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Sonic Frontiers: Trick to get infinite turbo and run very fast

 We show you a special trick that you can perform very easily in Sonic Frontiers to activate an infinite turbo that allows you to run without ever exhausting yourself.

The fastest blue hedgehog in video games can be extremely fast in the new adventure titled Sonic Frontiers, however, when we use the turbo we have a "stamina" bar that progressively depletes. Although we can improve Sonic's turbo level by finding lost kocos, the turbo always wears off after a while.

But, what many gamers surely don't know is that there is actually a cheat to get infinite turbo. Yes, as you read it. So you can use it as much as you want without ever running out. If you want to know how to activate this valuable trick, keep reading this entry in our guide.

How to activate infinite turbo?

In Sonic Frontiers there is a secret trick that allows you to activate an infinite turbo indicator, which means that when you use Sonic's turbo, he will never tire and you can continue running at full speed as long as you want.

Performing this trick is very easy and can be done in any open-world zone while exploring the islands. To be able to activate the cheat, all you have to do is use Sonic's cyber spin ability, the first ability that is unlocked in the game and that is mandatory to advance in the story.

  • What you have to do to activate the infinity turbo is to use the cyber spin by drawing an infinity symbol on the ground.
  • When using the cyber spin, Sonic leaves a bluish trail wherever he goes.
  • Hold the cyber spin button while moving and make an infinity symbol on the ground with your movements (like the one you can see in the image below).
How to activate infinite turbo

If you do it right, the infinity turbo indicator should automatically activate . You will see an infinity symbol inside the turbo circle when you use it and Sonic's body will emit blue sparks.

The cool thing is that the infinity you draw on the ground doesn't even have to be perfect . It is enough that it looks quite similar to an infinity symbol so that the trick is immediately activated. That's all, now you know how to perform this trick, which is undoubtedly the most useful.