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MW2 controller parameter, what are the best settings?

 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you will be able to change the settings to play with a controller and here are the best settings.

MW2 controller parameter, what are the best settings

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available since October 28 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S and since the release of the game, it is possible to adjust many parameters including FPS.

In addition to these parameters, you will be able to modify those of your controller and we will therefore relay to you the best settings according to Soiscool Mec.

What are the best settings to configure your controller on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

If you want to know what are the best controller settings to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, well, the YouTuber Soiscool Mec has made an explanatory video. Here are the preferred settings.


  • Modify command: you can modify the parameters of the keys associated with the different actions to match your preferences
  • Trigger effect: Again, you choose according to your preferences


  • Horizontal sensitivity of the joysticks: 13, but again according to your preferences
  • Viewfinder sensitivity multiplier: 1, but still according to your preferences
  • Aerial Device Sensitivity Multiplier: 1


  • Aim: Hold
  • Auto Sprint: Auto Sprint
  • Equipment Parameter: Maintain
  • Enable Weapon Stabilization : Aim
  • Command (Interact/Reload): Interaction Priority
  • Command (Armor Plate): Use All

Aim assist

  • Target aiming aid: With
  • Aim Assist Type: Default

Aim (Advanced)

  • Aim Response Curve Type: Linear
  • Aim sensitivity multiplier (concentration): 1
  • Sensitivity transition while aiming: Instant
  • Custom sensitivities for each: On (Default)
  • Movement dead zone
    • left stick min. : 0.00
    • right stick min. : 0.10
    • left stick max. : 0.99
    • right stick max. : 0.99
    • The rest at 0

Displacement parameter

  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint Parameter: Press
  • Automatic forward movement: Without
  • Tactical Sprint Parameter: Press While Sprinting
  • Ground clearance: With
  • Aerial automatic crossing: With
  • Automatic Ground Crossing: Long
  • Reverse Slip and Dive: Standard
  • Diving Underwater: In Motion
  • Door recess: With

Battle Settings

  • Change of joysticks in aiming mode: Without
  • Alternate backpack order: Without
  • Weapon Stabilization Release Delay: Short
  • Automatic Weapon Switch: With
  • C4 Rapid Detonation: With

Vehicle parameters

  • Recenter Camera (Vehicle): Short Delay
  • Initial camera position: Free view

Overlay settings

  • Ping Wheel Delay: Longer
  • Double tap for danger indicator (duration): Longer
Of course, these settings are for information only and you may prefer to modify certain parameters to suit your preferences.