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All safe codes in Signalis


All safe codes in Signalis

As you progress through the sci-fi action game Signalis, you will come across locked safes. To open them, you have to perform a few simple steps. Today we will show you how to find the right combinations for safes in class 4B, in the office, and in the first aid room.

Three wall safes can be found in Signalis, to open them you need to get a unique code. To do this, you will have to solve several puzzles. Some codes may differ from those indicated in the article.

Class 4B safe code

On a table in the north side of the staff room is a note called Service Request Form F-29, which says, “The wall safe in Class 4B continues to reset the combination to default. What is the point of the whole system of transmitting codes by radio if our safe can only be opened using the code indicated in the instructions? This tells you that there must be a manual somewhere, and there will be a combination in it.

Class 4B safe code

You will see the first safe in class 4B, located on level B1. Head to the Observation room on level B1 and pick up the Aperture Card in the box. The passage to this room can be found in the corridor, in the upper left part of it. Not far from it is also the access room (Surface Access). The door can be opened with the Protector Key, which is on the orange bench in the northwest corner of Aula, next to Class 4B.

Exit this room with the Aperture Card in your inventory and move up. The Library is located here. Here you will find a device for viewing microfilms (Microfilm Viewer). We interact with him to study the document and find out the correct combination. Scroll to the third page and find the actual code for the safe here.

  • The code for the safe is 204512.

Inside you will find the key to the class. Sooner or later you will receive a radio device and a list of frequencies. This is the key to cracking all codes in Signalis, however, the first safe appears before you have access to the receiver.

Office safe code (wood)

The next locked safe is located in the office on level B2. It has a tree on it. Before you can open the safe, you need to find and unlock the Butterfly Box, as well as get a receiver that allows you to tune in radio frequencies.

You should now find the "Frequencies" document. He lies in the Interrogation room, located above the Northwest Corridor on B2.

The receiver allows you to tune in to any of the frequencies listed in the note received in the interrogation room. Get a five-digit code that will help you open the required safe.

Office safe code (wood)

Keep in mind that your codes may differ from the examples in the guide. The following are examples of passwords:

Moon = 051.000 = 204512
Sun = 080.000 = 82459
Scales = 117.000 = 82335
Rook = 145.000 = 16785
Tree = 185.000 = 15083
Sword = 239.000 = 48434

Use the receiver and tune into the frequency with the "Tree" (Tree). To do this, find the menu located a little above the inventory. Once you have tuned in to the correct frequency, the correct combination will appear at the bottom left of the screen.

Code from the safe in the first-aid post (sword)

Go to level B3 and visit the first aid station. Here you will find a safe with an engraved sword. According to the above principle, you will have to solve a small puzzle. First, we need to get the SWORD document located in the Waiting Room, which, in turn, is behind a door with 5 locks. You can get here from the lower left corner of the East Corridor. The document lies on the seats in the left corner of this room.

Now we go back to the first-aid post and inspect the safe. We write down all the characters that are on the keys of the safe and compare them with the letters indicated in the found document. One of them will be hidden. You can guess that this symbol is equal to an additional key on the keyboard.

Example (keep in mind that your codes may differ from the examples in the guide):

Code from the safe in the first-aid post (sword)

Using the previous code and this cipher, we got the code 48434, which corresponds to H?HBH. The only letter present in Input Panel that is not present in the document is F, which gives us the final combination, HFHBH.

We match the letters on the left side with the characters on the right, focusing on their location. For example, the symbol at the top left of the screen corresponds to the number at the top left. The hidden numbers from the document are easy to recognize - they go in the standard order: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0.

Go back to the Frequency document and tune the receiver to the frequency associated with the Sword. We look at the row of numbers that appears below. It remains only to match these numbers with the symbols and enter the correct combination to the safe.