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Walkthrough A Plague Tale: Requiem - game guide

 A detailed guide on passing all the story chapters, finding tools, memories, and other items, killing bosses, and getting achievements

Walkthrough A Plague Tale: Requiem - game guide

In the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, we will return to the dull, ruthless, and unfair world of 14th-century France. Believing they are finally safe from the Inquisition, Hugo and Amicia de Rune try to start a new life with Luca and their mother. However, in A Plague Tale: Requiem, the brother, and sister face new enemies who are trying to take control of the boy's abilities.

Stumbling upon an abandoned castle, the children decide to explore the area and discover a dangerous surprise in the ruins...

Chapter 1

After defeating Nicholas and miraculously escaping the clutches of the Inquisition, the de Rune family sets off in search of a new home. While their mother is packing, Hugo, Amicia and Luca are resting in the field. Move quickly through the ruins and jump over ledges to hide from the Bow. After a while, you will switch roles with Luke. Keep looking around the ruins, get close to the ruins, Luke from behind, and scare him. Luka decides to return. and Hugo and Amicia will go on.

Hugo will notice the river and the couple will head down to explore it. Help Hugo destroy the "enemy ships" on the river using Amicia's sling. Remember: holding the sling at a tight distance for too long will cause you to lose focus, so don't delay your shot.

Keep playing until a boy named Tonen shows up and wants to join. Shoot at the "ships" until Tonen remembers to leave and then continue towards the castle.

Hugo will run towards the castle and when you get to the main gate you will find it locked. Turn left and go through the hole. Climb the stairs until you reach the top level. Take a couple of steps, but the floor will not hold, and you will fall into the lower room.

Hugo and Amicia will find food and clothes downstairs, and they will decide that someone lives here. After leaving the building, you will see several burnt houses. Pass through the scorched grass and jump down. You will notice a masked man chopping something. The man will also see you, assuming that you have come to rob him.

Amicia together with Hugo will start to run away from the man. When you get to the door, it will be locked. Turn right, jump and keep running until you can squeeze through another small hole. You will spawn in a field of tall grass and there will be another man who is being hunted.

Don't get up, dissolving into the grass, lest you be discovered and killed. Wait a few seconds for the person who killed the supposed thief to go up the hill. Two other men will descend from it. Head up to the next patch of grass and wait for Amicia's approval to cross over to the other side.

Suddenly there will be screams. As soon as the stranger runs through, move forward and dive into the doorway. Continue through the butcher shop and open the far door. Wait a few seconds for a man to walk past the door, and then head outside. In the middle of the path, not moving, stands another guard.

Go outside and to the left. Amicia will point to a box of metal objects seen nearby. Open the weapon wheel to select stones and throw them into the metal box. This will divert the enemy's attention. Don't use the slingshot, because the pull-click will make too much noise and the guard will find you.

While he's inspecting the crate of metal objects, walks past and hides in the tall grass. Follow the wooden ledge to pick up Hugo and crawl through the small space. Because of the bees, Amicia will start screaming and a guard will approach you. Throw a rock to distract him and move to a new hiding place without getting up. If you run, the guard will hear it.

At the end of the path, there will be another enemy outside the gate. Hugo will point to several pots on the barrel to the left. Pick up the pots and throw one behind the enemy to distract him. Crawl under the wagon to get to the door on the other side, but it will be locked. Use your companion to ask Hugo to climb through the hole and open the door. Follow the path until you reach a wagon and a fork in the road. The path to the right leads to firewood and a pot on a bench. Go back and take the left path to find the gate - Tonen was attacked by his brothers. Perform QTEs to fight off the attackers, but Hugo will eventually pass out.

The boy will wake up, the Phoenix will land next to him. Suddenly, Hugo will begin to writhe in pain and clutch his head, and black lines will appear on his skin. After the Phoenix lights up, run along the beach until you reach a ledge. Climb it and you will find yourself in a large field with flowers fluttering in the wind. A new Phoenix flies next to you, but as you move through the field, Hugo will feel worse and worse. All of a sudden, everything around will turn black, but it will clear up as soon as you get to the pond and drink the water.

