How to save and kill everyone in The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me


How to save and kill everyone in The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me, like other Supermassive Games projects, features multiple endings. In this guide, we will detail how to save and kill all the heroes of the game.

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Spoiler Beware: If you haven't played the game yet, we strongly recommend that you complete the storyline first and then return to this guide.

How to save all characters

How to save all characters

To save all the characters, it is recommended to always successfully complete the QTE. It is worth noting that not always the successful execution of such scenes will lead to a positive result. In some cases, there are important plot points in which you need to make the right decision.

  1. Erin - as soon as the heroine is left alone in a dark room, the killer will offer her to take an inhaler. We pick up the item or attack the maniac once and do nothing else.
  2. Erin - in the wing of the institute, the girl should listen to her friend and hide in the closet.
  3. Charlie - in the garbage incineration chamber, the man must both times try to open the grate and hide in a small hatch under it. Don't change your mind so that the hero has time to pick up the object and hide from the fire.
  4. Jamie - Once Erin and Kate are trapped, the girl needs to choose a person to die. In this case, you need to activate the Kill Kate action to save Erin. The girl will still survive since Mark will have time to save her friend.
  5. Charlie - when a man rides on a tape and gets into the waste disposal room, he needs to successfully complete the QTE and hold his breath so as not to catch the maniac's eyes.
  6. Kate and Jamie - as soon as the heroes find themselves in a glass room, you must choose as a victim the girl who has a screwdriver in her hands. The easiest way is to leave Jamie's tool and not touch the button in the camera.
  7. Kate - on the roof of the hotel, the maniac will catch Jamie. The heroine needs to save her friend and not run away from the killer.
  8. Kate - after visiting the labyrinth, the girls will fall into the barn. We run away from the maniac and do not try to climb up.
  9. Charlie - once in the warehouse with corpses, the director, along with Mark, will climb into the refrigerators. We perform QTE and hold our breath so as not to fall into the hands of the killer.
  10. Jamie - in a house with a dog, you must activate the "Alarm" option and ask Kate to hide, and it is also advisable not to kill the dog.
  11. Mark - when meeting with Erin, you should not tie Charlie, otherwise, the man will die at the lighthouse. Activate the replica "Assurance".
  12. Erin - after the maniac attacked the policeman, use the "Authority" option to make Mark take the gun. The man will not have time to do this, but he will be able to pick up the can.
  13. All heroes - successfully complete QTE on the boat.
  14. Jamie - jump out of the boat.
  15. Mark - use the spray can on the boat.

How to kill all characters

If you want to get rid of all heroes, you must first fail all available QTEs. There are also several key events that will allow you to kill the characters. Each of them is marked below:

  1. Erin - don't take the inhaler. As soon as the heroine is locked in the dark, the maniac will offer the girl to take an inhaler. In this case, we attack the man twice in order to inflict a non-fatal wound on him. The maniac will get angry and stab the girl with a knife.
  2. Charlie - use the door in the furnace. Once the man is locked in the incinerator, be sure to select the door option and don't try to open the grate. In this case, the hero will burn alive.
  3. Jamie - give the screwdriver to Kate and do not press the button in the trap. The wall will simply crush the heroine. Kate in this case should stay alive for a while.
  4. Jamie - if the girl survived in the cell, then Kate needs to run away from the maniac on the roof and not try to help her friend. In this case, the man will kill the girl without much difficulty.
  5. Kate - further events affect two heroes and allow you to open a unique ending. After activating the beacon, control will pass to Kate. In this case, interact with the door and open it. We select the option "Help Mark", however, a maniac turns out to be in a friend's jacket. The man will catch the girl and drug her.
  6. Mark - as soon as the hero comes to his senses, he will see a video in which the person who invited the film crew to the island reports that new victims must be found for the maniac. We agree with this and do not raise the alarm until the very end. After several cutscenes, Kate and Mark escape on the ferry, but after meeting with the curator, the player will see their death.

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