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"Eyes of Odin" in God of War: Ragnarök - how to find all the ravens

 We tell you where to look for all 48 ravens in the game

"Eyes of Odin" in God of War: Ragnarök - how to find all the ravens

This optional quest will start after you have defeated the first Odin's Raven. There are 48 such ravens in total. Also, before the start of the mission "Secret of Groa", at the gates of Sindri's house, you will encounter Ratatoskr. Talk to the squirrel, take the Yggdrasil stone and move to Niflheim. There is a training area here, as well as 6 legendary chests. You can open them in any order, but each next one will be available only after killing 6 ravens of Odin (48/6=6).

Here is the location of all the ravens of Odin:

  1. Svartalfheim, Nidavellir. If you stand with your back to Sindri's shop to the city of gnomes and look at the building on the right, with a water wheel, you will see Odin's raven. Throw an ax at him. Archery is useless.
  2. Svartalfheim, blacksmith. After stopping, pay attention to Odin's raven flying in the sky. Get as close as possible to its flight path, seize the moment, and hit the bird with Kratos' axe.
  3. Svartalfheim, Jarnsmead Mines. Once in the location and go down, you will see green crystals on the right. They can be broken with a shot from the bow of Atreus. Take your time to go to the right (destroyed the crystals or not), and instead go down below. Kill the enemies (the second group will be here) and destroy the cluster of stones at the edge of the cliff. Climb down on the chain, open a regular chest and pick up a purple item - Lofnheid's grindstone (left things, artifacts). Stay near the edge and take out Odin's raven flying over the water.
  4. Svartalfheim, Core. In the mine, you will search different rooms, opening several doors. When you solve the last puzzle (where you will need to freeze the chute and instead of ice make it so that the path of the water is blocked by green crystals), go to the door and look to the left. Kill Odin's raven.
  5. Svartalfheim, Watchtower. next to the draugr pit on the quest "Born of Fire". From the mystical gates of the Blessed Bay and Brock's shop, go to the right, shoot the jug and go up to the Watchtower. Stand at the fence on the left, wait for Odin's raven and throw an ax at him.
  6. Svartalfheim, Blessed Bay, Radsvinn's Machine. Above the norn's chest, located on the left side of the car, there is a wooden crane on which Odin's raven sits.
  7. Svartalfheim, Blessed Bay, Altjof's Machine. In the north of the Blagodatnaya Bay, there is Althiof's car, where you will get on the assignment "In the Service of Asgard". Climbing up the chain from the shore, look through the hole on the left and destroy Odin's raven.
  8. Alfheim, Temple of Light. Go through several rooms until you find yourself in a hall with the first large enemy group. There are several twilight stones here that you can throw an ax at to ricochet damage to opponents. After the victory, when you go up the stairs, throw the ax at Odin's raven on the left side. Immediately after this place there will be a hall with two tall statues (in the shield of the left one there will be a twilight stone). If you are in this room, go back.
  9. Alfheim, Plains. After the story quest "The Secret of Groa", you will be able to get to the Plains, where the request "Secrets of the Sands" leads. On the left side of the plains, along the perimeter, look for a tree on which Odin's raven sits. Nearby there are still ruins with a legendary chest and other items.
To be continued...