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Sonic Frontiers: How to get skill pieces and level up fast

 We show you the best methods and tricks to farm skill pieces fast in Sonic Frontiers. So you can level up at lightning speed very easily.

When leveling up in Sonic Frontiers to improve the blue hedgehog's offensive capabilities, players must collect skill pieces. These pieces give us points with which to progress in the game's skill tree, acquiring new special movements.

Of course, you may be wondering how you can get a lot of skill pieces fast. Fortunately, there are several methods and especially a trick that is infallible to farm Sonic level up in a short time (and with little effort). If you want to know more details, keep reading this entry of our guide in which we show you what you should do.

Methods to farm skill pieces

Methods to farm skill pieces

Skill parts in Sonic Frontiers can be obtained through the following two main methods:

  • Defeating enemies: Any enemy you see around the world is a good source of skill pieces, most drop these pieces with a high probability and in large quantities.
  • Breaking boxes - explore the world and look for boxes that can be broken by hitting them. There are usually many in different areas.
Both one method and another can be carried out infinitely because the enemies and the boxes are generated again after a night of rain of stars, a random event that "resets" the island you are on so you can continue getting resources. Still, you can also travel from one island to another if you don't want to wait for the rain of stars.

Additionally, you can also travel to a fishing area and exchange treasure tokens to acquire more skill pieces if you are short of them.

The best trick to level up very quickly

If you really want to get a lot of skill pieces in a short time, then you should consider an excellent cheat that helps you gain skill pieces almost effortlessly and very quickly and it is related to one of the skills that can be unlocked early in the game.

We refer to the ability called Aerobatics, which allows you to perform stunts on certain jumps while Sonic is in the air to accumulate skill pieces. This skill only costs 5 skill points, so you can buy it almost at the beginning and from that moment start implementing the trick we are referring to.

How is it done exactly? Very easy, you just have to keep this in mind:

  • With the ability already acquired: you must look for some special jump where Sonic can release sparks (allowing you to perform stunts in the air).
  • You will recognize this type of jump: because the bounce that you use or the hoop will emit glitter, like the one in the image that we attach below.
The best trick to level up very quickly

  • Perform this jump: and while you're in the air quickly shake Sonic's movement stick to make him do stunts.
  • Do not stop doing stunts until you reach the ground: to accumulate as many skill pieces as possible in the jump.
When you land, you will immediately see the number of skill pieces you have go up. Sometimes, depending on how long the jump is and the number of stunts you do, you can accumulate over 100 skill pieces or even more. Best of all, this can be repeated as many times as you want, so it's an infinite trick to get skill pieces.

Just look for a jump of this type and repeat your stunts over and over again until you get bored. In just a few minutes you can farm many levels to acquire all of Sonic's abilities very quickly.