Hugo wakes up in a wagon with Luca, Amicia, and Beatrice. Amicia will be glad that her brother is getting a little better. After a while, the wagon will be stopped by men who are looking for unknown people who have staged a brawl in the castle. They will notice Hugo, and after a while, Amicia will fall into a ditch.

Hide in tall grass so the men can't find you. Amicia doesn't have a sling, so you'll have to wait for the enemies to go up the hill. Follow the same path and jump into another field with tall grass. Although Amicia does not have a sling, she can throw rocks with her hands to distract enemies. There are a couple of enemies nearby, so move along the building on the left.

Jump off the ledge into another area and go past the enemy. Descending from another ledge, you will hear the cry of the one who supposedly noticed you. He will throw a burning object, as a result of which everything around will catch fire. Run towards the house, but you will be ambushed and Amicia will be knocked down. The roof will collapse on the enemy, and you will be able to escape from the ruined house.

The guards will spot Amicia again and try to hit her with their spears. Jump down, get the sling from the damaged wagon and shoot back. Headshots with a sling allow you to kill enemies with one hit. Use this to disable all opponents in the area.

Follow up and to the left to take a better position and be above the enemies. You can act discreetly and hide in the tall grass to return to your family. And you can kill all the enemies in a row.

The spreading fire will soon consume the grass, so you will have to resort to violence one way or another. When you reach the end of the route, use your sling to shoot the man who is about to kill Beatrice. This must be done quickly before the time runs out. Reunite with family.

Chapter 2. Aliens

The second chapter begins in the city where the fair is taking place. You can take your time, linger at different stalls, chat with the locals, and listen to the conversations. Or you can skip all this and go along the path leading to the hill. In one of the most crowded courtyards, cymbal throwing competitions are held. You can take part in it: throw plates at the bottom of the towers to quickly destroy them. If you win, get the first "Best Player" memory. You need to get to the stage where the play is being played. Interact with Hugo to put his brother on his shoulders.

The path leads to the house on the hill, where you will meet Luke. Interact with the door of the house to trigger a cutscene. You and Luka will have to leave the city. Follow the guy and watch how he distracts the guards. Your task is to find a florist who lives in the lower city. Her shop is in a place where there used to be a large group of people.

The flower girl will say that her husband should be looked for near the fountain. He is dressed in brown clothes and wields a rake. Interact with him to start a conversation. Keep following Luke and you will soon reach a previously inaccessible passage to the slums. The symbol of the Order hangs on the wall. You will be stopped at the arena gate. Instead of arguing with the guards, go to the right side, use the stairs and get to the door. Open it to see a cutscene.

The upper passage will be inaccessible. To access it, you need to solve a short cart-pushing puzzle. Grab it and push the wagon to the top ledge. Climb onto the cart, and from it - even higher. You will see a small opening through which you can get deep into the building. At the moment, Amicia cannot defeat opponents in headgear, so you will have to use stealth.

There are also standard opponents in this place, which also need to be avoided. Simplify the task by distracting enemies with pots and stones (by hitting boxes with metal objects). In addition, there are side rooms in the area that can be explored. Find the door to go further. Take your time and approach the door after making sure no one sees you.

Jump over, in a location with corpses, shoot from a sling at a suspended cage with bodies. She will fall onto a platform on wheels. Push this platform up to a higher ledge - you can climb onto the cage, and from it - to a new ledge. Here you will find the first knife, which is used to attack armored enemies, and after each attack, you will lose one knife. And then you can only reuse the ability if you find a new knife

Make your way through the hole and go to the next location. There will be several opponents in the new area, including an archer. You can kill him with an accurate slingshot, but make sure no one sees you. Alternatively, you can sneak up on him - take advantage of the fact that the archer periodically looks the other way.

