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The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me walkthrough - game guide

 Detailed walkthrough with getting the best ending in the game

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me walkthrough - game guide

A new interactive movie game from Supermassive Games takes players to Holmes' Castle of Murder Hotel. In this dangerous place, the main characters will have to try to survive in a fight with a maniac. In our material, we will talk about the passage of the game, mark the location of various secret documents and items, and also list the mandatory actions that must be performed to save all the characters.

How to play The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me

In the first chapter, as in the previous parts of the series, the player will be introduced to the main mechanics of the project. Throughout the game, users need to perform QTEs related to the timely pressing of buttons, choosing cover, holding their breath, and other standard actions for the series. To successfully complete the storyline, we recommend choosing positive dialogue lines that will improve relationships with other party members and open love lines. The guide will definitely note the most important events for the plot and their consequences.

World Exhibition Hotel

We watch the opening cut scene in which Marie and Jeff arrive at Holmes' hotel. The heroine will have to manage. For further settlement, it is necessary to check in the visitor's log. To do this, use a pen and put a signature in the book. Marie needs to select one item from the counter. We take away the bath foam or soap - this choice will not significantly affect the plot.

On the way to the room, the heroes will go into a room closed for repairs. We successfully perform a breath-hold and do not catch the eye of a hotel employee.

Having reached the number, we learn to strike with the help of throws with pillows. We go with her husband to the bathroom and try to open the door. After a short cut-scene, control will pass to Jeff. We walk along the corridor and rest against the door - we try to open it and successfully perform QTE, otherwise the hero will die.

We look behind Marie behind the screen and try to escape from the maniac. We press buttons, but we die. Save Marie and Jeff from the villain will not work. If Jeff did not fall down, then the man will be in the gas chamber. The couple will see each other die.

In this case, we will open the achievement "Till Death Do Us Part - 2" . If Marie does not look behind the screen, then the killer will strangle the girl, and the heroes will not see each other through the glass. At the end of the chapter, a standard anthology introductory video will begin.


The curator will talk about obols, and special coins that are needed to open additional materials. After talking with the man and watching the cut scene, we will find ourselves in front of the ferry. Charlie and Mark will go to explore the nearby area. We are moving along a linear path and using different platforms.

On the way, we examine the danger sign and continue on our way.

We pass through the tree and get to the metal gate.

We pass into the cave, climb through the hole and go through the tree.

We move between the rocks and go to the lighthouse. On the left path, we get to a small one-story building.

We climb inside on the right side and study two records.

We go back, and to the left of the main gate, we make our way into the courtyard in front of the white building.

On the ground, we find a box. Hack it and get the first coin.

We move a large container to the building and climb inside through the window.

We immediately take cover behind the pieces of wood and go to the next room.

On the right on the wall, we examine the scheme "Exploded". We continue through the hole.

We rise to the top floor and with the help of a small staircase, we exit to the lighthouse. We set off with the guide and other members of the film crew to the island by ferry.


With the help of cunning, the group will split up, and Jamie and Kate will go to inspect the closed part of the island.

We follow the path forward and find secret number 10 - "Shoe".

We continue the path and in front of the sign near the grate on the left, we raise the coin.

The girls need to climb the ledges, jump over the platforms and go through the tree to a small one-story building. We pass through it and near the lattice we hide behind the leaves from the group.

At the burnt building on the left side, we jump over the fence. Inside the house, we find the scheme "Turning away".

With the help of a friend, we cross the wagon.

We go further and at the house, we find a coin. We use the ledges and get to the car. To start electricity, we climb up the stairs and jump down.

Use the lever and start the generator.

On the upper platform on the right, you can find a coin.

We approach the electrical panel and with the help of a hint we use the hint for the correct use of the switches. We sequentially launch six buttons - from the top left, we move to the right, down, left, down, and right, as indicated in the yellow diagram. After that, be sure to activate the lower left switch, and then click on the last lower button on the right. With the help of the approaching wagon, we climb to the other side. We hide from a man in a yellow jacket behind a stone.

At the trees on the right, we find secret number 20 - "Heel". Here we climb up and return to our colleagues.


This chapter does not contain any important items or important events for the plot. To develop a relationship with Erin, you need to use positive dialogue options. To do this, you must also approach her and try to seduce. Charlie will visit Jamie and Erin. After communication, we will go in search of cigarettes.


At the end of the conversation with Erin, we go along the corridor forward.

In two dead-end corridors on the way to the lobby, we find a business card and a coin.

