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Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Power and Defense Seeds (Red and Blue)

 We show you the methods by which you can get Red Power Seeds and Blue Defense Seeds in Sonic Frontiers. Get them to improve Sonic's strength and endurance!

One of the most valuable items that we can get hold of in Sonic Frontiers are the so-called red power seeds and blue defense seeds. As its name already suggests, these seeds help us to improve both Sonic's strength on the one hand and the resistance to blows from enemies on the other.

In your first few hours with the game, you may be wondering where these two types of seeds are found, how you can get them, and how to use them to enhance Sonic's power. If that is your case, do not worry because below in this entry of our guide we show you all the related details.

How do you get the seeds of power and defense?

How do you get the seeds of power and defense

The seeds of power and defense in Sonic Frontiers can be obtained through the same methods and are the following:

  • Completing Challenges – All challenges that unlock parts of the map reward both red and blue seeds (each challenge gives you one or the other).
  • Defeating Guardians – Powerful enemies that appear on islands marked with red-crossed sword icons can drop these types of seeds randomly.
  • Defeating enemies: Normal enemies that roam the world can also randomly drop these seeds when defeated.
  • Breaking boxes: some rare times you can find this type of seeds by breaking the boxes that you find around the world.
Remember that both red and blue seeds can be obtained as we have explained, but you never know for sure which of the two types you will receive as a reward. If you want to make sure you get these items, we recommend that you solve the challenges of each map, since it is the guaranteed way to accumulate seeds.

Additionally, you can also travel to a fishing area and exchange treasure tokens to acquire more seeds of power and defense if you are short of them (in this case you are allowed to choose the one you prefer).

Where are the seeds used?

Both types of seeds in the game can be used on the hermit koco character, which can be found on every island in the game. It is to this being that you must give the seeds of power and defense that you have accumulated in your adventures.

As we have already mentioned in the guide, red seeds increase Sonic's strength level (so his punches deal more damage to enemies) and blue seeds increase stamina. Both levels can be increased to a maximum of 99.