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Evil West walkthrough - game guide

 A detailed guide to all story missions, boss fights, finding new weapons and unique (collectible) items

Evil West walkthrough - game guide

Before starting the Evil West storyline, you will be prompted to select a difficulty level and other settings related to aim assist and other features.

Doubtful cargo

After the cutscene, go to the edge of the cliff and move along it to the right. You don't need to press anything other than the movement buttons. Follow along and jump over using the lasso when the hook icon at the top turns yellow. After the locomotive explodes, destroy the first enemy by melee attacking the LMB. Get to the next enemies by automatically jumping over the highlighted obstacle. You will learn about dodges and rolls - one and two presses on the "Space" respectively. After defeating three opponents, turn around to where you came from, and to the right, you will find another highlighted obstacle. Jump over it and open the red chest by pressing Space. You will receive money: 181.

Return, do not enter the car, but turn between the rocks on the right to find another cache with cash (Money: 21). Climb into the car and take the collectible "Part of the Inventory Sheet" from the pedestal. Fight another enemy group in the cave. You can swoop attack using Space, W, and LMB. After the battle, you will be taught healing - press the C key.

Go downstairs after collecting the money and kill the enemies using uppercuts. You can then hold W and LMB to launch enemies into the air, and then throw them at the surroundings (in this case, columns with spikes). Go down below and fight the jenu giant. Press R when he uses special attacks to interrupt them. In the case of genu giants, hit once with LMB and then press R. Repeat until victory. Below you will meet another agent who will help you by firing a shotgun.

After defeating a large enemy group, climb onto the wagon. You can turn left and jump into the next car to find the cache. Jump into the cave, and take your time. On the right side, next to the burning wagon, there is a bag with the Chester Morgan Letter collectible. Go down below and fight with a new enemy group. Here you will learn about the Rantier revolver. Press E for single shots or hold this key to release the entire clip. This is the fastest fire weapon in the game. I recommend that you act like this: hold W + LMB to throw up a normal enemy with an uppercut, then hold E, and on the normal difficulty level you will immediately finish him off.

Follow through the car, knock down the door and pull the coffins out of the vertical car to create a bridge across the river. Climb higher, kill the enemies. Destroy the glowing box to find the money and climb under the train car on the right. Pull down the chain and climb it up. Make your way through the wagon and defeat the enemy group. Avoid the red areas on the ground where your companion throws dynamite. After defeating normal enemies, Rotskin will spawn. Again, to defeat him, try to lure the enemy into the areas highlighted in red, where the ally throws explosives. Do not forget that special attacks, when everything is shining, are interrupted by the R key. Go to the marked train car to complete the first story mission.


At the beginning of the level, you will get access to a gun, which is convenient to use from a distance. To fire it, hold RMB to aim and LMB to pull the trigger. Walk forward and to the left. Break the box to get money and jump over to the other side. Finish off a few gunslinger bandits (Familiar-type enemies). You can aim at the glowing parts of their body to deal increased damage. The weapon reloads automatically or after running out of ammo. It is noteworthy that if you try to shoot at the bottles, the bullets will simply fly through them. No wonder the bandits couldn't beat them. Knock down the door and enter the building. Pick up the money on the right and open the big chest. Inside is money and a new skin, "Phantom Handkerchief". Go back.

There is an open window in the building on the right. Jump in there and pick up the Familiar Tattoo Sketch Collectible. Climb the steps, jump off the roof. On the road, turn right and behind the wagon look for a small chest with money. Go down the road. Turn left and jump over the gap to break the money box. Jump back and shoot the red TNT box. Go down below and fight the servants in a large clearing, among which snipers will appear. Be sure to shoot at opponents when they are highlighted (this happens before they attack).

There is money in the building on the left. Knock out the door, find a bag of money in the room on the left, and then go down into the mine. It doesn't matter which way you go, because in any case you will find a hole in the wall. You can first search all the tunnels and collect money. Climb down the bridge and walk forward until a cutscene plays.

Go forward, jump deep into the location and defeat the first enemy group in the mine. After the fight, go down the narrow corridor, but don't jump down, but turn left to find the "Peter D'abano's Notes (1/3)" collectible. Shoot the box with TNT a little further and find a chest with money. Defeat another enemy group from below to get the second level and $2000. Open the menu and choose a new feature for your character. Deal with another enemy group. At the cliff on the right, look for a narrow path along the wall that leads to a chest with money. Climb up and kill the screeching devil using the rifle.

Climb up to find a grate with a round handle. Before you turn it, go to the left side and jump down. Find the second valve. Turn it around, shoot the beam with the target mark and jump back to the grate. Turn the first valve to raise it. On the crate on the left is the collectible "Peter D'abano's Notes (2/3)". Defeat the opponents in the new location, follow on and clear the room with giants and screeching devils. Giants can be pushed into spiked columns. There are also concrete slabs on top: shoot them to drop them on enemies.

The gate leading further is closed. Find the passage on the side, continue on and turn left (where you need to jump over the concrete block on the right) to pick up the "Peter D'abano's Notes (3/3)" collectible. Keep moving until the boss fight, Peter D'abano, begins.