In the corner of the balcony, we pick up another coin. On the same tier, we examine the documents on the table and open secret No. 33 - “Invitation for the Morello family ”.

In two dead-end corridors on the way to the lobby, we find a business card and a coin.

In the corner of the balcony, we pick up another coin. On the same tier, we examine the documents on the table and open secret No. 33 - “Invitation for the Morello family ”.

We go down to the lobby and approach the reception desk.

We go behind it and open the top cabinet with a business card. We examine the item inside and open the secret number 19 - "Welcome Card". We also flip through the pages with the names of visitors in the folder on the counter and unlock secret No. 12 - “Guest Registration Log”.

We pass through the double doors and try to enter the bar. The door will be closed, so we return to the reception desk and find the key to the bar to the right of the magazine. We go back and go into the room with the animatronic.

To the right of the entrance on the table, we examine the newspapers and open the secret number 14 - "News from the first page".

To the left of the entrance on the wall, we find the scheme "Burned".

We move to the left of the bar and unlock another secret #43 - "Invitation to the Grand Opening". We are trying to get cigarettes, but without a token, it will not work.

We open the cash register next to the animatronic and find the necessary item. We insert it into the machine for the issuance of cigarettes and go towards the exit.


After talking with Kate, we follow the corridor. We are trying to enter a friend's room, but she will not allow it.

We rise one floor higher and in the corridor on the left on the wall we study the scheme "All Together". We go forward and in the office of the owner of the hotel, we approach the desktop.

We examine the book on it and find secret No. 22 - “J. Morello, a book about Holmes". In the next flight, we approach the bookshelf - a book is hidden on the upper tier. You can get it with a selfie stick.

We examine the found item and open secret No. 29 - "Newspaper clipping". In the next room, we activate the voice recorder and find another secret number 13 - "Recording of the interrogation of Sherman 1 ". Use the ladder to climb up and drop the container. Move the item forward to the wall with the hole. We climb through it into the next room.

To the left of the stairs, we find a coin and move a large cabinet to the side wall.

We go up the stairs, jump over the platforms and drop the stairs down. Again we move the large closet back, climb up and get to the room with the key.

We pick up the item, go out to Kate and open the door to the balcony. After talking with a friend, we go to dinner with colleagues.


A short episode in which you need to chat with the group over dinner. No important events will happen.


We go out into the lobby and along the corridor, we get to the scheme "Stab wound". After a while, the lights will go out in the hotel, so Erin will have to use the flashlight and move further down the hallway.

We pass into the room and approach the music player hanging on the wall. We examine it to complete the chapter.

Staff only

Jamie is trying to set up the equipment for filming an episode of the show. The spotlight will turn off, so the girl needs to turn on the generator. We follow forward along the corridor and reach the next room. We examine the document on the table to the right of the entrance and open secret No. 39 - “Check from the auction”. We move forward and on the right, on the floor, we find another entry. We inspect it and unlock secret No. 32 - “Invoice for repairs”.

Through the left door, we find ourselves in a room where secret No. 46 is hidden in the top drawer of the table - “Amendments to the will”. We return back to the utility room and use the code "0451" on the panel to get to the generator.

Activate the switches in the correct order. Use the yellow diagram on the left as a hint. We start turning on the buttons from the lower right switch and move left, up, right, and up twice. After that, activate the upper left button, and then go down one key. From the back room, we move through the right door to the assembly hall. On the wall to the left of the entrance, activate the red button to remove the curtain. We examine the left mannequin.

Near the right animatronic, we raise the cassette from the floor, so that after listening to it, open secret No. 49 - “Recording of Sherman's interrogation 2”. We return to the lobby and communicate with the director of the show.

In the darkness

Fast forward to Erin, who will be locked in a small room. We take away the inhaler from the man so that the girl survives. You can also try to attack him, but not more than once. If you try again, the heroine will pierce the villain with her device. Because of this, the maniac will get angry and kill Erin.

blood trail

The film crew will leave Erin alone in her room.

We return to the lobby and find a business card near the nearest chair.

We examine the mess and at the wall, we study the scheme "Extracted". We follow further. At the next fork, we go right.

On the way to the left near the wall, we raise the coin and get to the end of the corridor.

We examine the note and open the secret number 15 - "Memorandum of the FBI".

We come back and go to the other side of the hotel. Jamie and Charlie will reach the locked cage. The man will step on the button. We use any available option since both actions will not affect the plot in any way. It is better to immediately move away from the grate so as not to get injured by the maniac.


