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Cyberpunk 2077: "Classified List of All-In-One Commands" (v.7.5)[1.6]


Cyberpunk 2077: "Classified List of All-In-One Commands" (v.7.5)[1.6]

Categorized Hash List

Hey chumba!!

This is the result of collecting data from all the fragmented sources that I found on the Internet, all categories are separated by tabs, each item is marked with a type. It will be updated with any new ones discovered or suggested in the comments.


- Miscellaneous (crafting components, medicines, skill books, etc.)

- Cheats

- Teleport

- Progress

- Recipes

- Weapons

- Cyberprogram

- Modifications

- Clothing

- Vehicles


Make a backup before making changes

C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077\

Required : CyberEngineTweaks

Update in version 5.4

  • +41 weapons from DLC
  • +10 recipes from DLC
  • +Torton Makino "Saguaro"
  • +Quadra Type-66 640 TS
  • +Teleport to apartments from DLC

Version v6.0

Added Upgrade tab with all conversion commands for each rarity level for both equipped and unequipped items.

  • Toggle HUD [CHEATS tab]
  • Open a personal stash anywhere [CHEATS tab]
  • Rarity Conversion > now also inventory items will scale according to the player's level
  • Adjustments

Version v6.2

  • Fixed ALL clothing names (changed in patch 1.5) and typos in the Clothing tab [TNX to Battousai124].
  • Added several commands in the cheats tab + various fixes
  • Added filters for certain perks [Progress tab]
  • Teleport tab redesigned, all fast travel terminals + locations

Version v6.3

  • Implemented styles, factions and statistics from the StreetStyle mod [Clothes tab]
  • Patch 1.5 bonuses fixed [Progress tab]

Version v6.4

  • Remove ALL money [Cheats tab]
  • Added "Effects" column [Cyberware tab]
  • Teleport to quest marker [Teleport tab]
  • Fixed a bunch of names/types/colors of rarity/sorting/info

Version v6.5

  • Added missing recipes.
  • Weapons tab redesigned
  • Added clothes for all spawn0 mods!! you'll find them as "spawn0 mods" under the "SET" column [Clothing tab].

Version v6.6

  • Many fixes and names added, thanks to the tireless work of Battousai124
  • Added clothing names for men and women
  • [Cheats Tab] Mounted Vehicle Repair / Detailed Dating Commands / Toggle Johnny's ARM / Minor Commands

Version v6.7

  • [Progress Tab] Remove ALL - Remove only all bonuses - Maximum total
  • [Cheats Tab] toggles: Wanted by Police - Slow motion - Slow down the world
  • [Cheats Tab] Open Locked Door - Remove Fake/Sealed Door
  • A few adjustments

Version v6.8

  • [Progress Tab] Fixed single perk iterators.
  • [Cheats Tab] Fixed removal of all items from inventory.
  • [Cheats Tab] Remove ALL state effects / No movement restrictions for overweight
  • [Cheats Tab] Toggles: God Mode/Infinite Ammo/No one attacks you/Super Speed

Version v6.9

  • Added missing recipes
  • [Cheats Tab] Max Fall Damage Reduction / Enable Air Evasion / Toggle Infinite Stamina / Open Fast Travel Menu from Anywhere

Version v7.0

  • Added missing recipes.
  • [Cheats Tab] GodMode toggle now includes infinite ammo/stamina.
  • [Cheats Tab] Remove Relic Malfunction Effect
  • [Cheats Tab] Loop FOV (65 to 115)
  • [Cheats Tab] Toggle Infinite Carrying Capacity
  • [Cheats Tab] Toggle Invisibility/Undetection
  • [Cheats Tab] Toggle Johnny HUD Colors

Version v7.1

  • Fixes...
  • [Progress Tab] Added ALL specific stats + improved player management commands.

Version v7.2

  • Corrections and additions [By ezraimanuel]
  • [Cheats Tab] Added each individual achievement
  • [Cheats Tab] Toggleable: No fall damage
  • [Cheats Tab] Enable: Instant Reload / Double Jump / Air Hover Jump / Charged Jump / Air Dodge / Max Fall Damage Reduction / Berserk Landing

Version v7.3

  • [Cheats Tab] Device Switching (TV-JUKEBOX-PC-CAMERAS-ETC…)
  • [Cheats Tab] Applying All Boosts
  • [Clothes Tab] Added new Spawn0 clothes.
  • [Clothing Tab] Added 2 missing shirts.

Version v7.5

  • [Misc TAB] Added 7 quest/junk items (vinyls and stuff, quest items?) by evafan84.
  • [Recipes TAB] Added 58 new recipes (all marked "1.6 Patch" in the notes)
  • [RECEPES TAB] Added 58 new recipes to the "GET ALL WEAPONS RECIPES" script.
  • [Weapons Tab] Added 28 new weapons (all marked "1.6 Patch" in the notes)
  • [Weapon TAB] Corrected the name of some weapons and re-sorted the list.