How to beat Peter D'abano

This is the first serious enemy in the game. Peter will turn into a huge monster with wings. His first attacks are quite simple: the enemy can hide behind the wings, and then open them to launch a large red blob. Just dodge to the side. Right after that, the boss will jump in your direction. You will understand it when it starts to shine. In addition, he can use another shockwave attack, before which a golden ring appears. Quickly shoot this ring to interrupt an attack and, most importantly, knock a Red Orb of Healing out of your opponent. Don't forget to heal with Rentier's gloves, on the C key.

When the opponent has less than half of the total HP, four normal monsters will appear. Kill them at the first opportunity. The only new movement of the boss: he will soar into the air, an aura will appear around him, and a golden ring will indicate a weak spot. I don't know what will happen if this attack is not interrupted, since I always shot at the ring and knocked out another sphere of healing from the boss. And don't forget that the enemy can attack in melee. Shoot from a distance with a rifle. When an enemy jumps in your direction (shines and jumps), dodge, then run up and perform one uppercut by holding W and LMB. Defeating the boss with timely dodges is not difficult.

first spark

Enter the estate. To the left of the stairs, on the table is a collectible - a photograph of President Lincoln and William Rentier. Go to the room near this item and take the Daily Mail News (2/4) collectible from the table. Go along the bookcases and take the bag with the AI ​​Files collectible. In the corner a little further, on a small table, there is a bag with a collectible - a photograph of "Jesse among the IR cadets." Climb the stairs in this room and find the money bag.

Go to the main hall and move up the large stairs. Turn left and take a collectible from the shelf - a photograph from the Civil War. Walk around and find the display case with the collection "The first prototype of a glove made of silver." Go downstairs and enter your father's office. Watch the video.

Talk to Agent Frasers in another room. You can buy weapon upgrades from him. After purchasing the upgrades, enter the room on the right and be sure to pick up the "Portrait of William Rentier" collectible lying on the chair.

Go through the door and kill the enemies using the Clapperboard. Block on Q and attack close to electrified opponents. Climb down to learn how to pull opponents with the clapperboard. Aim at the enemy so that a "lightning" appears above his head. Press Q and S to pull him. You will not only attract the enemy, but also hit him with a current, which means you can conduct an electric combo.

Defeat new opponents. As soon as you destroy the infected, the larvae released by him will also disappear. Do not forget that the "Clapperboard" can attract almost all opponents. When you go down, a video featuring Edgar will start.

Open the money chest on the left, then find the wall panel to the right of the passage. Press the button and run along the cable until you find yourself in a room with enemies. You'll learn a new move: press Q and W at the same time to dash towards your opponent and shock them. On the shelf to the right is a bag of gold. Jump up the stairs on the left. Go past the yellow-green flasks. Turn left. Pick up the money and walk along the wall to the left to find the Great Grandfather Jesse collectible. Find the money on the opposite wall and go through the doorway. Jesse will feel the gas.

Turn the valve, then shoot at three targets in the depths of the tunnel with pipes. Defeat all enemies. At the end of the battle, the door on the left will be blown up. Go there. You can break the chains on the right to find the money. Jump over the hole and climb up. Break another wall on the right to get the money and crawl under the rubble ahead. You will definitely get a level up. Select a new skill that the game points to, then hold V to strike an area and deal damage to three new enemies, the fear witches.

Keep moving, pick up an electric battery (gives a charge for Rantier's glove) and kill the enemies before entering the house. Jump over the obstacle on the side, enter the building and open the chest on the right. Follow the marker to watch the cutscene that ends the chapter.

From dusk to dawn

At the beginning of the chapter, you will receive a powerful Rantier sawn-off shotgun, to shoot from which you just need to press the F key. Shoot at the boxes with TNT, then kill ordinary enemies. Do not rush to go into the resulting opening. At the beginning of the location, on the right hand, there is a barrier with a chain. Jump over, blow up the fence and search the small chest with money.

Go to a new location, and defeat the enemies, but leave spiked columns and boxes with TNT for the boss. Soon a leech will appear. To destroy his shield, you need to shoot from the sawn-off shotgun or attack with the glove of Rentier. Dodge to the side when the enemy runs with a shield at you and shoot him in the back with a revolver or rifle. Don't stand too close, as the leech is very dangerous in close combat. When you destroy his shield, he gets a temporary stun, but after a few seconds the shield will be restored, and you will have to repeat the action. After winning, you can upgrade weapons or unlock new features.

Jump over the barrier on the right, where the leech came from, and shoot the hanged man. Pick up the money and jump to the allies. Keep killing enemies until time runs out and the mission is completed.

Calico city, first visit

In the first room, on the table in the center, find the collectible "Emilia and Virgil in Calico, 1884". Climb down and go to the marker, next to which is the collectible "Virgil's Questionnaire". With the device marked with a marker, you can redistribute improvements and features. Then go to the meeting room.

