr. Freeze.

CF01: Clay-faced

The first mission of this case will become available after you start the third story case of the game called "In the Shadows". The necessary enemies are marked on the map with an orange triangle. Deal with two opponents. Repeat the steps with two more pairs. There will be six enemies in total, although on assignment it is enough to defeat five. After that, return to the bell tower (your headquarters) and examine the samples next to the Batcomputer. The first chapter will end.

Riots at the Dickson Docks

Right after the previous chapter, you will be able to start the next one. To do this, use a batcomputer. After the cutscene, a loading screen will appear, followed by another cutscene. You will be in front of a warehouse. Inside it, scan the clue in front of the container next to the car. Follow the path to the outside of the warehouse. Stop at another warehouse and use the grappling hook to get to the top.

From the roof, go down into the warehouse and watch the cut scene. Clayface will hide from you. Call the Batcycle and chase it. Even if you do not see the monster, you can catch up with him in the wake of devastation on the streets of the city. At the end of the chase, jump over the ramp to get into the sewers. Inside it, continue following the trail until you find a room with enemies that need to be eliminated.

After the victory, make your way through the wall to get into the shelter. Follow the only path. Fight against Clayface and two of his subordinates. After the boss has 25% less health left, a cutscene will start. The battle will continue, but more Clayface minions will appear. After defeating the boss, watch the video, during which you will return to the bell tower.

Rumble at the reservoir

Immediately after the second chapter, start the last one using the batcomputer. After the cutscene, you will be in front of the reservoir. Get to Detective Montoya and talk to her. Having done this, enter the vault using the hook and open the door. Follow the indicated path and open the next door. Watch the cutscene and fight Clayface again.

The best moment to attack the boss is after he hits with his hands. If you try to attack while Clayface is moving, you will be affected by the poison. Watch the cut scene that will begin after Clayface has 25% less health points left. And again you need to move on the batcycle. Drive away from the boss until the fight continues. As in the first step, attack after punches. After the next cut-scene, it remains to finish off Clayface in order to complete his work.