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Harvestella: Use Silentium and find secret dungeon - Game Guide

 The Silentium is very much feared in Harvestella because it brings death and ruin into the world and it is best to hole up in the house. However, it is still worth taking a look outside. During the Silentium you can enter a secret dungeon. Here we show you where to find it.

Harvestella: Use Silentium and find secret dungeon - Game Guide

When do silent days take place?

The Silentium takes place every 30 days between the change of seasons. It only lasts one day and the residents strictly warn you not to go outside. Because during the Silentium it is much more dangerous outside. In addition, all your plants (except for the trees) will die and spoil. In the end, all you have left are dried plants.

While it's nice, you should still ignore the residents' warning and take a step outside. Because the Silentium is not only beautiful to look at, but also opens up a new area for you.

Unlock Silentium Dungeon

During Silentium you can discover a secret dungeon. Since this can only be entered on one day, you should equip yourself with enough food and drinks. The Silentium cannot be called artificially and is therefore only four times a year.

Go out of the house and walk up the hill opposite. Village you will find a glowing fountain and a Motus monolith to activate on "Level Four". Via the glowing fountain, you get to the autumn chronomaly. You could only visit these on the world map on the surface, but not examine them further. You can continue the path via the fountain.

There are several glowing fountains per floor. You now have to find the right fountain to go further down. In general, you will find objects, monsters, or the way down in wells. The positive is that the monsters drop items every time, but the negative is that you have to defeat the monsters. Otherwise, you cannot activate another fountain.

Since you only have one day, you won't be able to do much. So make it to at least the fifth floor to activate a Motus monolith. You can also find one of the rare Cornellu dolls there.