Devil's Pass

You had to pick up the first two collectibles in the city of Calico. Go forward along the path until you see the first wagons. At the entrance to the cave, turn right to find a chest with money in a dead end. When you jump over the stone, you will have to kill the bandits. Get close to the right wall so that the sniper around the corner can't hit you. Wait for certain opponents to be marked with a golden ring, and immediately fire your rifle to deal maximum damage. After killing everyone, first go to the right through the gorge with water. Pick up the Agent Bloom's Bestiary (1/3) collectible. In the gorge on the opposite side, you can blow up the boxes with TNT and take the money. Go back to where you found the collectible and look up. Shoot at the target to drop the chain and climb higher.

Fight werewolves, who are called nagals in this game. Take your time. Go to the left side. There are two corpses on the tree, and one of them can be shot down with a rifle shot. Pick up the money and find a descent with a chain down a little to the right. Jump there to find a unique chest with money and the new Explosive Success feature. Usually such chests are hidden from the main path, but in this case, as an example, this chest is not hidden. A little further, shoot the tree from above and climb up.

Move along the cliff. The bridge ahead is broken, so turn left into the cave. Defeat a couple of thugs. Watch out for red rings on the ground - stones fall there in a couple of seconds. Also destroy the regular bandits. Jump on the hill to the left and search the chest with money. There is a charge on the left, TNT in front. Explode the crate to find an alcove with a chest of money. Jump down, move the wagon and jump over to the other side. Keep collecting money and move deeper into the location. When you jump into the water, break the planks ahead to find a chest of money.

Go to the end of the river and defeat opponents in the open area. After that, shoot the mount on the right to create a wooden bridge across the chasm. On your way along the cliff, you will find the Agent Bloom's Bestiary (2/3) collectible. There is a remote control around the corner on the right. Use it to open the gate and shoot the lever. Go into the cave and defeat the highborn vampire who acts the same as Peter D'abano. You will learn that melee strikes with the gauntlet fill up the energy bar (yellow). When it's full, you can use the "Clapperboard" against the mini-boss as if it were a normal enemy.

Get out of the cave and take the Agent Bloom's Bestiary (3/3) collectible. When you see a new underground monster, turn right and drop down into a small canyon, at the end of which is a unique chest with money and the Ghost Rifle skin. Go back and move up until you get into the cave to the new monster, Gavran. When he hides underground, expect an unblockable attack that needs to be parried with R. After that, he can go underground again, jump out and try to throw a boulder. In this case, a golden ring will appear - shoot it with a rifle to interrupt the attack and knock out a sphere of healing. After the victory, go to the marker and watch the video.

City of Calico, second visit

Climb to the top of the saloon and find the William Rantier Papers (1/3) collectible. Talk to your partner, go down below and open the secret door on the big barrel. After returning to the hideout, go to the room on the right, where there is a table around which the NPCs settled down before the start of the previous chapter. On the right there is a ladder. Go upstairs and look for the Emilia Promotion Order collectible on the table behind the shelves. During the first visit to this place, this item was not there. Follow the marker (there is a bag of money in the basement) and talk to Emilia.

IR Outpost

Run to the left side, break the box and a little further, find the bag with the Baxter Miner's Letter (1/2) collectible item. Go to the marker to start the mine. After going down, kill all the enemies. In the small building on the left there is a small chest with money, in the building ahead there is an electrical element and a bag of money. Go down the ledge on the right. Talk to Virgil Olney. You will receive a crippling rod from him, which is activated with the X key, is safe for people and temporarily stuns monsters.

Once you've eliminated the monsters by trying out the new equipment, enter the building on the left to find the "William and the Baxter Crew" collectible. Keep moving and pick up the Medallion collectible next to the train cars. Move the low car to the other end, then pull the second, high one towards you. Find the chains on the side and climb onto the wagon. Run the next part of the mine by interacting with the remote control.

Move the tall wagon to the other side and climb up there. You can go to the left to jump over the gap and find the money bag. Go in the other direction. On the left there is a box for destruction, ahead is a barrier. After jumping over it, break the wall on the right and pick up a first-aid kit, which temporarily doubles Jesse's health. Lower the second part of the bridge by interacting with the remote control and go to the other side. Approach Virgil next to the elevator.

After the cutscene, kill the enemies and interact with the remote control. Two more need to be activated. Look to the right and shoot at the target above the ledge, where the enemies were constantly standing, letting the larvae. Climb up the chain and use the second remote at the very top. Get on the funicular and shoot the lever on the other side to get across there. Behind the breakable wall on the left there is a box with money. Use the third remote control and go down the cable to continue the task.

While moving on the trolley, shoot at the targets to switch arrows. Also destroy boxes with TNT. Go up to Virgil and upgrade your equipment. Go down and destroy familiar opponents. You can blow up the boxes with TNT on the right and pick up a bag of money. Kill the enemies in the mine and turn right first. Shoot the TNT and make your way to the unique chest with money and the Ghost Suit skin.

Climb back and break the wall on the right. On the crate is a bag containing the Scrap of Paper collectible. There is a tunnel on the right. Push the wagon forward and climb up. This is the story path. Once you jump over to the other side, you can't go back. Therefore, if you want to find another collectible, go down and go to the opposite side of the tunnel. Use the hole that leads to a dead-end room. Kill all the enemies and pick up the bag with the collectible.

