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Where to find all the figures in New Tales from the Borderlands

 The location of each figurine in the game

Where to find all the figures in New Tales from the Borderlands

As you progress through New Tales from the Borderlands, you'll be able to fight the inhabitants of Prometheus in a mini-game that uses special plastic figurines/figurines. Trying to collect all the figures is not an easy task, for which you will probably have to play through the game several times. Some of the figurines can be obtained through social networks or if some other conditions are met.

Please note that the guide below may contain minor plot spoilers. At the moment, the article tells how to get 16 of the 18 figures, but in the future, we will definitely update the guide.

Main menu

  • Z4LP - You will receive this figure as a pre-order bonus.
  • El Salvador - You need to connect to a SHiFT account.
  • Exton - Like or repost Gearbox Official on Twitter. Activate the code in the in-game SHiFT menu to get the desired figurine.

Episode 1

  • Fong - Chapter 3 - Receive from Fong during the escape from the Atlas ship.
  • Claptrap - Chapter 3 - When you save a character named Juniper in the third chapter, do not rush to interact with the radio. Instead, look for the Claptrap figurine under the rubble near the dumpster.
  • Amara - Chapter 3 - When you show the Rebbe the damage, clear the rubble to find the Amara figurine.

Episode 2

  • Zane - Chapter 3 - Defeat the Superfanatic in the Sewers.
  • Episode 3
  • Vasquez - Chapter 2 - While looking for parts to create a healing device, look in the refrigerator to find a super fanatic. Defeat him and get the Vasquez figurine.
  • Roland - Chapter 6 - In the morgue, defeat the fanatic who is hiding in the refrigerator.

Episode 4

  • Maya - Chapter 4 - Playing as Ana in the lab, take the figurine from the table at the top of the room.
  • Mordecai - Chapter 4 - Playing as Fran, interact with the cash register to find the figurine.
  • Brick - Chapter 4 - Defeat the super fanatic hiding in the trunk of the car.
  • Mose - Chapter 4 - When you reunite with L0U13, fight the Super Fanatic to get another figurine.

Episode 5

  • Handsome Jack - Chapter 4 - After Octavio and Fran reunite, interact with the Handsome Jack figurine at the mark on the floor. A super fanatic will descend from the ceiling and challenge you. Defeat him and get a Jack figurine.
  • Krieg - Chapter 4 - When Octavio, Fran, and L0U13 find Ana's place of detention, you will encounter Stapleface in soldier form. You can fight or protect Ana. Choose the first option and get a Krieg figurine.


  • Lilith - Complete the game (may need a specific ending).