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Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Portal Parts Easily

 We show you the methods by which you can get portal parts in Sonic Frontiers. Get hold of them to unlock access to the portals and stages!

Among all the items that you can find in Sonic Frontiers, one of the most important are the portal pieces (those that are shaped like gears), because thanks to these you will be able to access the cyberspace portals that allow you to play phases with which keep progressing.

In your first few hours with the game, you may be wondering where the portal pieces are located and how you can easily get them. If that is your case, do not worry because later in this entry of our guide we will show you all the related details.

How do you get portal pieces?

How do you get portal pieces?

Portal Pieces in Sonic Frontiers can be obtained through the following three main methods:

  • Defeating Guardians - Powerful enemies that appear on islands marked with red-crossed sword icons almost always reward you with portal tokens.
  • Defeating Enemies: Normal enemies roaming the world can also randomly drop these pieces when defeated (although less likely).
  • Breaking boxes: sometimes you can also find this type of pieces by breaking the boxes that you find around the world.
It should be noted that the best method to accumulate portal pieces is to defeat guardians because they have a high chance of dropping this type of item as a reward.

Even with everything, any of the methods that we have described can be done infinitely if you are in need of portal pieces, because the enemies and the boxes respawn after a night of meteor showers (a random event which "resets" the island you're on so you can continue getting resources).

Additionally, we can also tell you that it is possible to travel to a fishing area and exchange treasure tokens to acquire more portal pieces. In the fishing area of ​​the first island, this is not possible, but it is in others, such as Ares Island.