You will again have to fight with a high-born vampire. Nothing unusual. First, focus on regular opponents. Those who are standing on the ledges, attract "Clapperboard". Once you've eliminated them all, use all your might on the mini-boss. After the victory, go to Jesse to complete the task.

City of Calico, third visit

After the cutscene, enter the workshop on the left to find the Daily Mail News (3/4) collectible. Go down to the basement and in the first operating room on the right, look for the Emily's Medical Diploma collectible. Walk on the marker, finish off all the enemies and go back to watch the video. Go back to Emilia, who is waiting for you at the top.

Averting eyes

You will find yourself at McCallum's sawmill. Going down, find a bag of money in the grass on the left. Go to the building and interact with the trouble near the chain. Pass along the vein and destroy the first seal of trouble. Run across the logs, go upstairs and kill new enemies infected by the bumpkin. Shoot them from afar, as they are kamikazes that either explode near you or if they die.

Make your way under the log ahead and search the crystals on the right for the Felicity Letter (1/5) collectible. Rise above and destroy the second seal of confusion. Walk along the fallen tree, pick up the bag of money, and jump over to the location with new opponents. After clearing it, first go up to the ledge on the right and search the usual chest with coins.

Climb up another ledge. Moving up the slope, pay attention to the building on the right and boxes with TNT. Blow them up. Turn into the building on the right and find the "Felicity's Letter to the Sawmill Workers" collectible. And since you blew up the TNT, you can go behind the building to the usual chest with money. Jump down and clear the area of ​​monsters. You will receive a new weapon - a flamethrower. Try out the weapons, kill all the enemies and climb the ledge on the left. Shoot the last seal of the haze. Going down, finish off the hassle.

Move forward, go down into the pit and destroy the huge enemy using normal enemies for a cannon strike. The game will tell you how to do it. Go up. Go up the slope and pay attention to the unique chest in the building on the left. Go a little further and turn left to enter this building, collect the money and the contents of the chest, including the Ghost Hat skin.

Keep moving, jump to the other side and burn the bushes. After going down, you can burn the bushes on the right to find a regular chest. Climbing up to the ledge after the fight, look ahead for the collectible "Felicity's Letter (2/5)". After jumping down and killing the kamikaze, go left and left again. Burn the bushes with a flamethrower to find a unique chest with the new Explosive Elements feature. Take any path through the forest as it leads to the same bushes that need to be burned.

Enter the mouth of a huge monster and destroy all enemies, including several kamikazes that appear both at the beginning and at the end. Follow up until you encounter a local boss.

How to defeat the Parasite

The parasite consists of three parts - the main worm and two tentacles, which basically attack you. The battle is divided into three stages. On each of them, you must destroy both tentacles to deal minor damage to the Parasite. Once both tentacles are destroyed, you will be able to shoot at two vulnerable points in the mouth of the main worm.

The parasite consists of three parts - the main worm and two tentacles, which basically attack you. The battle is divided into three stages. On each of them, you must destroy both tentacles to deal minor damage to the Parasite. Once both tentacles are destroyed, you will be able to shoot at two vulnerable points in the mouth of the main worm.

At the first stage, the Parasite uses only three attacks - either immediately pierces the ground with a tentacle and gets stuck there, or hits the ground three times and gets stuck only for the third time, or shoots, and you can interrupt this attack with a shot from a rifle to knock out a sphere of healing. If you can't distinguish between the first two attacks, it's simple: when the tentacle opens its mouth, it means that only one hit will be delivered. If the tentacle, on the contrary, contracts, then it will hit the ground three times before getting stuck. And when the tentacle gets stuck, you have to melee attack it. But keep in mind that you will receive damage if you stand nearby at the moment when the tentacle nevertheless breaks out of the ground.

After destroying each first tentacle in three stages, the second one will disappear and the main Parasite will shoot a poisonous jet at you. You have to run in circles avoiding her and then continue and finish off the second tentacle. Between stages, the Parasite will hit a tree and rocks will fall from above. Avoid red stains on the ground. In the second stage, in addition to the usual tactics, the tentacles will shoot faster, and the main parasite will start to leave cocoons. After a while, kamikazes appear from them. At the third stage, the Parasite will leave two cocoons, and there will be more kamikaze. In general, the tactics are the same in each stage, and it is important for healing to cancel the attacks of the tentacles when they try to shoot at you.

City of Calico, fourth visit

Go to the hideout, go up to the office above where you found yourself when you first entered the city, and on the far table with equipment, look for the collectible "Emilia's Questionnaire". Talk to Emilia in the main hall, on the second floor, return to the saloon and go to the door on the second floor to start a new task.


Move the only way, destroy the werewolves and climb the ledge on the left. If you go to the left, it can knock down a corpse. On the right there is a crate that you can break. In the middle of the location, near the boat, there is a passage between the reeds. Soon you will discover a new weapon, a crossbow. To switch between a crossbow and a rifle, use the "1" key. The process of firing from both types of weapons looks the same.

