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Sonic Frontiers: How To Unlock Fast Travel And Teleportation

 Do you want to fast travel through the great maps of Sonic Frontiers? Then you must meet certain special requirements; we show you what to do to unlock the teleports.

Sonic Frontiers: How To Unlock Fast Travel And Teleportation

Exploring the islands of Sonic Frontiers takes time, because these scenarios are very wide, with lots of platforms and areas to entertain ourselves. But what if we want to move even faster? Does fast travel exist in this game? The answer is yes, but they are not available from the beginning, instead, you have to unlock them.

To help you in this task, below we have prepared this entry in our guide in which we show you how to unlock teleports and fast travel in each Sonic Frontiers map.

How to unlock fast travel on each island?

On all islands in Sonic Frontiers, you can fast-travel to the stage portals, but initially, this is an option that is not available by default. Actually, you have to meet a requirement to unlock these fast trips, and it is as follows:

  • You must complete all challenges on an island in order to use portal teleportation.
  • That is, you have to unlock the entire map of an island to unlock the fast travel feature.
If you need help finding all the challenges and completing them, feel free to visit our related guide. Once you reveal the entire map of an island, all the portals in the main stages can be used as fast travel, allowing you to move faster to different places.

How to get teleport scrolls

In addition to fast travel to portals, Sonic Frontiers also introduces one more option for fast travel, and that is the ability to get teleport scrolls from Koco Hermit and Koco Elder.

  • On each island in the game, you can find and visit the fishing area to play Big the Cat's fishing mini-game.
  • By fishing for fish there is a rare chance to get a scroll of teleportation.
  • There is a scroll dedicated to the Hermit Koco and another scroll dedicated to the Ancient Koco in each fishing area on each island.
  • Obtaining the teleport scroll from one of these characters unlocks fast travel to all of their locations on the island.
Remember that in order to play the fishing mini-game you will need to use purple coins. Teleport scrolls are quite rare items and it is not easy to get one when fishing. You'll have to push a bit, but by playing a few tries you can get them relatively easily and this way you'll have even more fast travel teleportation options around each island.

You don't even need to unlock all the challenges on an island to get the koco teleport scrolls, you can unlock these koco fast trips earlier, keep that in mind.