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God of War Ragnarok: Use Mystic Heirloom and find Steinbjorn armor - Game Guide

 In God of War Ragnarök, you can find the strange relic "Mystic Heirloom" which doesn't seem to have any use. But if you do it right, you can use it to trigger secret boss fights and find Slumberstones, which you can use to craft the powerful Steinbjörn armor. Here we explain exactly what to do.

God of War Ragnarok: Use Mystic Heirloom and find Steinbjorn armor - Game Guide

Find Mystical Heirloom

For the Steinbjörn armor, you must first find the mystical heirloom. This is directly southwest of Týr's Temple behind a wall of snow that you can blast with your spear. The relic is lying on the ground next to a scroll.

The heirloom's description says only that it awakens something that lies dormant deep within the wearer. You won't get really smart from it. However, it is important that you equip the relic now and go to the locations described below.

Find Slumberstone #1 in Midgard

Go to the Abandoned Outpost, which is just to the west of where the heirloom was found. Follow the path into the outpost to the first area with enemies. There's a troll statue on the wall to your left.

Use the equipped relic (L1 + Circle) near them, and the troll "Blódugr Steinn" will come to life. Defeat him to get one of the Slumberstones in addition to the Poison Protector Amulet Charm. This resource can be used to craft the Steinbjörn armor set pieces.

Find Slumber Stone #2 in Alfheim

Next, travel to Alfheim in the northernmost region, The Forbidden Sands. The Fast Travel Point "Das Hjarta" is closest here. In the very west of the area, you can climb onto a small plateau where you can spot the next troll statue.

Use the relic again and defeat the troll "Bjarg Stormr" for the next Slumberstone. You will also receive the amulet charm "Stone Idol of Souls".

Find Slumberstone #3-4 in Vanaheim

You can find two troll statues in the garden of Nóatún in the south of Vanaheim. Paddle the boat east from the "River Delta" fast travel point to reach the garden. Through the relic, you bring the trolls "Gölráb from the Ashes" and "Gölráb from the Frost" to life.

Once you have defeated them, you will receive two slumberstones and the amulet spell "Significant Step" as a reward.

Craft Steinbjorn armor

You can now craft the individual set parts of the Steinbjörn armor at any forging station for the following materials:

  • Steinbjorn Bellyplate: 2x Slumberstones
  • Steinbjörn Gauntlets: 1x Slumberstone
  • Steinbjörn Waistguard: 1x Slumberstone
The armor is level 6 upon crafting. If you upgrade it to a maximum of level 9, you'll get the armor with the best defensive stats in the game. It also gives you numerous bonuses when you take damage. It then heals you, for example, or triggers stunning damage to opponents.