Defeat enemies using new weapons. Get higher. On the right, you can burn the bushes and find a broken box. Go to the other side. At the fork, look again to the right and burn the bushes, behind which you will find a box of money. Keep moving, kill the enemies. At the fork, go left and burn the bushes to find a regular money chest. Follow the other way, to the building, where you need to break the barrier on the left. Walk along the wooden pier and kill the opponents. There is gold behind the breakable wall on the right. Climb up and look at Edgar's footprints.

Soon you will enter a mine with spiders. Burn the web. On the left there will be a web leading to a regular chest. Shortly after entering the mine, when you burn 2-3 cobwebs, look on the left side for the Orchid of Life collectible. Examine another set of footprints, make your way through the hole and look at other footprints. Only then will the battle begin. It will be a very dangerous enemy, Follower. As soon as possible, knock down two shoots on the back, from where he throws a web. this is the only way to knock out spheres of healing. Later, werewolves will appear on the location, and you can get additional spheres already from them. otherwise, use a melee weapon to build up a charge and activate the Clapperboard. Don't forget about the crippling rod (X) and the V key if you have unlocked the corresponding skill. Yes, and a crossbow will come in handy!

After the cutscene, move forward and clear the clearing. Climb up and look to the left for the Susan collectible. Move through the swamp along the paths that will go under the water. The main thing is not to linger on the spot. Destroy the barrier, shoot suspended objects to create a path deep into the location. In the end, you will break the chain and be able to climb up. Approach the edge of the ledge to learn about the useful function of the crossbow. But you need a rope. Get down and go back. A marker will appear pointing to the rope. After picking it up, go back up the chain and shoot the crossbow to the other side.

After sliding down, first go to the left. Burn the bushes near the cages and find the first aid kit. Now move in the other direction and examine Edgar's footprints. Make your way further to an open clearing, where you have to kill two elite enemies at once. I recommend focusing on normal opponents and then killing one of the two elite monsters. Continue moving deeper into the location, go through the swamp. If you turn right, you will find a chest with money.

Examine the footprints in front of the temple. Get inside and jump down. Move deep into the location until you find a temple behind a cave with cobwebs. Turn both valves to lower the water. At the bottom there are three large and two small blocks. Move one small block all the way to the right, first removing the large one from the path and moving the large one past it. The second small block must be moved to the far left corner, pulling out a large one from there. Place two large blocks on the way to the temple. Place the third large block to the left of the far one so that you can get to a unique chest that stores money and the Adrenaline Addiction feature. Go inside and approach Edgar.

To complete the chapter, you will have to defeat the hag of the hive. Unfortunately, in this location, I had problems with the fact that in the middle of the battle the character went under the floor textures, and I could not even move. Therefore, if this happens to you, there is nothing left but to lower the difficulty level. By killing all normal enemies that the hag summons. And in order to deal damage to the boss, you need to destroy several yellow cocoons that revolve around the boss. After winning the battle and destroying all opponents, the task will end with another cutscene.

City of Calico, fifth visit

Once in the hideout, go to the far upper room where you first appeared and take the Land Acquisition collectible from the table. Go to the cell with your father, watch the video. Go upstairs to the chief's office to meet James Harrow.

Oil with the taste of blood

Talk to the worker ahead, then slide down the zipline. Turn around, go in the opposite direction, blow up the TNT and pick up the money bag. Keep moving, jump over and pick up the "Secretary Harrow's Report (1/2)" collectible. Explode the TNT in front, jump down and open a unique chest with money and the Ghost Scattered skin. Go back and jump further. Destroy all enemies. It is advisable to kill the ordinary ones, and after that pay attention to the elite monster. Behind the opening on the left is a box with money. Jump to the right, jump over the river. On the left hand there is a wooden bridge. Walk along it, break the fence and find a hill with a simple chest behind the hole.

Deal with monsters, including a hag of the hive. Don't be distracted by normal enemies, but instead destroy the cocoons around the hag to knock it down and attack as soon as possible. Don't forget about different skills. Make your way under the beam to see other workers. Listen to the worker, turn around and break the cart with chains to open the way to the airlock. Destroy the first counterweight. You can go past the airlock, go up and break the door in the building to free two workers. Go to the right and inspect the electrical panel. To power it, you need a generator. Go down below and find the sparkling generator. It is located on the other side of the river (you walked along the other side).

Interact with the generator, run to the switch and interact with it to lower the bridge on the airlock.

Cross the bridge and get to the second counterweight. Destroy it, go back and go towards the office, because now the area is not flooded. Kill four werewolves and destroy the door of the building on the right. Inside, burn the web and search the outside for a unique chest that contains money and a feature point.

Keep moving, kill the elite monster and ordinary werewolves. Break the boards, get to the crane and the building where the workers are stuck. Talk to them. Find the first switch on the left side. Go in the opposite direction from him, charge at the generator, run back and activate the switch. Pass the generator further and go up the high stairs. Walk left and look down to find a shortcut from the generator to the second switch. Blow up the boxes of TNT to create a slice and power this electrical panel. Return to the workers.

