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Sonic Frontiers: Getting memory fragments and what they are for

 We show you how you can get memory fragments in Sonic Frontiers and what this special item is for that is related to each of Sonic's friends.

During your adventures in Sonic Frontiers, one of the items that you will most need to gather in large quantities are the memory fragments, a collectible object that is unique on each island and that is related to each of Sonic's friends that we must rescue in the story.

If you have questions about how these fragments work or how they are obtained, then in this entry of our guide we show you all the details about them.

How do you get souvenir shards?

How do you get souvenir shards?

There are four types of memory fragments in Sonic Frontiers, each one related to one of Sonic's friends that we must rescue on the different islands:

  • Amy's Memory Fragments: They are shaped like a pink heart and can be obtained on the first island.
  • Knuckles Memory Fragments: They are shaped like a reddish star and can be obtained on the second island.
  • Tails Souvenir Fragments: They are shaped like a yellow wrench and can be found on the third island.
  • Sage's Memory Fragments: They are shaped like a pink heart and can be obtained on the fourth island.
Obviously, each type of memory fragment is independent of each island and all can be obtained through the same methods:

collect them around the world

The vast majority of Memory Fragments are scattered throughout the open-world zones :

  • They can be picked up by using bouncers, rails, and other platforms in the stages.
  • You can dig in areas marked as blue glowing treasures to make them come out of the ground (by performing a cyber spin).
  • It is possible to get them randomly by defeating enemies around the world.
  • They can also rarely spawn from breaking crates and other items on islands.
  • There is a random chance to get them by doing cyber spins anywhere on the island (just try your luck and circle them until they come out).
Of course, it should be noted that when you complete challenges and unlock all the maps you will be able to see the icons where there are memory fragments and you will also be able to mark them to go to them more easily. There are hundreds placed on the first four islands, so you're going to get sick of collecting them if you want them all.

Buy them from Big the Cat in the fishing areas

In addition to collecting the memory fragments for each island as we have said above, you can also obtain these items in a much more comfortable way through the Big the Cat fishing areas.

  • Simply visit a fishing area and use purple coins to fish.
  • Get tokens by fishing and when you have enough, exchange them for Big's treasures.
  • You will be able to buy certain amounts of Souvenir Shards from Big.

What are memory fragments for?

Each of the memory fragments associated with a friend of Sonic are used to advance in the history of each island and unlock more missions.

  • When you visit an island for the first time: these memory fragments are essential to be able to free our friend from the cybernetic cage.
  • Each friend: asks for a different amount of their own memory shards to release (for example Amy asks for 5 or Knuckles asks for 30).
  • After freeing our friend from his cage: we will still have to continue collecting more memory fragments to be able to continue with the story.
We will be able to find each friend in different locations on their island, and we will always have to give them fragments to progress in the plot.

Therefore, and in short, memory fragments allow us to unlock story missions in addition to dialogue sequences with Sonic's friends. They are a vital collectible item for progressing in the game, so don't forget to collect all the ones you see on your way.