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Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Cell Keys Easily (Methods)

 We show you the methods by which you can get cell keys in Sonic Frontiers. Get hold of them so you can collect the Chaos Emeralds and progress through the game!

The Chaos cell keys are one of the most important items that you must gather throughout your game of Sonic Frontiers since these keys allow you to break the seals that surround the Chaos Emeralds and in this way you can collect them to continue advancing in the game.

In your first few hours, you may be wondering where these cell keys are located and how you can easily get them. If that is your case, do not worry because below in this entry of our guide we will show you all the related details and methods to accumulate a large number of keys.

How do you get cell keys?

Chaos cell keys in Sonic Frontiers can be obtained through the following two methods :

  • Completing stages and missions: look for the portals on each island and overcome the cyberspace levels.
  • Finding treasures around the world: Sometimes you can come across treasures hidden in the ground that have a blue glow. Perform a cyber spin on the area to reveal the treasure (maybe keys or other rewards).
How do you get cell keys

Additionally, you can also travel to a fishing area and exchange treasure tokens to acquire more cell keys if you are short of them (although they are not the cheapest items).

Best method to get keys

It should be noted that the best and most reliable method when it comes to obtaining keys is by carrying out the missions that are in each of the phases of cyberspace. All phases present a total of 4 missions to carry out that always maintain their objectives as follows:

  • Reach the Goal: Simply reach the end of a stage to complete this mission.
  • Get an S rank time: Each stage has times in which they can be completed. S rank is always the shortest time possible, so you'll have to be really quick to get it.
  • Finish with a certain number of rings: while you run through the stages of the phases, try to collect as many rings as possible. Each phase has its own target amount.
  • Obtain the Red Star Rings: In every stage, there are 5 Red Star Rings to collect and some are in hard-to-reach or hidden positions. Find them all.
For each of these missions that you complete, you will be rewarded with 1 Chaos Cell Key, but also, if you complete all four missions in one phase, you get an extra prize with 3 additional keys. Therefore, beating a portal with all missions done gives you a total amount of 7 cell keys.

While clearing all the quests in the stages is of course something reserved for more experienced players, it's well worth the effort if you're short on keys and need to get quite a few to keep progressing. Do not forget!