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Nintendo Switch Indie World: all the announcements for November 2022

 Nintendo has offered a new Indie World conference to showcase future titles coming to Switch. Find the announcements of November 9.

Nintendo Switch Indie World: all the announcements for November 2022

Nintendo regularly offers conferences to present future titles such as Pokémon Scarlet and Violet during Pokémon Direct or even games made by independent studios with Indie World.

A new Indie World was also held this November 9 and we will give you the replay of the conference, as well as a presentation with the release date if it is known for all the games that have been shown.

What games will be unveiled at Indie World on November 9?

No less than 16 games were unveiled during this Nintendo Indie World and here is a presentation given by Nintendo for each of the titles.

Venba (releases Spring 2023)

Come and taste this tasty narrative cooking game in which you help an Indian mother who has just emigrated to Canada, to reconnect with her roots by cooking delicious dishes from southern India. Discover a story of love and sorrow through multiple-choice conversations, try to recreate lost family recipes and let yourself be carried away by a soundtrack inspired by the music of India.

GOODBYE WORLD (releases November 2022)

GOODBYE WORLD follows Kanii and Kumade, two friends and indie developers struggling to find the perfect idea for their next game. Discover their story as you journey through the stages of a retro-inspired puzzle platformer while following their struggles daily. Will their friendship survive the difficulties they will encounter? GOODBYE WORLD is coming to Nintendo Switch this month.

Have a Nice Death (released March 22, 2023)

Play as Death, the CEO of Death Inc. himself, in this hand-drawn 2D action roguelike. Discover and explore the darker departments of procedurally generated Death Inc. and use an arsenal of weapons and spells to put your employees back on the right track and restore the balance of souls.

Aka (releases December 15, 2022)

Play as Aka, a warrior who has hung up his arms, and find inner peace on an island paradise in this game set in a small open world. Explore hand-crafted islands with majestic mountains, dense rainforests and inviting hot springs, and take care of the local flora and fauna, build yourself a shelter, craft various items or even feed adorable dragonets. Multiple quests await Aka before he must face the ghosts of his past.

Pepper Grinder (released in 2023)

After being shipwrecked and having her treasure stolen, Pepper must use her trusty drill to recover what's rightfully hers in this action-adventure game that's not short of sizzle. Traverse a lively and colorful world with smooth drilling mechanics and unlikely jumps. Fight your way with Grinder and find new forests to wreak havoc and solve ingenious puzzles. Collect gems and other treasures on your adventures, then trade them in shops to upgrade Pepper, open new routes on the map, and get your hands on stickers for your scrapbook.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (releases Spring 2023)

The barista simulator and narrative visual novel returns for a new episode! From the counter of your late-night cafe, meet colorful human and non-human characters and get to know them by serving them drinks. Experiment to find the perfect drink for each customer, dazzle them with your mastery of latte art and discover secret recipes.

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni (released March 9, 2023)

Play as a vengeful demon warrior in this 3D action-adventure game. After being defeated by a hero from Japanese folklore, Kuuta travels to a small island where he allies himself with a spirit named Kazemaru. Ancient demons roam the vast plains and towering forests of the island. To defeat them, you'll need to control both of your characters at the same time with a single Joy-Con. Use Kuuta's Club to attack your enemies then summon Kazemaru to suck their spirits.

Desta: The Memories Between (releases early 2023)

The creators of Monument Valley return with a roguelike with strong characters, a gripping story and doubled with a metaphorical ball game. Every night, Desta dives into a mysterious dream world filled with fragmented memories, ancient places, forgotten faces, and magical spheres to throw in unreal turn-based ball games that can determine the course of dream conversations.

A Space for the Unbound (releases January 19, 2023)

An impressive pixel art adventure game set in rural Indonesia in the late 90s. A Space for the Unbound tells the story of a boy and a girl with supernatural powers. When a mysterious power suddenly threatens their existence, this young couple must explore their town, face the end of the world, and perhaps learn more about each other along the way.

Dordogne (coming out spring 2023)

Dive into the heart of a narrative experience and embody Mimi who, as a child, spent all her summers in the Dordogne. Today, she returns to her late grandmother's house and discovers that she left her many letters and family secrets to discover. Play both past and present as you explore the scenic French countryside through the eyes of 10-year-old Mimi, and explore her grandmother's house in the present. Discover the close relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter by collecting photos, objects and words, and use them to fill Mimi's diary and preserve these precious memories.

Botany Manor (coming out in 2023)

A retired 19th century botanist with a mansion, tend to her beautiful gardens and preserve a collection of forgotten plants by solving botanical puzzles. Inspect the mansion for clues and documents to improve your skills and learn more about Arabella.

Once Upon a Jester (released November 9)

Sok and Jester, two best friends, have hatched a terrifically ingenious plan to steal a royal diamond. The only problem: for their plan to work, they must be invited to the royal theatrical spectacle, where only the cream of the crop is invited to play. This duo will have to improvise during each performance to surpass the competition in an eventful and hilarious journey through a fantasy realm filled with characters and zany shows.

Rogue Legacy 2 (released November 9)

Anyone can become a hero in the sequel to this popular rogue-lite where the adventure changes with each playthrough. Whether you're a bard with vertigo or a colorblind knight, your goal remains the same: collect treasure, build your castle, and secure your bloodline. Each new Heir benefits from upgrades already unlocked and comes with unique traits and abilities. The Nintendo Switch version of the game also includes the "Legendary Heroes" update which adds a lot of content, including dozens of subclasses and items.

White (releases February 14, 2023)

In the spectacular monochromatic world of Blanc, a fawn and a cub must learn to rely on each other to find their respective families. Throughout this co-op adventure, this unlikely duo will have to coordinate their efforts and leverage each other's strengths to overcome obstacles across a snowy landscape. Blanc is a co-op title in both local and online multiplayer, and completely textless for everyone to enjoy.

A Little to the Left (released November 9)

A Little to the Left is a cozy puzzle game that asks you to sort, stack and organize everyday objects in a pleasant way. A mischievous cat who likes to sow discord will however take malicious pleasure in pointing the tip of its muzzle to sow chaos. The game has over 75 puzzles to solve, most of which accept multiple solutions.

Sports Story (releases December 2022)

In this sports-centric RPG, you will have to climb the leaderboard and prove your talent in golf, tennis or football. By improving your rank, you will unlock more disciplines such as BMX, volleyball, cricket and more. However, it's not all about sports in this title: hop on a train or a helicopter and explore dungeons, abandoned ruins or even mysterious wild lands, or even enjoy the daily attractions of the mall, visit shops specialized in sports and take part in mini-games.

Finally, we remind you that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are released this November 18 on Nintendo Switch  and that this game will introduce the Pokémon of the 9th generation .