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COM4GAMING ARGON 2023 REVIEW | Gaming chair with integrated cooling

 Gaming chairs are a dime a dozen these days and it's not easy to stand out from the crowd. Com4Gaming, a start-up by the automotive supplier Mahle, has come up with something special and has given the Argon Gaming Chair integrated cooling. Sounds original, but does it work? After all, the chair costs a whopping 499 euros and the rest has to be right for the price.

The market for gaming chairs is becoming more and more confusing, but apparently more and more interesting for manufacturers. In the meantime, the automotive supplier Mahle has also discovered gaming and brought the Argon to the market with the help of the corporate start-up Com4Gaming. Its new 2023 edition has been on the market for a few days and is available for 499 euros.

The chair is available in three color variants (Arctic Blue, Graphite Grey, and Onyx Black), whereby the colors refer to stripes on the left and right of the seat and backrest. It is striking that the Com4Gaming Argon 2023 is advertised as a quasi-air-conditioned gaming chair, which to our knowledge we have not had before.


But before we can go into that, the construction is imminent. Unfortunately, Com4Gaming is less innovative when it comes to the packaging, in addition to the usual cardboard boxes, there is again a lot of plastic on board. We've seen this done more elegantly lately, for example with Adept Gaming, which almost completely dispenses with plastic packaging. There are few surprises when setting it up, everything is done alone after about 20 minutes, and with help, it's a little easier. So: insert the castors into the aluminum base, insert the gas pressure spring, screw the mechanism to the seat, and backrest to the seat, mount the panels, assemble and you're done.

The first look at the workmanship and the materials used gives no reason for complaint. The aluminum base isn't pretty, but it's rock solid, as are the 6cm plastic castors. Inside, a steel construction serves as a sturdy base. Medium-hard cold foam is used for padding, and the cover is made of breathable PU leather and is neatly sewn. There is a layer of mesh fabric between the upholstery and the cover, more on that later. Visually, the Argon makes an appealing impression, but there are no surprises in terms of design.

According to the manufacturer, the chair is designed for people with a height of 165-195 cm and a maximum weight of 150 kg. In view of the adjustable seat height of 49-57 cm, that's okay too. However, the chair is more for people with a slim or normal build, and the shape of the upholstery may make it a little uncomfortable for people with broad shoulders or buttocks. The bulging shape on the sides of the 55 cm wide backrest and the 68-72 cm wide seat limit the usable area a little.

The lumbar support is integrated and not adjustable. However, we prefer such supports to the often-used lordosis cushions, which are usually never really comfortable. The lumbar support is a bit too high and too pronounced for our taste, but that is an individual impression and depends on the physique, so it should not be overrated. By the way, there is also a neck pad that is attached as usual with an elastic band.


When it comes to functions, the Argon leaves little to be desired. The backrest can be adjusted from 90 to 130 degrees in relation to the seat. Although the chair does not have a synchronous mechanism, it does have an extended rocking function with resistance adjustment or, alternatively, locking. The backrest can be reclined from 90 to 130 degrees in relation to the seat. The 4D armrests made of soft plastic can be adjusted sideways, forwards/backwards and in height, as well as rotated. Basically, everything is there that you would expect from a chair in the upper price range.

The special feature of the Argon is of course the cooling. While most chairs rely on breathable covers, Com4Gaming has come up with active cooling. For this purpose, USB-powered fans were installed in the seat and backrest. Of course, the cooling can be operated via USB cable - a three-meter-long extension is included. But of course, the cable would probably get tangled in the rollers quite often. That's why a conventional USB power bank (not included in the scope of delivery) can also be used for cooling, which disappears invisibly in a compartment under the seat. You can activate the cooling if you wish at the push of a button.

The cooling is a pretty clever construct in which the mesh fabric between the padding and the cover plays an important role because that's where all the air circulation takes place. The system uses the evaporation of sweat through the breathable fabric, which in turn provides the cooling effect. The evaporation itself is boosted by the fans and the circulation under the cover. The system is thus quasi self-regulating - if you don't sweat, there is no evaporation and therefore no cooling.

Whether you need it or not, the effect is quite noticeable in the heat and can easily amount to 5-10 degrees. Definitely an improvement in seating comfort on summer days with over 30 degrees. However, the fans are not completely silent. With music playing, a humming PC, or under a headset, they can hardly be heard, but you can still hear their hum in a quiet room. What we miss a bit in this respect is a gradual adjustment of the fan performance.

All in all, the Argon 2023 cuts a pretty good figure when it comes to seating comfort. The adjustment options are good, the cold foam padding is just in the range that it is not too hard and not too soft. Even over the entire working day, we had very few problems with the argon.


Good standard with that little something extra

The Com4Gaming Argon 2023 is indeed an addition to the gaming chair portfolio on the market. For just under 500 euros, the chair offers overall good workmanship, all the important features, and good seating comfort, provided you are not too broad at the shoulders and rear. Although we miss a synchro mechanism, the extended rocker function is a good substitute. The thickness and height of the lumbar support is somewhat a matter of taste, but since not everyone has the same physique, this is purely an individual matter.

The much-advertised cooling is a cleverly implemented gimmick, which of course only really comes into play on hot days, but then fulfills its purpose very well. The reduction in temperature is less interesting than the accelerated evaporation of sweat, which makes sitting much more comfortable in the heat. Since the cooling is the only real unique selling point, the price seems a bit too high to us, but there can be no question of it being overpriced. All in all, the Com4Gaming Argon 2023 is definitely worth a closer look if you are looking for new seating for your gaming corner.


  • clever cooling system
  • Can be operated with a power bank
  • comfortable padding
  • all in all good workmanship
  • 4D armrests
  • integrated lumbar support
  • good seating comfort


  • rather less suitable for people with a broad build
  • Lumbar support is a bit too pronounced for our taste
  • a bit too expensive for what is offered