There are 2 paths in this location - left and right. In both cases, you need to act covertly. Get past the enemies. Some opponents, even stationary ones, look the other way from time to time. If necessary, you can use throwable objects (plates, boxes with metal objects). The exit from this area is at the opposite end, behind the archer.

In the new area, you will learn about Amicia's skills. Once you're ready, start exploring the new location. After you get to the stairs, explore both available paths - at the end of one of them there will be a dying woman, when you talk to her, you will receive the "Rest in Peace" memory.

Climb to the surface and find the platforms leading to the tower. Unfortunately, they will collapse under your weight and you will encounter rats for the first time. Run away from them. Run to the bottom of the screen, and soon the heroes will reach the door, which will allow you to temporarily get rid of the pursuing rodents. From now on, do not step into unlit areas without proper equipment, as Amicia will quickly be captured and eaten alive. The only way to deal with rats is to have light sources or distract them.

Take a torch and start exploring the area. You will reach the first brazier you need. This will create an additional safe area. Keep going forward. Hang the torch on the wall and climb onto the upper ledge. In the next area, you will find sticks. They can be set on fire and used as light sources. On the other hand, sticks burn out quickly, so you have to act quickly.

Equip a stick, light it up and take it to the nearest brazier. Repeat this pattern with another stick and another brazier. Then you need to get to the stairs. Throw the stick at the basket hanging from the ceiling. Use your sling to shoot the hook holding this burning basket.

The lit basket will sway and scare off nearby rats. And you can use the stairs. Walk forward and go through the beam - Luka will fall and you need to help him get to the place where Amicia is. Take a stick, light it up and throw it into the brazier next to Luca. Take another stick and quickly throw it at Luke. The boy will pick up the stick you threw, light it and make his way to you.

Now you can use the new ladder. There is only one possible way forward. You will reach a room with a circular platform that acts as an elevator. You must lower the lift, but this will require you to solve a puzzle. First, use the rotating mechanism. This will open up new side rooms, although rats will also appear.

There are two areas available for exploration. In the first of them, you can find alcohol. Go along the right wall, along the path along it to the next ledge. Use the sling on the meat hanging in two different places to distract the rats. Jump down, get to the stairs and open the chest with alcohol. Use the ladder again to return to the central chamber.

Now you need to visit another area in search of sulfur. It is located in the upper right corner. Get to the stairs on the left and order Luke to turn the mechanism. Wait for the platform to rise and walk across it to the next ledge. Push the cart on wheels - you have to bring it to the raised platform. Order Luke to stop holding the mechanism (same buttons/keys as before).

Jump down and push the cart towards the shelf with the chest. Climb up to it, and then - to a higher ledge. Open the sulfur chest. Return to Luke. You will unlock an Igniter blueprint that can be used to set fire to surrounding objects. Open the equipment menu, select a sling and change ammo for Ignifer by pressing Q. Hold LMB to create a fire mixture.

Aim at the glowing embers from the central platform. Hitting them with Ignifer will create a new light source. Now you need to explore the next side rooms to get to the two rotating mechanisms.

Shoot Ignifer at the distant object to get to it. From now on, you can collect crafting ingredients - pick up as many as you can to get access to crafting extra ammo. Light the hanging brazier. As soon as it lights up, switch to normal ammo and aim at the hook to make the brazier fall down.

You will unlock a new ability - the creation of flammable pots that explode when destroyed. Make such an item by opening the appropriate menu, and throw it in the area with the stairs. The rats will run away, and you can use the stairs. After a while, you will reach the first mechanism - Luka will remain near it. Go to the opposite side of the room. Ignite the brazier. Do the same with the light source located in the distance, and then shoot from the sling at the hanging meat.

After completing all these steps, you will be able to get to the top floor and activate the second mechanism. Luca and Amicia will lower the central platform. Return to the platform and use it to get to the top. Keep following Luke. Along the way, you will come across some farmland - explore it to find a Mingonium flower for Hugo's collection.

