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DKO Divine Knockout release date, when is the fighting game coming out?

The Divine Knockout game is gradually becoming clearer and promises to be an unmissable platform combat multiplayer. When will it be available?

Divine Knockout, DKO, is a multiplayer platform fighting game. From its comic book look, cartoon atmosphere, and its characters reminiscent of TFT's chibis, the game already has everything to please. 

For now, the game is in the development phase and it is possible to register to test Divine Knockout on the closed alpha test servers. Time passes and the game from Red Beard Games and Hi-Rez Studios is long overdue. When will it be possible to play it?

What is the release date for Divine Knockout?

We have no information on this subject. No date has yet been announced. The developers will share the information on social networks, most likely with a video trailer when the time is right. When this is the case, we will communicate the information to you. In the meantime, ask for your access for the test phases if you want to participate in the improvement of the game before its release.

What is the release date for Divine Knockout

Divine Knockout is a game in which you must inflict damage on your enemies to make them vulnerable and knock them out of the arena. The terrain is inspired by 2D platform games but with a third-person combat system.

Several game modes will be available on DKO. The 2v2 and 1v1 modes will be primarily combat-focused and the 3v3 mode will have several game modes to diversify your games.

Divine Knockout will be available on PC and PlayStation with cross-platform functionality.