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God of War Ragnarok: Is there a New Game Plus?

 Games like God of War Ragnarök are destined for a New Game Plus, but can you start a New Game + this time too? At this point, we will answer this question for you and give you a foretaste of the content after the story.

God of War Ragnarok: Is there a New Game Plus?

Start New Game Plus - is that possible?

Unfortunately, there is no New Game Plus mode in the game for the release of God of War Ragnarök. Sony has not yet announced anything about this. However, it is very likely that the new game Plus will be added in a future content update.

Also in God of War (2018), the NG+ was not included in the game when it was released, but it was submitted exactly four months after the release in August 2018. In the New Game Plus, you could even find new armor, weapons, and resources here. There was also a new rarity level for equipment as well as the option to skip cutscenes with the push of a button.

Can you continue playing after the story?

Even without NG Plus, there's plenty to do in God of War Ragnarök. Because after completing the story, you can continue to move freely in the game world and complete all open activities. Nothing is missable. After the credits, you will also see a corresponding screen that even unlocks new "Beyond Ragnarök" activities for you.