Control will pass to Kate. Optionally, we keep the crystal for ourselves or accept the arguments of a friend to leave the item in the room. This choice will not significantly affect the plot, as this artifact can be left unused even until the end of the game. We get to the group, but the wall will begin to close and block the path of the film crew. In this situation, if you unsuccessfully press the buttons marked on the screen, the wall can press Charlie's hand and crush it. With this development of events, the achievement "Just reach out" will open.


In this episode, Jamie and Charlie must go downstairs and get to the refrigerator. On the way under the stairs, we pick up the coin and go inside the room.

In the far right corner of the room, we examine the body in the film to find secret No. 24 - "Natalie's Remains". We examine the door handle on the left - Charlie will try to open it and fall into the basement.

Silver Ash

Erin will not be able to get out of the room, so she will go forward through the opened passage. The girl will be in Silver Ash. Before examining the screen, the phone in a transparent box, and the animatronics, you need to go into the room to find secret No. 18 - “Letter from school” on the table. Here we activate the voice recorder and unlock the secret number 37 - "Recording of the interrogation of Sherman 3".

We go back and examine all the missing items. On the advice of a friend, we climb into the closet. If the heroine does not climb inside, then the maniac will find her and kill her.


After a short cut-scene and a conversation with Kate, we examine the corner of the room to find a coin. If desired, we study all the animatronics at the table and open the door. You should not attack the walking person, as Jamie will come to the dining room.


We grab the key for Charlie and use it to open the locked door. In the next room on the table, we find secret No. 35 - “Photograph of the victims ”. At the next counter, we examine another secret number 42 - "Foreman's Journal". We pass through several rooms and sequentially activate the three levers to open the bars and go further.

We move on and take out a coin from the top drawer of the table. In a small dead-end room, use the lever.


Charlie will hear someone scream. We return back to the locked grate and go along the corridors forward. We go into the only open room and examine the cigarettes. The door will close behind Charlie, so the director will be trapped. You can save the hero only by raising the grate. The player does not need to touch the door - it is necessary to select the grate twice in a row. In any other variations, Charlie will be burned alive.


All remaining members of the crew will see Charlie through the monitor. The heroes will be sure of the death of the director. We move further along the corridors. There will be no special difficulties in moving in this chapter. We leave the room and get to the pool. The entrance to the spa will be closed, so we move to the left, climb through the boxes and go up to the second floor. We knock out a small white door with Mark and get into another room. Follow the corridor forward and go right.

We pick up a business card on the floor. We move in the other direction and in the open room we find secret No. 41 - “Resignation letter”.

We continue along the corridor and along various platforms, scaffolding, and pieces of wood. We activate the red button near the cage and take out the key inside.

We open the door and go out to the balcony. On the left, we take a coin from the floor and on the right path, we get to Kate.


A maniac will attack the heroes and drive Erin and Kate into a trap. Mark and Jamie must save one of the heroes. There is a little trick to this situation. If you activate the option to kill Kate, then both girls will be saved. The door to Erin's cell will open, and Mark will be able to knock out the fragile glass to get his girlfriend out of the death trap.


Members of the film crew will continue to run away from the maniac. The killer will split the team, so Mark will accidentally fall into the opened hatch. The hero will be in the basement. We immediately pick up a coin near the grate, and in the neighboring rooms, we hide from the killer behind the shelves and under the table.

In a long corridor on open lockers, we study the severed head of an animatronic to unlock secret No. 25 - “Human Teeth”.


We pass further and hide from the maniac at the table. The man will not immediately go into the room, so we do not get out of hiding, so as not to catch the eye of the villain. After that, on the next table, we find a drill. Mark will improve the monopod and later be able to use it against the maniac.

Opposite the table, we find a screen. Behind it, we examine the scheme "Cunning".

We go further and study secret number 3 - "FBI ID".

Nearby we open secret number 4 - “Photo with FBI cadets”. In the next room, we examine the documents to get secret number 6 - "Conclusion of a psychiatrist". We climb into the ventilation and leave the basement.


We return to the upper floors to Jamie. We follow forward and find the door. We open it and in a dark room, we find a remote control to activate the light. As in previous times, the heroine needs to run each switch in the correct order. We use the yellow sheet with tips to repair the electrical panel. In the first column, we activate the third button, and we go down, to the right, up twice, and to the left. Now there are only two switches left to activate. Alternately use the right and left. Repairing the third shield will unlock the "Shock" achievement.

After activating the lever, Jamie will open a hidden passage. We get to the room and grab a coin from the table.

We study the mirror glowing in red and get into the secret room of the maniac. If desired, we examine each item in the room.

