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Sonic Frontiers: Where to find the lost koco creatures

 Here's how you can locate missing koco creatures in Sonic Frontiers and their most frequent spawn locations. Collect them to improve Sonic's maximum speed and rings!

Sonic Frontiers: Where to find the lost koco creatures

Through the different areas of Sonic Frontiers, players can find some curious little creatures that are lost and are known under the name of kocos. These friendly beings can be gathered in a group and, in fact, they are very useful since they help us to improve Sonic's speed or the maximum number of rings.

In your first hours with the game, you may be wondering where the lost kocos are and what their locations are on the islands. If that is your case, do not worry because in this entry of our guide we will show you all the details related to the kocos so that you know how to find them.

Where are the lost kocos?

Where are the lost kocos?

Lost Kocos can spawn in a multitude of areas as you explore the game's islands, but can often be seen most frequently in the following locations:

  • Near the portals of the phases, raised on the pedestals or behind them, for example.
  • Around the platforms where there are Chaos Emeralds.
  • In ruins and buildings of various types.
  • In the vicinity where there is a hermit koco or an ancient koco.

We recommend that you do not lose sight of these types of spaces that we have mentioned since it is more likely that you will come across the kocos in them. Although of course they are almost everywhere, so try to keep your eyes peeled so you don't lose sight of them; being so small they can be easily missed and even hard to make out on stage.

Pay attention to their sounds, as the kocos make characteristic little sounds when you pick one up, so this can be a very good clue that you are in an area where there is a group of these tadpoles.

Additionally, we can also tell you that it is possible to travel to a fishing area and exchange treasure tokens to acquire more lost kocos if you need more. This can be a good way to accumulate them if you are too lazy to search the world for them. And another way to get random kocos is during the nightly star shower events, by collecting star fragments that fall from the sky (although these showers are quite rare, they are worth taking advantage of when you come across one).

To whom do you have to deliver the kocos?

All the lost kocos you collect in the game can be used with the ancient koco character, which can be found on all the islands in the game. It is to this being that you must deliver the kocos that you have accumulated in your adventures.

As we have already mentioned in the guide, the lost kocos serve to increase the speed of Sonic and also to increase the number of maximum rings that he can carry with him. Each level of these two types of upgrade needs a total of 10 lost koco to upgrade by one level (up to a maximum of level 99).

You can freely choose to upload one or the other improvement according to your preferences, but if for whatever reason you regret how you have invested the kocos, you can also visit the hermit koco to exchange speed levels or rings.