Search this area carefully as there are many additional crafting ingredients and one knife here. The narrow passage will allow you to access a new area. Gather what you can before you go there, as you will not be returning here. There are additional opponents in the new location - hide in the tall grass to dodge them.

You can also make your way through the buildings on the left and right. There is an archer among the enemies - deal with him first, as he has the advantage of a view from above. You can leave the rest of the opponents alone or deal with them (except for those who have a headdress). At some point, rats will appear. Use an igniter or sticks to light braziers and torches and create safe zones. And don't forget to craft Ignifer and then switch to the pot in the weapon wheel and select this mixture to clear the way of the rats.

Your destination is the gate under the tower, which is located at the opposite end of the area. Use Ignifer to create safe zones and get to the gate. You will see a puzzle with different symbols. You need to rotate them by hitting the bells to set the correct sequence. Each blow of the slingshot rotates the bell 90 degrees, revealing a new symbol.

The first picture shows the characters on the left, and the second on the right:

If you get stuck, wait for Luka to give you hints on how to solve the puzzle. Successfully completing the puzzle will unlock a new passage. You will meet Woden and the second chapter will be completed.

Chapter 3

In the third chapter, you need to get together with Luke to another part of the city. Follow the linear path to the gate leading to the new area. You will receive a goal - to leave the city. Get to the place where the guards are standing. Luca will find an alternative path - wait for him to move the crate and squeeze through the narrow passage. Roll into the butcher's dump, and move on. Don't forget to collect the loot scattered around. It can either lie in plain sight or be hidden in drawers.

Interact with the cart. Suddenly, rats will appear and block the way. Start by using Ignifer to light the braziers. Throw the pot to create an explosion and run toward the light source. In the next area, first, drop the meat by shooting with your sling and then hit the sack of saltpeter. You put out the light, and the rats will run up to the fallen meat.

Move the saltpeter cart to enter the new room. And again you have to throw off the suspended piece of flesh. Push the cart to the end and shoot it with your sling. Turn off the light, and then the rats will run to the two fallen pieces of meat. You will be able to approach the stairs. Leave the building to meet a guard throwing spears. Aim quickly with your sling and kill him before the enemy can throw a second spear.

Approach the wall to see another enemy. Luka will talk about the new Extinguish gadget, which is used to put out fires. Open the weapon menu and craft some new types of projectiles. Point your sling at the torch by selecting Extinguish. By extinguishing the torch, you will deprive the guard of protection, and the rats will devour him.

Go to the next area. Keep crafting new sling ammo and shooting the torches the guards are using. But do not forget that rats will only attack enemies if there are no other light sources nearby (they can also be deactivated). Move on and notice the city gates in the distance. Use flammable projectiles to ignite the surrounding braziers and chase away the rats.

There is a secret chest next to the stairs that contain a tool to upgrade Amicia's equipment. Go to the upper walls and listen to another clue from Luke. You can select a pot and an Extinguish and then throw it at a group of guards. After hitting the ground, the pot will extinguish the torches of all enemies that were in its range. Reach the winding stairs leading to the gate's lifting mechanism.

You must raise the gate as high as possible, release the handle and run down. Get through the gate before it goes down. After leaving the city, follow the path leading to the outbuildings in the forest. Here you will find the first workbench - it is designed to improve weapons. There are 4 upgrade categories available, and each category has 3 upgrades that can be unlocked. Each upgrade requires parts and 1+ tools. All these items you will find right in the game world.

Before moving on, examine the building on the right side of the workbench. You will find a locked gate that can be opened. Stand on the side and fire your sling to access the "Grave" memory. To move forward, go down the stairs. Open the door and you will find yourself in an area with rats. Use Ignifer, get to the hole in the wall of the hut, and quickly kill the enemy with a spear. Pick up and light a stick to move on.