Enter the building, go upstairs, and near the workbench, you will automatically receive the Infernal Charge upgrade. In the next room, on the barrel on the left is the collectible "Report of Secretary Harrow (2/2)". Go outside and break the boards. Go to the right, deal with all opponents, including one thug. Enemies on the towers can be killed with firearms or attracted by the "Clapperboard". After the fight, call the lift and move up on it. Go ahead and watch the video.

Take any route, despite the fact that you are forced to move along the pipes. This does not affect anything, since any path leads to the right place. In the end, you will have to fight the boss. Watch the movements of the enemy. As soon as the golden rings appear, be sure to shoot to interrupt his powerful attack, knock the enemy down and attack in melee. Same thing when he fires an energy beam. When you kill all the enemies, the mission will end.

flying madness

Before starting the quest, inspect the shelter in the city of Kaliko. You cannot return to the saloon, but to the left of the door leading there, there is a collectible item "Daily Mail News (4/4)" on the barrel. Be sure to go up to the upper room where you ended up when you first got to this place according to the plot of the game. Here, look for the State News 1/1 collectible. Go to your father in the basement to start this task.

Go forward, break the boards on the left and pick up the money. Another bag lies behind the wagon, on the box on the right hand. Shoot the TNT to open a path further. Walk forward and take the money from the box on the left. Continue moving and pick up the battery to get 1 charge cell. Jump over the barrier and fight new enemies - enhanced servants. Thugs are immune to Flapper, but shooters can be easily stunned. However, the same scale accumulates on the brutes as on the elite opponents (yellow, around the health scale). At the end of the battle, another high-born vampire will appear. Don't forget about the overload, which is activated by the T key.

Jump over the obstacle, break the glowing box to get money. Turn left, after the cart on the left, blow up the TNT and open a simple chest with money. Return to the fork and go left (as if you didn't turn anywhere). Kill the enemies and break the board on the left to find another energy cell. There is a box on the porch of the wooden house on the right. Break and take the money. Return to the fork where you came from after the fight against the Highborn Vampire. Stand with your back to that place, go forward again and turn right. Kill all enemies, break the money box. Again, go deeper into the location. The building on the left will have TNT. Blow up to find a chest with money inside.

Finish off all the enemies and make your way further by breaking the wooden fence. At the fork, go right, pick up a bag of coins from the barrel and follow in the opposite direction. Turn right from the wooden bridge, kill the enemies and under the canopy, between the warehouse of boards, look for a regular chest. One way or another, after climbing up the mountain, climb onto the ledge on the left. On the left side, look for a box with a bag of coins. Jump over the barrier and kill the enemies in front of the temple. There will be no new opponents, but the difficulty of enemy groups is noticeably increased.

Break the gate after winning the battle, there will be a box on the right, destroying which you will receive money. A corpse hangs on a pole. Shoot him down with a rifle shot and pick up the money. Before entering the building, turn left (after killing the enemies) and pick up a bag of coins from the box. On the opposite side there is another bag. Go into the building, knock down the pipes and take the money. On the barrels to the left of the exit, inside the building, is the collectible "Felicity's Diary (4/6)".

Get out into the courtyard and finish off all the enemies. Here will be the monster you encountered earlier. When a golden ring appears on it, be sure to fire your rifle to interrupt one of the two attacks. After the victory, you will have to open the gate. destroy the boxes with TNT to the left of the locked gate and shoot at the target. The first cable is activated. Pay attention to the tower in the center of the location and shoot at the target located there to bring down the chain. Climb up the stairs and even higher up the chain. Turn around and shoot at the target inside the building, through the open window (the cable goes there). Go around the top to the other side and hit the third target. Go through the opening to get the new Railgun Upgrade for the Rifle.

Break the boards on the second floor and open a simple chest. Get outside, go forward and pick up a bag of coins on the left side. Follow the narrow street, kill three enemies and go up the stairs. On the right there is a wooden box with money. On the right or left hand, on the bench there will be a collectible item "Felicity's Diary (5/6)". Also search all the lanes on the left and right to find coins. Go through the money building, get to the other side and continue across the street. Kill enemies. Be sure to attract targets standing on the peaks and balconies of buildings with the Clapperboard. Before breaking through the fence, find the collectible "Felicity's Diary (6/6)" on the train car on the left.

How to beat the Bruh

Going down, you will have to fight the next boss. At the beginning of the fight, deal 1-2 melee attacks, then dodge. In addition to damage, you will accumulate a yellow stun bar under the health bar. Once you've accumulated it, use the Clapper Hit to stun the target and electrocute them. When the Brujah doppelgängers appear, move out of the way and take them out with shots from a rifle or other weapon. Occasionally, after summoning the doppelgangers, the Bruh will attempt to fire a loaded projectile at you. While charging is in progress, you will see a golden ring. Shoot him 3-4 times to not only interrupt the attack, but also knock out the healing orb boss.

When the maggots appear around the Brujah, keep an eye on them. They will move in circles, but there will always be a safe gap between them. You must go through it. You don't need to attack. Just wait until the larvae are gone. And don't forget to use overload!

protector of the people

After a crushing defeat by Felicity, Jesse wakes up in a church. After you come to your senses, talk to the man who will tell you about the Rentier agents. The priest will tell Jesse that one of his men left behind an explosive weapon (dynamite). We'll need it! Jesse asks the priest to gather all the people in the church.

