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How to unlock magic in Valheim - how to get Eitr, how to create magical weapons and armor


How to unlock magic in Valheim - how to get Eitr, how to create magical weapons and armor

With the recent Mistlands update, a lot of interesting mechanics have been added to Valheim, including magic. Today we will tell you how to unlock magic, what is Eitr, and how to create magical weapons and armor.

First, you need to download and install the Mistlands Update for Valheim.

What is Eitr

Eitr is a special energy used by magical weapons. In the usual view of the players, this is the mana bar, which is replenished in various ways. The amount of mana is displayed above the stamina bar: pay attention to the purple bar.

How to get Eitr. Mana Replenishment Dishes

There are several ways to restore Eitr. The first and easiest is to get the right food or prepare a special dish.

Magic Mushrooms (Magecap)

"Delicate blue 'magic caps' crackle like nerve endings filled with magical life force."

As you explore the Misty Lands, you will find blue-colored magic mushrooms (Magecap). These plants can be eaten raw. For one use, mushrooms will add 25 mana points to your character.

Yggdrasil porridge (Yggdrasil porridge)

“Made from the sap of the Great Tree. Even a sip gives a warm glow to your entire body.”

This dish can only be prepared with magical juice (Sap). Also for its preparation, you will need barley and royal jelly (Royal jelly). For one application, porridge will add 80 mana points.


  • Juice (Sap) - 4;
  • Barley - 3;
  • Royal jelly - 2.


  • Health (27);
  • Endurance (13);
  • Mana (80);
  • Duration (25 minutes);
  • Healing (3 hp/tick).

Aspic from Seeker aspic

"A trembling jelly with a taste of gentle electricity."

To prepare this dish, you need to find some magic mushrooms, as well as defeat a couple of Seekers or Seeker soldiers. Be sure to add royal jelly to these ingredients. The dish adds 85 mana per use.


  • Seeker meat - 2;
  • Magecap - 2;
  • Royal jelly - 2.


  • Health (28);
  • Endurance (14);
  • Mana (85);
  • Duration (30 minutes);
  • Healing (3 hp/tick).

How to find Dvergr extractor and get Juice (Sap)

How to find a Dvergr extractor

In one of the previous guides, we said that while exploring the Misty Lands, you will definitely stumble upon gnome camps. These are neutral NPCs that won't be the first to attack your character unless you want to steal something from them. For example, Dvergr extractor.

This item will be needed for the extraction of magic juice (Sap) and its subsequent processing. In the gnome settlement, you need to find a Component Crate (Dvergr component crate). Break it, take the extractor and run away as fast as the local inhabitants will start attacking the hero.

How to get Juice (Sap)

The main attraction of Valheim is a giant tree that can be seen from anywhere in the game world. Some players even tried to get to it, but it turned out that the tree is just part of the landscape. In the Misty Lands, you can stumble upon huge roots that belong to this tree. It is from them that you will have to extract the magic Juice (Sap).

We were lucky to find one of these roots right in the stone hut of the dwarves. Of course, we got rid of the locals. It remains only to craft the Sap extractor and place it on the root of the tree.

You can install several extractors close to each other. It is worth noting that after a while, the rate of juice extraction will decrease. When you hover over an item, you will see the inscription "Slow extraction" (Extracting slowly). In this case, we recommend disassembling the installed hardware and waiting for a few in-game days. Or you can find another root sticking out of the ground.

How to craft Eitr refinery

Now that you have learned how to extract Juice (Sap), it's time to install Eitr Refinery. This will require the following resources:

  • Black marble (Black marble) - 20;
  • Ferrous metal - 20;
  • Yggdrasil wood - 10;
  • Black core (Black core) - 5;
  • Juice (Sap) - 5;
  • Workbench.
The Yggdrasil wood grows only in the Misty Lands.

Black cores can be obtained in the dungeons of the new biome. To quickly find the entrance to the dungeon, pay attention to the destroyed buildings of the gnomes. Often on the underground floors, you can find the entrance to the cave.

Explore dungeons and find doors with runic inscriptions. These rooms contain Black cores, coins, and other valuable items.

Black marble is a little easier to find. All the buildings you can find in the Misty Lands are made from this stone.

Rough pieces of black metal can usually be found in the Plains, in the chests of fulings.

When you collect all the necessary resources, start crafting the extractor. Here we can also highlight a few tips:

Do not install equipment indoors. Especially if the building is wooden. During operation, the extractor releases a huge amount of magical power and destroys all objects around. After using it, our cozy basement in the stone dwarf hut was left without a ladder.

Stock up on Soft Tissues. These items often drop from defeated Dwarves in the Misty Lands and will be needed to purify the sap in the Extractor. Perhaps there are other ways to get this resource.

How to get Refined eitr and build a crafting table (Galdr table)

The purifier you built has two compartments: the bottom one is for juice (Sap) and the top one is for soft tissues (Soft Tissue). Place the ingredients in the correct compartments to start the juice processing process.

After 40 seconds, you will receive a Refined eitr.

This resource will be needed to build a craft rack (Galdr table). It can be used to craft magical staves.

How to create magical weapons and clothes

To create magical staves, you will need to build a crafting rack (Galdr table). The blueprint for this equipment will appear after you collect at least one Refined eitr.

Here is a list of weapons that you can craft:

  • Staff of embers - attacks enemies with fire magic, deals great damage and sets fire to opponents;
  • Staff of frost - releases a scope of ice magic that freezes enemies for a few seconds;
  • Staff of protection - consumes a certain amount of health and creates a protective barrier around the character;
  • Dead Raiser - Summons a skeleton to fight alongside you. Only one monster can be summoned per weapon level.
The mage's robe allows you to quickly restore mana while using staves. You can craft the following items of clothing:

  • Robe (Eitr-weave robe) - mana regeneration + 40%;
  • Pants (Eitr-weave trousers) - mana regeneration + 40%;
  • Hood (Eitr-weave hood) - mana regeneration + 20%.