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Harvestella: Saving games - how it works

Harvestella: Saving games - how it works

In Harvestella you will get to know many villagers and new areas. Does it sometimes not go as planned or do you urgently need a breather? Then it's better to save. Unfortunately, you won't find a corresponding option in the menu itself. Here we explain how saving works.

Unlock save - bed option

When launching Harvestella, you may have noticed that there is no save option in the pause menu. So stick with the introduction, you unlock your home in Lethe in the course of the first chapter. There you can sleep in bed at any time and start a new day.

Your score will be saved and the next day will start. Of course, this is not optimal, since you may want to save before big fights or missions. Above all, the day is shorter, you can do less and Silentium is getting closer.

Save to the Motus Monolite (Crystal)

So you have to be patient and play until chapter two. Go on a mission in Higan Canyon with Dianthus and he will show you a crystal before your joint mission. You probably know this one because it appears in several corners of every map: The Motus Monolith.

With this, you can not only take a break and fast travel from one place to another but finally save at any time. From there you get to the save menu and can create several saved games at the same time. This comes in handy when your opponent is too strong and you'll fall unconscious on your bed (and lose 225 Grilla to Cres again).

The Motus monolith is also a quick way home if your day gets too long. You can save normally over the bed, since you end up directly in the house.