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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me: Save everyone and unlock Happy Ending - Game Guide

 Of course, in The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me you can save all characters and unlock the Happy Ending trophy. In order to achieve that, you need to keep a few things in mind. We tell you how you will save all members of the crew.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me: Save everyone and unlock Happy Ending

General rules to be able to save everyone

There are three rules you must follow if you want to save all characters:

  1. The most important rule! Creates the crucial quicktime events (this includes hiding).
  2. Make the right choice when it comes to important decisions.
  3. Somewhat optional: Be nice to each other with all characters.

The first rule is clear, but depending on the level of difficulty, you will face a different challenge here. If you want to get through all the characters to unlock the Happy Ending trophy, we recommend playing the game on easy. This way you don't have to work very hard to reach your goal. It is a fact that botching the quicktime events is the most common cause of death in the game.

You don't necessarily have to be nice to each other if you want to save all the characters. But it can be a little easier to work together at one point or another. Here we recommend you to take a look at the trophies. The relationships between the crew members are particularly important for this.

Making the right decisions can thwart you a lot more here. One wrong decision and a character is irretrievably dead.

With these decisions, you save all characters

So that you can save everyone, we have put together a list of the most important events for you. Some of these choices can be deadly if you make them in ways other than what we have indicated. These decisions are marked "CAN END DEATH!".

  • Prologue: The hotel guests aren't among the characters you need to save to unlock the happy ending. So you can let off steam here as you wish.
  • CAN BE FATAL! Erin in the Dark Room: When the man offers you the inhaler, be sure to select "Take" and use it.
  • Charlie in the basement with the janitor tied up: either you resign or you stay. We decided to "stay" at this point.
  • Kate in her room: You talk to Mark about the amethyst and then put it away. Collect it again when you can control Kate again. This doesn't decide about your survival, but it makes later quicktime events easier for you.
  • CAN BE FATAL! Erin at The Silver Ash Institute: When Jamie yells over the mic for you to hide in the closet, be sure to do so and select the Hide option. Otherwise, Erin dies.
  • CAN BE FATAL! Charlie in the Incinerator: If Charles explores the basement, he will be locked in the incinerator. You have the option of either lifting the grate or breaking open the door. Choose Raise Grid. It doesn't work right away and you'll be faced with a decision again. Again, select "raise grid" and don't let the end of the video sequence unsettle you.
  • CAN BE FATAL! Erin and Kate locked in the air chamber: Choose to kill Kate here. She will survive. At this point, only Erin can die.
  • Charlie in the Garbage Disposal: Once you've completed all of the Quicktime events so that Charles didn't fall into the garbage disposal in the first place, you'll have to decide whether to go back or hide. The decision doesn't matter here, but the botched Quicktime events can kill you.
  • Jamie, Kate and Erin plan to lock up the killer: when it comes to whether Jamie should keep the screwdriver or give it to Kate, choose Jamie to keep it. Select the "Confident: you take him" option.
  • Jamie lures the killer into a trap: Once you have completed all of the Quicktime events, you must choose between "bluffing" and "running away". The decision has no effect on your survival. If the trap should snap shut, you can also choose both answers.
  • CAN BE FATAL! Jamie and Kate are locked in the glass room: Depending on who has the screwdriver here, who survives. If Jamie has the screwdriver, you can't press the red button. If Kate has it, you have to press the button.
  • Kate is being pursued by the rooftop killer: Complete the quicktime events and choose to stay when given the choice to run away. After that, you can decide again whether you run or hide. Choose Hide and Pass the Quicktime events. If you make other decisions, you have to pass more quicktime events.
  • CAN BE FATAL! Kate and Killer fight on the roof: If you don't manage to press all the buttons in time, the killer threatens to push Kate off the roof. If you can ask Jamie for help, then choose "Emphatically: Run!". Otherwise, Jamie dies while Kate is able to survive the fall.

After coming down from the roof, the killer will drive you into a maze. In the following video, we show you how to exit it again.

  • CAN BE FATAL! Killer tracks Kate, Jamie, and Erin to the barn: After you get the barn door shut, you have the choice to lock it or run away. Choose "Run Away" here.
  • Cop fights the killer on the jetty: If you, as Erin, can decide whether Mark should run or get the gun, then select "Definitely, grab the gun!". With the pepper spray, you can later in the fight better.
  • Jamie fights the killer on the boat: it doesn't matter whether she jumps or attacks because she ends up in the water either way. Pay attention to the Quicktime events.
  • The killer threatens to kill Mark on the boat: If you, as Kate, have to decide whether you want to jump off the boat or help Mark, then you can choose freely. Mark will not die from this decision alone. With the pepper spray and the fulfilled Quicktime events, you are on the safe side anyway.
If you followed all our instructions, then you could save all characters. Keep in mind that there may be variations depending on the choices you've made in your game. This was our path to a happy ending.