You will find yourself in a village in which a thunderstorm is raging. Go to the right house, take the money, then move to the right and crawl forward until you run into enemies. Defeat them and move forward. Go to the right of the bridge, where you will encounter three more opponents. When you destroy them, look into the house and destroy the nest of monsters. After that, blow up the TNT in front of the house and get the money from the chest. Look for a collectible next to the bridge, another letter.

On the right side you will see the passage to the cave. Blow up the TNT boxes and go inside to defeat the enemy. You will receive bonus points and other items. Destroy the nest inside the cave using dynamite. Exit the cave, go up, and find the second collectible. Open the unique chest, collect the money, and the Ghost Revolver skin (new skin). Get out of here and defeat new enemies. Move to the left side and climb up to where you will see some crosses. Defeat the opponents and destroy the third nest.

Move to the left side and cross the large axis rotated by the flow of water. Follow between the houses until you see a blocked house. Break down the door and take the collectible lying on the table on the right side. Go downstairs and destroy another nest in the same house, remembering to take the money from the chest. Climb the stairs in the same house to find a storage room with a chest. Open it to get money and a new feature. Exit the house and follow the path forward to get to the next nest. Defeat several enemies and destroy the nest.

Go to the last marker and destroy the last nest. First you need to defeat several enemies. After destroying all the nests, return to the church, following the call of the bell. When you get to the church, take out the normal and elite enemies. After defeating the enemies, Jesse will talk to the priest, the task will end.

Lightning in a bottle

After destroying the enemy nests, Jesse will return to the church and talk to the priest. He learns where to look for upgrades for Rentier's gloves. Riding a horse, Jesse sets off. Upon reaching the location, you will meet Virgil, who will tell you about the upgrade of the gauntlet. Virgil will tell you where you can get enough energy to activate the system.

Take a ride in the trolley, destroying any obstacles encountered on the way with the help of a rifle. This path leads through the cave tunnel. Jump out of the cart at the end of the rail track. Go down below and defeat several enemies. After that, enter the blocked room: break down the door and take the collectible.

Follow on, take the money and talk to Virgil, who is standing near the house, who will tell you how to turn on the towers. To do this, you need to start the generator. Enter the same room where you found the letter and use the generator. A countdown bar will appear in the corner of the screen. You will have a limited amount of time to have time to activate the electrical panel. Run and activate the shield nearby to launch the first tower.

It remains to include two others. Move forward and use the dynamite on the rocks to make your way deeper into the region. Move further along the rocks and jump over the wall to get into the tunnel. Virgil will call you, but a rock will fall and block the path. Virgil will tell Jesse about the tunnel leading to the mines. Now it is blocked by stones, and another way must be found.

There is a short path on the right side of the tunnel. Move further along it, go behind the wall along the stairs and defeat several enemies. On the right side there will be another opening. Activate the generator in front of the house. But first, you can collect a few collectibles. Use the wagon to go further. Climb up and take another letter from Chester. After that, activate both electrical panels. The first one is next to the generator on the right side. The second one is nearby, you need to use the device to get to it.

In the same area, you need to shoot at the target and climb the chain to find a unique chest with the Ghost Gauntlet skin and money. Now you need a rope, which is located near the blocked tunnel in this area. Push the wagon to the end of the tunnel. Climb up and take the rope. Stand on the edge of the cliff in the other direction and use the crossbow to pull the rope to the other side. Go down it.

Go inside the mountain, move forward and shoot at the suspended bridge. Go further with the hook and climb up. There will be many obstacles here. Move forward until you find an open area where you need to defeat several enemies. After destroying them, move along the path, which is located between two rocks, get to the cave and take the collectible (William Rantier's letter) lying in the workshop.

Leave the workshop by going up the stairs. A little further there will be a short path leading to the left side, where the generator is located. Start the generator and activate the first electrical panel on the left side. Do the same with the shield at the back of the location.

After turning on, move on using a tight cable. Move deep into the location until you reach an open area. Virgil will say that the elevator activator is frozen. You are attacked by enemies. While Virgil deals with the device, you must kill the monsters. After the victory, use the elevator and get to the reservoir, where you will be attacked by a new enemy group. Defeat everyone to complete the quest.

old friends

After charging the glove, Jessie and Virgil returned to Calico City. Emilia asks James to get out of town and never come back. After that you go to your father. Emilia will tell Jesse that his father's condition is good. And Jesse will ask for Edgar. Edgar decided to take revenge on his own, believing that Jesse was dead. He went looking for Chester, who has information on Felicity.

You will find yourself in a foggy area with large trees, where you will have to find Chester Morgan. When you get to the region, look for the collectible letter near the stairs leading to the attraction. Climb up the stairs to face the first enemies. Kill everyone and move forward. Follow the path in the rocks and go down, moving to the left side. Burn the bushes with the flamethrower. Move through the mountains until you reach the place where you will be attacked by new opponents. After defeating the enemies, continue moving.

