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How to get secret armor in God of War: Ragnarok - Steinbjorn Armor


How to get secret armor in God of War: Ragnarok - Steinbjorn Armor

The Steinbjorn armor set is one of the best in God of War: Ragnarok. All three items of equipment are focused on providing protection. But the main and most useful property in the battle is the restoration of health due to the attacks of Kratos after he was seriously injured. In this guide, we will show you how to get secret armor.

Finding one of the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok is pretty easy. However, to get Steinbjorn's armor, you'll have to defeat four trolls to collect Slumber Stones. This material is required for crafting. Below we will describe the location of all items, as well as tell you how to make the most of the set.

How to prepare for the search for secret armor

Before you go looking, here's a short list of everything you need to get ready. There may be slight plot spoilers in the text, so if you don't want to spoil your experience, wait until you complete the Forging Destiny story mission.

You will need to do the following before you can get the Steinbjorn armor in God of War Ragnarok:

  1. Get full access to free movement around the Lake of Nine area in Midgard;
  2. Get Spear Draupnir ;
  3. Obtain the "key" that Freya gives you in the story to open the Forbidden Sands area in Alfheim;
  4. Complete the "Song of the Sands" request in Forbidden Sands.

The order does not matter, but it is worth knowing in advance what is needed so as not to waste time in vain.

Where to find the relic "Mystical Legacy"

Once you've completed Chapter 10 "The Smith of Your Destiny" and obtained the new path-opening item, the Mystical Heirloom relic will be the first target. You can find her in the Lake of Nine, southwest of Tyr's Temple. Walk along the large ice wall.

Where to find the relic "Mystical Legacy"

Where to find the relic "Mystical Legacy"

Where to find the relic "Mystical Legacy"

Locate a rift in the ice that represents a destructible surface. Throw a spear and blow up the ice block to open a path to a small crevice. Look around and you will find the body of a dwarf next to a mysterious relic and a scroll of knowledge.

How to use the Mystic Legacy Relic

Unlike other relics that you will find in God of War Ragnarok, the description of the Mystic Legacy immediately warns that "the thing seems to be important, but has no practical value in combat. " When used, Kratos will bang the device on his wrist to no effect, and her short cooldown of 16 seconds allows her to do this quite often.

Note that the information about the relic also says that it "awakens something sleeping in the darkest depths of the soul. " You may notice that a scroll of knowledge found nearby mentions buying a heirloom for a certain dwarf.

In different worlds of Midgard, you can find huge statues of trolls. Most of them are located next to the knowledge markers. These markers actually describe the troll and mention that it has been imprisoned and "put to sleep".

You can use the Mystic Legacy to awaken these trolls and fight them. Defeating these monsters will also earn you Sleepy Stones, a unique resource that can only be dropped from these enemies. With their help, you can create Steinbjorn's armor at any dwarven forge.

How to find troll statues and get Sleepy Stones

Below you will find the location of all the trolls that you can wake up with the help of "Mystical Legacy". You can defeat them in any order. If you've played God of War 2018, then the combat will be familiar to you. Equip the relic and once you're in the right place, activate it (default gamepad buttons L1 + Circle ) to awaken the troll statue.

1 - Blodugr Steinn

  • Location: Abandoned Outpost, Midgard.
Blodugr Steinn

Blodugr Steinn

The nearest troll from where you find the relic is in the Forsaken Outpost area. Just head west along the edge of the Lake of Nine to reach the outpost. You will find a giant troll statue. In battle, use either blades or a spear.

2 - Bjarg Stormr

  • Location: Forbidden Sands, Alfheim.
Bjarg Stormr

Bjarg Stormr

This troll can be found in the northwest of the Forbidden Sands of Alfheim, but can only be reached after you complete the Sandsong request. If all conditions are met, get to this place, then go to the western corner.

The desired position is located to the left of the center of the area, just behind the wreckage. Grab onto the platform above to find the statue. The troll is surrounded by the bodies of elves on all sides. In battle, use either an ax or a spear.

3 - Golrab of the Ashes and 4 - Golrab of the Frost

  • Location: Noatun's Garden, Vanaheim.
Golrab of the Ashes and 4 - Golrab of the Frost

Golrab of the Ashes and 4 - Golrab of the Frost

Not one, but two slumbering trolls await you in Noatun's garden. Here you can complete a request from the ghost to clear the area of ​​poisonous clouds, which will make the fight much easier.

Fighting two trolls will be quite difficult, as one of them is frosty and the other is fire. You will have to use the right weapon (of the opposite element) for each enemy. You can also use a spear.

Steinbjorn Armor Characteristics

It remains only to go to the forge and make three items that are included in the set. Two items increase stun damage by 25%, and three items increase 50%.

Steinbjorn's Breastplate

Steinbjorn's Breastplate

  • Bloodthirsty Retribution Skill: After receiving significant damage, Kratos gradually restores health with each attack.
  • Starting stats: rank 6 armor with 123 defense.

Steinbjorn Gloves

Steinbjorn Gloves

  • Stunning Retribution Skill I: Moderate chance based on luck to knock down nearby enemies and inflict Stun damage on them when they take damage.
  • Starting stats: rank 6 armor with 22 power and 55 defense.

Steinbjorn's Legguards

Steinbjorn's Legguards

  • Stunning Retribution Skill I: Moderate chance based on luck to knock down nearby enemies and inflict Stun damage on them when they take damage.
  • Starting stats: rank 6 armor with 77 defense.

How to wear Steinbjorn armor - tips for the best treatment

By far, Bloodthirsty Retribution is the most interesting skill of the entire set. Theoretically, Stunning Retribution I could be useful, but since the main ability is focused on restoring health, we are going to make the most of it.

For more effective treatment, we will replace 2 items from the set, leaving only the chestpiece. We'll also be adding the Girdle of Raven Tears and Bracers of Raven Tears, which can be obtained by hunting Odin's Ravens. These items grant the Healing Efficiency skill, which increases the amount of health gained from gems, rage, and equipment. This skill is also applicable to runic attacks.

Ideally, you should choose attacks that can deal damage over several seconds so that the healing continues while Bloodthirsty Retribution is active. If you still need to regenerate health in the process, then skip one more hit and continue the combo. Remember that basic attacks are fine, but you'll get better healing from rage or runic attacks.

Here are some runic attack tips for each weapon that work very well with this build:

  • Wrath of the Frost Ancient: Light Ax Rune Attack - Creates an ice beam that freezes enemies on contact;
  • Mists of Helheim: Heavy Runic Ax Attack - Creates an area attack that continuously inflicts cold for a few seconds;
  • Fog of Fimbulwinter Runic Heavy Ax Attack - Creates an icy wave that deals cold damage to enemies in front of you.
  • Flames of Anguish: Light rune attack for blades - creates a fiery geyser in front of you;
  • Atlas Eruption: Heavy Rune Attack for Blades - Works similarly to Blaze of Pain, but focuses more on melee attacks.
  • Artillery of the Ancients: Spear Heavy Runic Attack - Creates a rain of spears in an area in front of you.
Upgrade runic attacks to increase their duration, area of ​​effect, or both.