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Sonic Frontiers: How to drain the lake water on Ares Island (Solution)

 This is what you need to do to be able to overcome the puzzle of draining the water in the lake of Ares Island during the story of Sonic Frontiers. Follow our steps to solve it!

The mission "Drain the water to continue" is one of the main puzzles that we find in the story of Sonic Frontiers as part of the mysteries that we must solve to advance in the adventure. In this case, it is the second serious puzzle that you will have to overcome, specifically on the second island, Ares Island.

As it will surely give you a headache to reach the final solution to this mystery, we have prepared this specific entry in our guide in which we show you step by step what you must do to be able to solve the puzzle as easily as possible.

Solution to drain water from the lake

At some point, while helping Knuckles in the Ares Island story, you will have to drain the water from a lake in the center of the island in order to continue advancing. Then the mission "Drain the water to continue" will be activated and you must use a cannon in the area to break the plug that blocks the passage of water.

In case you are not clear about what to do at this point, we will explain it below :

  • Firstly: Approach a cannonball that you will see near Knuckles' position in the lake, on a pedestal (the bullet is shaped like a missile or torpedo).
  • Perform a cyber spin: around the cannonball so you can pick it up with your hands and move it.
  • Before time runs out: Cross over to the other side of the side with the bullet so you can insert it into the big cannon here.
  • When you have loaded the cannon: you will have to aim where you want to shoot the bullet.
  • Aim straight: toward the platform above the lake, which is connected by a chain. Specifically, you must aim at the symbol that resembles a target (the one in the image below).

Solution to drain water from the lake

Shoot the cannonball right at this target and you'll break the chain to release the plug blocking the lake's water. Thus, finally, the water of the lake will be drained and you will be able to continue with your adventures on the island. It wasn't too complicated, huh?