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Mistlands update guide for Valheim - how to install, how to get to the Mistylands, how to get rid of the fog and other tips


Mistlands update guide for Valheim - how to install, how to get to the Mistylands, how to get rid of the fog and other tips

Valheim is a survival game that is dedicated to the era of the Ancient Vikings. In this game, you have to hunt animals, build and farm, travel through different biomes and kill especially dangerous monsters. In November 2022, Valheim received an update called Mistlands, which added a brand new biome, the Mistlands. We have dedicated this manual to him and other innovations.

How to Install the Mistlands Update in Valheim

If you just log into the game, you won't see the changes. To activate the Mistlands update, you need to carry out a number of non-obvious actions.

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Find the Valheim game in your library and click on "Properties".
  3. Select the "Betas" window.
  4. In the text field, enter the word "yesimadebackups" (without the quotes).
  5. Wait for the download to finish.
  6. Start the game.

Keep in mind that the update is in open beta. There may be bugs during the game. Preliminary it is desirable to make a copy of your world. We have dedicated a separate guide to this topic. The exact release date of the final version of Mistlands is not yet known.

How to get to the Misty Lands - a new biome in Valheim

After installing the update, a new region will appear in a random place in the open world of the game. On the map, it is indicated in black and purple.

This biome is covered in fog and populated by extremely dangerous enemies. It is better to explore the Misty Lands not alone, but together with friends, because to defeat the monsters you will need the best weapons and armor.

How to get rid of fog

Thick fog is another new mechanic in Valheim. A large accumulation of fog is indicated on the map in purple. Because of it, your hero will be practically blinded, and even an ordinary torch and a hand lantern will not help to light the way.

You will occasionally see large blue stone lanterns in this biome. But you can get rid of the fog yourself only with the help of special Luminous torches (Wisp torch), which are made from two ingredients:

  • Tree Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil wood);
  • Firefly (Wisp).
It is worth noting that the installation of such lanterns will attract the attention of local residents. They will try in every way to destroy them.

What enemies can be found in the Misty Lands

Gyalls. Giant fire-breathing insects. Kill them from a distance with a bow or magic. In this case, you need to try not to fall under the long-range attacks of the monster. In addition to direct attacks, Gyalls can release many pincers.

Ticks. They will attack you to suck your blood. By themselves, they are not very dangerous, especially against the background of other monsters of the Misty Lands. But sometimes ticks attack as a whole group. In this case, it is better to retreat and try to kill them one by one.

Seekers. Aggressive insects that deal massive melee damage. As with the Gyalls, they should be killed in ranged combat with arrows and spells. These monsters often attack in groups, so try to keep your distance from them. If you can't kill them one by one, run.

Queen (The Queen). The main boss of the Misty Lands. You can find it in the Temple. We will devote a separate guide to the tactics of the battle with the Queen.

What can be found in the settlements of the Dwarves

When exploring the Misty Lands, you will find tall stone structures inhabited by neutral NPCs. By default, local gnomes are friendly toward you. You will be able to visit their camps and interact with them. But if you attack dwarfs or damage their property, they will become your enemies. Note that among them there are both simple warriors and extremely dangerous magicians.

Even with good high-level armor, it will be difficult for you to defeat a group of dwarves alone. Therefore, we do not recommend attacking them without good reason.

In each such settlement, you will definitely find a Component Crate (Dvergr component crate).

Destroying such a chest will guarantee you a Dvergr extractor. It is worth noting that this item cannot be teleported. It will be needed to create the Juice Extractor (Sap extractor), which we will discuss in detail below.

You can also try to steal loot from them. Often the extractor box is on the roof of the building: climb up and while the inhabitants of the hut roam the lower floors, break the box and take the item.

To settle in the dwarf huts, you will first have to get rid of the owners of the building, then destroy the Amulet that guards the area. Because of it, construction in this area will be unavailable. It is worth noting that the stone is quite durable: we needed to break several metal picks to destroy it.

