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Marvel Snap Continuous Deck, what is the best combination?

 In Marvel Snap, do you have to match cards to create a deck? You are given the best combination for the Continuous mechanic.

Marvel Snap, the new card game centered on the heroes of Marvel comics is available since October 18 on PC and mobile Android and iOS. Within the title, you will be able to collect different characters.

Among the set of existing cards, there are some that work with different effects such as Continuous or even Continuous. Players are also wondering what is the best continuous-type deck and we are therefore going to relay Callporter's build to you on the Marvel Snap Zone builder.

What is the best combination of Continuous type cards in Marvel Snap?

If you're looking to find out what the best Continuous deck is, well, Callporter came up with a pretty cool build ( source ). The principle of this deck is to bet on the Continuous effect to always having cards on the field and thus benefit from different bonuses as you will be able to see with the different characters making up this deck.

What is the best combination of Continuous type cards in Marvel Snap

Ant ManContinuous: If you have 3 other cards here, +3 Power
ebony maw
You can't play this after round 3. Ongoing: You can't play cards here
ArmorContinuous: Cards here cannot be destroyed.
ColossusContinuous: Cannot be destroyed, moved or have its Power reduced
Continuous: +3 Power if your opponent has 4 cards here
Captain America
Ongoing: Your other cards in this slot have +1 Power
Ongoing: "Revealed" abilities do not work in this slot
Mister Fantastic
Continuous: Adjacent slots have +2 Power
Continuous: +6 Power if this is your only card here
Iron Man
Continuous: Your total Power is doubled at this slot.
Continuous: Right slot has +6 Power
Revealed: Gives your Continuous cards +2 Power

As you can see, the power of this deck is based heavily on the bonuses offered by Captain America, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Klaw, and Spectrum, but also on effects to protect your cards and block your opponent's abilities.