You will find yourself near an abandoned church - the area is patrolled by new enemies. You can hide from them (there are crates to throw rocks at) or use Extinguish on their torches and the rats will then eat the guards. Also, use Ignifer to light torches and braziers and make a safe path for yourself.

Soon you will see an herbalist accompanied by a guard. Save him will not work, do not even try. The herbalist will die in any scenario: if you do nothing (the guard will kill him after the conversation) or decide to distract/kill the guard (then the rats will eat the herbalist). Before you leave this place, you can inspect the nearby buildings for a secret chest. Among other things, there will be a tool inside it. Ultimately, you must reach the gate through which the herbalist and the guards passed earlier. Use Ignifer to create light sources.

The gate is closed - explore the area to the left of it. There will be a gap through which you will move to the herbalist's garden. First, look around and try to find a purple flower. Near the reservoir lies the corpse of a florist, and the wife of an herbalist. There is also a tree there. Shoot the pot hanging on the tree with your sling to pick a daisy (a flower for Hugo's collection).

After that, enter the hut and watch the cut scene. Luke is kept in a house on a hill - this is the extreme left corner of the territory occupied by the enemy. On the way to Luca, it is best to hide in the tall grass and avoid unnecessary collisions. There is a ladder leading to the upper level, but it is safer to climb up the ledge that leads into the tall grass.

In the new area, you need to sneak through the buildings on the left. Keep moving from one cover to another, waiting for suitable ones. In addition, you can distract enemies by throwing rocks at parts boxes, for example. In the end, you must reach the door leading to the barn. Go inside and shoot the man who is about to kill Luke. You can use a sling or approach the enemy from behind and attack in close combat while holding LMB.

After that, new opponents will come to the barn. Kill everyone in direct combat using the sling. Keep it taut to fire charged shots and hit targets with confidence. Ordinary enemies will die from one hit. The first enemy with a shield will appear. You cannot kill him with a sling and must keep a safe distance from him. There are white bags in the shed. At that moment, when the enemy is standing nearby, shoot at them with a sling. The guard will be stunned - attack him in the back as soon as possible. Keep killing enemies until a second enemy with a shield appears. Deal with him the same way. After being stunned, either stab in the back or shoot the sling at the exposed head.

Soon the Beast will appear and grab the heroes. As soon as you return Amicia, leave the cell. While holding ALT, turn towards the fire and ask Luke to use Stupefacio to blind the enemies. Run away from here the only way and go to the open window. Turn right, hug the wall and follow it to the next rooftop. You'll have to sneak around - Amicia has lost her equipment, so she can't stand up to enemies.

Sneak past the archer and use the ladder. At the next bonfire, order Lucas to use the Stupefacio and make your way past the blinded guard. You will reach the walls guarded by two enemies. Go downstairs, hide under the table and wait for the guard to pass by. As soon as this happens, get out from under the table, go upstairs and open the door on the right.

You will reach a large shed with a suspended ballista. Start by using the two nearest stairs to get to the bottom floor. Walk forward to another wall and turn left. You will return all of Amicia's equipment, including the sling. Once you've done that, turn around 180 degrees to find a locked workbench. This time (and this is the first time) it requires a knife to unlock it, which will be lost during the opening process. If you manage to open the workbench, you will find a tool and some crafting reagents.

During the first attempt to leave the barn, the group will realize that there is a guard outside. To divert attention, Luka will offer to use a ballista. Wait for Luka to move one of the items in the shed. Move the platform on wheels. Push it to where you can climb the step and be at the handle on top.

But first, go back and up the stairs to the left. Use the sling to shoot the hook holding the wooden bridge. After lowering it, go to the other side and take the memory "Our House".

Return to the ballista. Order Luka to use the handle to lower the weapon. Shoot yourself at the hook under the ceiling holding the ballista. She will fall down. Push the ballista until it stops in front of the barn gate. Finally, use the ballista handle to load the gun and fire with maximum force. Watch the cut scene.

To be continued...