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God of War Ragnarok: 7 tips we wish we had known before the game started

 God of War Ragnarök seamlessly continues the adventure of Kratos and Atreus in the realms of the World Tree, letting you fight epic battles and explore vast regions. At this point, we want to prepare you for the action adventure with 7 tips that would have helped us a lot before the game started.

God of War Ragnarok: 7 tips we wish we had known before the game started

Tip #1: When the fights get too difficult...

In God of War Ragnarök, the battles are at least as difficult as in the predecessor. If the bosses frustrate you too much, you can now set mini-boss checkpoints in the accessibility options for the first time. This means you don't have to beat down the entire life bar again on bosses when you die. If you have damaged bosses by a certain percentage and then die, you start at the last checkpoint and the boss then only has about 50% of his energy.

Note that you can not set these options in the hardest difficulties, No Mercy and God of War.

Tip #2: What happened again in God of War (2018)?

The story is once again a big part of the fun of playing Ragnarok. If you're not sure what happened in the first God of War (it's been over four years, after all), check out the crisp story synopsis in the title menu. So you are optimally prepared because the sequel continues the story fluently.

Tip #3: Choose the best graphics mode

In the options, you can choose the graphics mode yourself and decide whether you prefer performance or resolution. Our recommendation: select the performance mode. In the hectic fights, the buttery smooth 60 FPS is simply worth a lot more than better optics. The graphical advantage of the resolution mode is hardly noticeable in gameplay, but the lower frame rate is.

Tip #4: Complete the Favors

Away from the story paths, there are also plenty of side missions to be discovered throughout the nine realms of the world tree. These are called favors in the game and sometimes tell extensive stories about the supporting characters. So take the time and complete it to better understand the motivations and idiosyncrasies of the divine consorts.

Tip #5: 100% is only possible after the story

God of War Ragnarök is a festival for collectors, explorers, and puzzle lovers. In each of the large regions, you can hunt Odin's ravens again, solve the riddles of the Norn chests or find hidden artifacts. However, keep in mind: It is not possible to complete all regions 100% during the story, as some equipment is only unlocked in the course of the story. Only then can you reach hidden level areas and discover the last secrets. Some activities are only unlocked after the end of the story.

Tip #6: Unlock weapon perks

In combat, you should always switch between weapons with Kratos and also use their various abilities. You can unlock perks for most weapon abilities after you've used them often enough. You can then decide whether the abilities should trigger additional damage, stuns, or other status effects. Completing the weapon missions also rewards you with experience points.

Tip #7: Collect the Yggdrasil Rope

As in the predecessor, you are often out and about in various waters in a paddle boat. Always keep an eye out for the Yggdrasil ropes, which hang from trees as blue drops. Let Atreus collect them so that you get a permanent +2 points on one of your status values. There's a lot of Tau to discover throughout the game, so make sure to check it out to permanently boost Kratos as early as possible.