How to get magic juice (Sap) from an old ash tree (Old ash)

On the territory of the Misty Lands, you will encounter the roots of a magical tree. When you first find such a root, you can talk to Hugin. He will tell you that magic is felt in the roots of the plant, which can be obtained.

To do this, you will need the Juice Extractor (Sap extractor) , which we wrote about in one of the previous sections. It is crafted from Dvergr extractor, which can be found in any of the dwarf huts.

In addition, the following ingredients are needed to make an extractor:

  • Yggdrasil wood x10;
  • Black metal x5;
  • Dvergr extractor x1;
  • Workbench.

After installing the extractor, you will be able to receive a new ingredient - Juice (Sap).

New dungeons 

Infested dungeons can be found in the Misty Lands. The entrance to such a cave usually resembles a stone tower with stairs. But keep in mind that a real labyrinth awaits you with many branches and the most dangerous monsters, for example, Seekers.

While wandering through the dungeons, carefully look under your feet so as not to fall into barely noticeable holes. You will not die, but you will take damage, you will find yourself in a new place, and with a high probability, aggressive mobs will attack you.

Pay attention to special walls that can be broken with a pickaxe. Their appearance is shown in the screenshot.

New dungeons

New passages can be hidden behind such walls. Also, pay attention to hidden doors.

New dungeons

If you interact with them, you will enter an additional room where valuable rewards await you, such as Dvergr treasure chests. They contain various valuables and gold coins.

In addition, in the dungeons, you can find black cores, which are used to create new tools in the Black Forge. They look like glowing purple stones.

Of particular value are Luminous stones, which are called "Sealbreaker Fragments".

To get them, you need to destroy the pedestal on which it stands with a pickaxe. These items will be needed to open the Temple, where the local boss known as The Queen is hiding.

New mechanics in Valheim: Mistlands

Magic. With the help of new staves, you will be able to conjure. Elemental spells and blood magic are available, which consumes your own health. Thanks to them, your hero will learn how to attack enemies with fire and ice, create temporary shields that reduce incoming damage, and also resurrect the dead. You can replenish mana thanks to the divine essence Eir, which you will find in the Misty Lands.

Fog. Special lights help to dispel it. In addition, you can craft a special torch (wisp torch) that allows you to disperse the haze.

However, if you want to build in the Dwarven camps, you will have to break their ward. This action will be perceived as aggression, so be prepared to fight.

Cultivation of mushrooms. You can find them in the Misty Lands and then plant them on your lot. The resulting crop can be used as seedlings.

Breeding chickens. Birds will provide you with eggs. Care must be taken that chickens hatch from them, which gradually grow into adult hens. The first eggs can be bought from the merchant Haldor.

Reworked fishing mechanics. It was possible to fish before, but after the update, the process became somewhat more complicated. Fishing is now considered a separate skill that affects the stamina cost and the speed at which you pull the fish towards you. You will need to take into account the excitement and select the bait for each specific biome.

Other innovations

  • New creatures for hunting and breeding - chickens and hares.
  • New types of fish. In addition, they will differ in size and, as a result, have different values.
  • New building opportunities. We are talking primarily about items made of black marble and Yggdrasil Wood, which are mined in the Misty Lands.
  • New crafting stations. The Black Forge lets you craft unique tools and weapons, and the Galdr Table lets you create magical staves.
  • New upgrades for boilers and other buildings.
  • New types of food , including chicken and rabbit recipes. In addition, there will be dishes that restore your magical energy.
  • New types of clothing and armor. Among them there are both heavy Carapace Armor Sets and special sets, for example, Eitr Armor Set, which increases the speed of mana regeneration.
  • New weapon. Among them are a crossbow that poisons the axe, a bone bow that deals massive damage, and a special sword called Mistwalker that dispels mist.
  • New tools , including a black metal pickaxe.
  • New types of furniture.
  • New defensive structures , such as stake traps and ballistas.
  • New locations , primarily gnome camps and infected dungeons.
  • New hairstyles for your hero.
  • New events.
  • New emotions for the character.
  • New goods from Haldor.
  • New music.