To the left of the entrance on the wall, we examine the scheme "Crushed". We go further and look through the glass to open secret #27 - "Sherman Interrogation Record 4" and complete the episode.


Erin and Kate will be alone. We move forward and get to the room of the Morello family. We immediately study the object on the floor and open secret No. 23 - “J. Morello, a book about Sherman".

With the help of a piece of paper on the bedside table, the girls will be able to get the code combination from the locked door. We go further and find out the name of the dog on the bowl. If you wish, you can explore other things in the room.

We examine the brown table and on the glass, we open another secret number 5 - "Article about Polina's body".

We use the found code "1999" on the corresponding terminal. We follow further.

On the left wall from the passage, we find the scheme "Dragged".

We examine the body behind the mattress and unlock secret number 21 - Mrs. Morello's Animatronic.


In this episode, the player will again be in the incinerator. We follow the corridor and get to a long room with columns.

In the far left corner, we find the container. We move it aside and climb into the next room.

We examine the place between the box and the boxes and find secret number 2 - "FBI Badge". Go ahead and use the switch to turn on the electricity. We start the conveyor with the button and climb onto it.

Charlie will get to the garbage grinder. If you successfully press all the buttons that appear and complete the mini-game, the maniac will not see the hero and leave the room.

Director's number

At the very beginning of the episode, Erin and Kate will meet with Jamie and get to the maniac's secret control room. Immediately we find secret number 7 - "Chicago Police Badge".

We go further and inspect the secret number 47 - "Letter about the mask to order". There are no collectibles on the lower floor, however, the player will be able to examine some of the killer's items. On the upper tier, turn on the voice recorder and open secret No. 38 - “Recording from an answering machine”.

On the wall, we examine the tablet with a picture to unlock the secret number 40 - "Costume Design". To assure the chapter, we find the blue drawing of the hotel. Jamie will offer Kate to take a screwdriver. For the best result, it is recommended to abandon the tool by activating the “Confidence” replica. Otherwise, it will also be possible to save all the heroes, but the relations of the girls will deteriorate.


Jamie, Erin, and Kate decide to lure the killer into a trap. For this, Jamie will act as a decoy. We get to the room and move the barrier to climb inside. We get out into the corridor of the hotel and near the destroyed wall we find the scheme "In the mask".

We examine the floor from the other side and pick up a coin. We get to Silver Ash and run away from the killer. We make a choice at our discretion and ask our friends to close the passage for a maniac. Despite their best efforts, Kate and Jamie end up in a room with a glass wall.

The heroine will have to make a difficult choice - to save herself or her friend. If Jamie has a screwdriver, do not use the button. In this case, both girls will get out of the trap alive.

At the end of the chapter, there will also be an opportunity to chat with the curator.


There are no collectibles in this chapter. For a long period, Kate will have to run away and hide from the manka. If you successfully press all the keys marked on the screen, the girl will be saved from the villain. We always use the "Hide" options and do not try to run away from the killer.

At the end of the episode, near the scaffolding at the edge of the roof, a man will catch Jamie. Be sure to help a friend to save her. Otherwise, the girl will die.


We continue to run away from the maniac, but this time Erin will have to manage. After a successful breath-hold, we do not immediately get off the ledge. In a small nook, we examine the scheme "In search". The labyrinth is simple, so we move forward and get to the wooden stairs.

A coin is hidden to the right of it, and a lever on the table to the left.

We pick up the items, go down back, and along the left path we get to the broken switch. As a hint, we use multi-colored wires that will help not to get lost. We insert the handle and turn on the light.

We return back to the stairs, climb up and activate each button in turn. This will open the secret passage at the monument.

We go down and on the table, we find secret number 26 - "Cutting from the newspaper about the Chicago killer". On the counter in the center, we find a coin. We go further, use a small opening and climb the stairs up. We move along the street and run away from the maniac. In a small building, we do not try to climb to the top floor but immediately run away from the pursuer. Otherwise, Erin will die.

Swimming pool

Mark successfully got out of the maniac's workshop through the ventilation. We immediately jump into the pool to find the key next to the body of the animatronic. With the help of the object, we open the door on the right side of the one-story building and go inside.

We immediately examine the secret number 1 - "Wedding Ring".

We go along the narrow corridor and climb through a small hole. Find a coin in a dead-end room. We go back and go to the door at the end of the building.

Before examining it, we approach the wall on the right to find the Through and Through scheme.


Charlie will be in a small garden. Next to the bushes, we will find a coin.

