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All codes and passwords for doors in The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me


All codes and passwords for doors in The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me

While playing through The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me, the next Supermassive Games project, players will encounter locked doors and drawers. In this guide, we will describe all the codes and passwords for doors, and also help you understand the mechanics of opening boxes.

How to open drawers and boxes with obols

In The Devil In Me, players get acquainted not only with new heroes but also with unique inventory mechanics. Now each individual character can use special items to interact with the environment. Some of them will help you progress through the story, while others will help you find more secrets and obols. If you encounter difficulties during the passage, be sure to read our special guide.

Controlling the leader of the film crew, you will have access to two items with which you can open the drawers in the tables, as well as old boxes with obols.

A man uses a plastic card to open drawers. You need to select an item in the inventory using the D-pad on the gamepad or the "arrows" on the keyboard, then find the hidden button above the crate. Swipe a card right and left to find it, then press the action button.

Opening old boxes with obols is even easier, you will meet one of these items at the very beginning of the game in the Opportunity chapter. If you come across a similar box, just select the tie clip in your inventory.

All door codes in The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me

Some codes in The Devil In Me are needed to open the doors, while others will give more complete information about what is happening in the hotel. Below we have described all the available passwords in the game.

What is the code in the "Staff Only" chapter

In this scene, you play as Jamie, who is trying to turn on the light in the lobby. The electricity will suddenly go out, and she will have to return the power supply. Follow the only passage and examine the board on the wall. Among newspaper clippings and documents, you will see four circled numbers - "0451".

The password will fit the door in the next room. It is behind it that there is a generator that needs to be activated.

Correct passwords in the chapter "Workshop"

Having fallen into the basement, the operator of the film crew Mark will be in the maniac's workshop. Here he can find several codes and apply them on the remote control next to the monitor in the penultimate room:

  • Examine the bartender's mannequin - code "0028" ;
  • Examine the second mannequin in the same room - code "7293" on the camera ;
  • In the next room on the rack, inspect the hand from the mannequin - the code on the camera is "6883".

Enter these passwords one by one into the remote control at the monitor to view video recordings from each of the cameras that are attached to the mannequins.

What is the code for the door in the chapter "Morello"

When Kate takes control again, you will be able to inspect two small rooms. In the second room, the door is locked, and a combination lock hangs nearby. Return to the first room and examine the diary by the mirror. Use the pencil from Kate's inventory to find out the correct combination.

  • Code - "1999".