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Sonic Frontiers: What are the Rings for and how to get them fast

Sonic Frontiers: What are the Rings for and how to get them fast

We show you what is the usefulness of the Rings (rings) that you can collect everywhere in Sonic Frontiers and we give you a vital trick so that you accumulate many quickly.

Rings, also called rings, are the most characteristic item in Sonic games and, how could it be otherwise, in Sonic Frontiers there are thousands of them all over the stages for us to collect. These golden rings of course have an essential utility in this installment of the franchise, but if you are new here and wonder what they are for or how you can get many in a short time, then we will tell you about it in this entry of our guide.

What are the Rings for?

Rings in Sonic Frontiers serve to determine Sonic's vitality in the game. In other words, the Rings represent the life that Sonic has and that is why when he receives hits from enemies he loses a certain amount of these rings. If the Rings reach zero, Sonic faints and the last checkpoint is charged.

  • Fortunately, in this game, Sonic doesn't lose all of his Rings when he gets hit (at least not in the open world, although this does happen during the portal phases ).
  • Note that depending on the level of defense you have, Sonic will lose fewer Rings with each hit (defense can be increased with blue seeds ).
  • At the beginning of the game, Sonic can carry a maximum of 400 Rings, but this limit can be increased by giving Lost Koco to the Ancient Koco.
  • The Rings also keep Sonic in his Super Sonic transformation during fights against Titans (they are lost as time progresses in these battles).
Now, the real function of the Rings in Sonic Frontiers and why they are very useful is because of what happens when you reach the maximum number of Rings that Sonic can carry. Upon accumulating the maximum number of Rings, a short sequence appears in which Sonic charges up with energy and emits blue sparks, activating his boosted turbo From him.

Boosted Turbo means that as long as you don't lose Rings and have as many Rings as possible, Sonic will be able to run and move around the world even faster. Something that, as you can imagine, is very beneficial to explore all corners and jump from here to there at lightning speed.

How to get Rings very fast?

In Sonic Frontiers Rings can be obtained very easily since lots of them appear everywhere in the scenarios. However, there is a foolproof method if you need to collect Rings quickly and in large quantities:

  • Use Sonic's cyber spin ability anywhere to perform circles.
  • By doing this, Sonic can unearth random amounts of Rings in just one second.
  • The Rings that are achieved by this method can range from just five to larger amounts that are close to fifty.
  • Most of the time you receive around 10 to 20 rings with each cyberspin.

Therefore, since the cyber spin can be done anywhere, it is as simple as doing it over and over again without stopping. In just one minute you can accumulate more than 100 or 200 rings easily and effortlessly.

Of course, you can also do other things like traversing platforms, rails, and bouncers where there are many rings to increase your count. Breaking boxes is another excellent source of rings in this game. You can even acquire them at the Big the Cat fishing grounds.

Surely it will not be difficult for you to obtain rings as you move around the islands.