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Evil West: Pharmakon: Solve puzzles & get unique chest - Game Guide

 In addition to all the action, Evil West also has smaller puzzles up its sleeve for you. Most of these are easy to deal with. The sliding puzzle in the Pharmakon mission is a bit more difficult, the solution of which gives you access to a unique chest. In the video guide, we show you how to solve the puzzle to get the reward.

Solve the Pharmakon puzzle

In Mission 8: Pharmakon you follow in the footsteps of protagonist Jesse Reintier's colleague Edgar Gravenor and eventually find what you are looking for. However, there is no access to his location and there is also a unique chest very close to him. You must first move a series of blocks to connect them and eventually create a path to the opposite side.

Solve the Pharmakon puzzle
In the Pharmakon puzzle, move the blocks to create a bridge.

Of course, a number of obstacles await you that will make it difficult for you to solve the puzzle:

  • All five blocks are on rails and can all be moved along them.
  • Two small blocks block the path of the other large blocks.
  • Only the large blocks are useful for creating a path.
  • Each large block is built differently and therefore needs to be moved to a specific position.
  • Jesse is unable to jump even small distances, so the blocks must be seamlessly connected.
  • Although there are basically at least two possible solutions, the game only accepts one. If you don't position the blocks as intended, Jesse won't be able to cross them either - even if they are connected without a gap.
Opposite the left valve you can spot the barely visible chest
Opposite the left valve, you can spot the barely visible chest

First, you have to open two valves to drain the water and gain access to the blocks. The unique chest is on the opposite side, to the left of the building entrance on a narrow path. In the first step, take care of the small blocks, for example by moving them to the ends of the tracks so that you clear the path for the large blocks. You can see how you have to position the large blocks in the video guide above.

Once you have placed all the blocks in the correct order, you can take the stairs back up, follow the newly created path and open the chest. As a reward, you will receive some cash and unlock the Adrenaline Junkie perk.