You need to cross the river, but the bridge is broken. Go to the right side, go down and move forward until you reach a short path on the right hand. Get inside and move to the left side, using explosives to destroy the wall. Go to the mine filled with poisoned water. Follow on. In the left corner there is an open chest with a new feature. Do not linger on the structure as it will sink. Move forward and, having risen up, go to the left side.

Soon you will see the workshop. Upgrade perks and weapons. Continue moving, making your way under the gate. Go to the left side, take the rope and money. After picking up the rope, go to the right side and shoot from the crossbow to cross the river. Break the wooden structure by shooting the boxes with TNT and move inside the cave. Defeat several monsters, go to the left side using the chain and slide down on the cable. Soon, Jesse will pick up a new weapon, a Gatling gun.

Use the rope to see the wall that needs to be destroyed. You need to open the gate in the cave to get to the right place. Go to the left, go upstairs and shoot at the target to open the first gate. Then go to the left side of the cave. Use the chain to climb up and break the first seal. Go to the high point in front of the cave and shoot the second seal. Use the rope in front of the blocked path to destroy it. Move across the field and kill enemies. You will face several elite opponents.

After defeating the enemies, enter Chester's hideout, who will tell you about Felicity's plans. Chester will talk about Jesse's father, who, apparently, is already doomed.

filial duty

Jesse returns to the city of Calico and learns that the virus has taken over his father and that he killed Virgil. Emilia takes the blame for not being able to keep track of William. Jesse is forced to go hunting for his father.

According to Chester, you need to go to the train station, where blood-transmitting bats are being bred to take over the city. This is where Jesse's father is. Once in the location, kill the first enemies to get new items. Now you need to go up. Go to the left side and climb into the train cabin. Move the cab to get to the next train. Climb down and activate the switch to use the device, which will open the way further. After you cross the railroad tracks, you will have to defeat several enemies. After winning, move forward. Go to the right side, jump further and go through the car. Soon you will find a workshop. Upgrade weapons at will and unlock new features.

Go inside the station where you have to fight the enemies. Move on the left side. On the left, after destroying the web, look for a collectible (William Rantier's letter). Move forward between the wooden boxes to find a chest. Opening it will give you a new skin. Walk forward, burning the web to clear a path, and then climb the chain. Use the first switch to turn the rail bridge. Approach the water tank by climbing the chain to get a new perk. You must enable the following two switches. Both are located opposite each other. Move the wagon to go higher. After turning on all the illuminated switches, return to the first shield and activate it again to completely deploy the bridge.

We need to find William Rentier. After you cross to the other side, you will be attacked by enemies. Destroy the barrier, go inside and take another collectible (another letter from William Rantier). You need to find the seal. Climb onto the wagon and get to the desired area. Use the gloves to destroy the item. Go to the building along the rails and climb up the chain. Clear a path by burning the cobwebs and go up the stairs. Soon you will meet William Rentier, who offers to join him.

William fires his revolver using a flash that creates darkness and tries to catch you off guard. It can also attack while jumping, dealing devastating damage with a ground slam. Homing projectiles may appear. Like any highborn vampire, William can fly and shoot various orbs at you. At the end of the fight, several doppelgangers will spawn and you need to shoot each one until you knock down the real William. If you see yellow rings on the boss, be sure to shoot them with your rifle to interrupt dangerous attacks and knock out healing spheres. After the victory, the task will end.


After killing William Rentier, you will head to the bank to deal with the D'Abano family and Felicity. This will be a linear path where you need to kill enemies. Be careful with the car on which the machine gunner stands. Roll between the houses to bypass the machine gunner. It will be a long but linear journey. Get inside and hack the bank vault using dynamite. Interact with Morok to find out where to look for the seals. Go outside and break the seals in front of the bank. After breaking two seals, you will be attacked by enemies. Defeat everyone and make your way inside the building to destroy the third seal.

Move deeper into the location until you meet Peter D'Abano. Talk to him about Felicity and her plans. At first, D'Abano will tease Jesse about his father.

grand finale

When you get to Washington, you will encounter enemies who have occupied the hall. There will be many opponents, from ordinary to elite. You even have to kill three high-born vampires at once! After defeating them, break open the door and go inside. Find the money on the left side and then open the chest to get some more cash. Enter the hall and defeat new enemies. Get to the scene where you will meet Felicity. She will immediately attack you, but Jessie will be able to stop the girl.

The final boss is very fast and cunning. It can attack in a jump, while red circles appear on the ground - indicate where the enemy will fall. All you have to do is stay away from the circle. Watch out for thrown explosives. Once you deal enough damage, Felicity will grow in size. In general, the tactics of the battle will remain the same. From time to time, Felicity will hang on the wall and throw rocks. The place of their fall will be highlighted in advance with red circles. Stay away from them. Yellow rings may appear on the body, and you need to be sure to shoot them.

After Felicity has less than half her health points, her appearance will change for the third time. This time, be as careful as possible because she will deal significant damage. Ground strikes will become much larger and more dangerous, covering literally half the arena. The combo of melee attacks will increase significantly. Dodge her attacks and use her stun abilities to deal as much damage to the boss as possible. don't forget about overload and healing skills. After defeating Felicity, watch the final cutscene.