We move to the left and climb over the fence. This will open the door and pull out the container. We move the object and put it to the right of the locked door. We climb into the next section of the location.

We go further and get over another fence. We pass a little forward, climb a small cliff and get to a large hole. We go down the rope and meet with Mark. Do not press the button to hit the hero.

We climb through the hole in the fence and examine the business card near the tree. We climb with the help of a ladder to the roof visor and push the container. We don't jump down right away.

We move along the visor to the right and climb into a small room. On the wall, we find the scheme "In space", which will show a fragment from the next game of the anthology. In the top cabinet of the table, we examine the secret number 9 - "Children's medical card". We return to Mark and move the dropped container to the entrance to the building. We put the object to the left of the door and climb inside. Charlie will open the door for Mark and the heroes will have a short window of time to inspect a few items in the building.

After the appearance of the maniac, we successfully press the buttons, otherwise, Charlie may die. After leaving the villain, we pass into the next room.

We move the obstacle and study the secret number 11 - "Tablet". Through the container, we climb onto the balcony. We drop the box to open the passage for the heroes.

Here we find a voice recorder and unlock secret No. 16 - “Recording negotiations ”. Together with Mark, we go down and move to the neighboring cliff from the building.


Kate and Jamie will be on the street near the coast.

Behind a small tree on the right, we find a coin and continue our way through the forest.

On the right, you can climb onto the platform and at the top inspect the secret number 44 - "Driver's license".

Nearby lies another secret number 45 - "Photo from the amusement park". With these clues, the player will have more information about the Morales family. We go down and go along the left path along the coast. We rest against a tree and crawl under it.

We go along the dilapidated bridge and reach a small house.

The keys to the door are hidden on the ground to the left.

Inside, we study the body to open secret No. 34 - “The corpse of a man”. We go back to the forest and get to the house. The girls will have to hide from the maniac. Be sure to ask Kate to find shelter using the "Alarm" replica. In this case, it is not necessary to kill the dog. The girlfriend will hit the villain from the back and Jamie and Kate, along with the dog, will get out of the house unharmed.


Mark and Charlie will meet with Erin. The girl will accuse the director of being involved in the events. Be sure to use the replica "Assurance", otherwise, the heroes will tie Charlie and the hero will subsequently die.

On the upper tier, we approach the window and pick up the business card from the floor.

Here, on the table next to the door, we open secret No. 36 - “List of aliases”. We go to the next room.

We examine the box and open the secret number 50 - "Document of awarding an academic degree". We launch two voice recorders.

We continue to climb up the lighthouse and find secret number 30 - "Returned Letter". We also take the key from the box by the window. With this item, the film crew will be able to launch the boat on the pier.

We climb up to the lantern and activate the generator from the back of it. Mark will be able to turn on the device and signal for help.


The girls will also get to the lighthouse. In the kitchen, we immediately study the document on the table to open secret number 8 - “Letter about the opened grave”. In the next room, we inspect the object on the body of the old woman and unlock the secret number 48 - "Children's book". We pass further and climb to the upper tier of the house.


There will be no collectibles in the final chapter. To successfully complete the game, it is recommended to use the "Authority" replica to find the spray can. You won’t be able to take a gun, but even without it, the film crew will be able to cope with the villain.

On the boat, we will alternately switch between different heroes:

  1. Jamie - do not try to attack the villain and leave the boat.
  2. Kate - attack the killer to help Mark.
  3. Mark - use the spray can found earlier on the pier.
  4. Charlie, Erin and the dog will get out of the boat on their own.

After completing all the steps, we watch the final video.

How to save all the heroes

In this section, we will separately note the most important events that will allow you to get the best ending. Earlier we mentioned that it is recommended to always successfully complete mini-games and QTE-activities in order to open a positive ending. Below are the most important choices in the game:

  1. Erin - in the chapter "In the Dark" we take the inhaler from the maniac or try to hit him, but only once. Later in the episode "Silver Ash" we hide in the closet and do not try to open the door. In the chapter "Suffocation" turn the knob to the left and try to kill Kate. In the episode "Labyrinth" we immediately run away from the maniac and do not go up to the top floor.
  2. Charlie - in the chapter "Ignition" do not touch the door and move the grate twice. In the episode "The Lighthouse" we do not tie the director, otherwise, the man will die in the house.
  3. Jamie - in the episode "Reflection" in the presence of a screwdriver, we do not press the button. If Kate has the tool, you will have to activate the key to reverse the movement of the glass wall. In the Chase chapter, the girl will be held hostage by the killer. She needs help to save her from death. In the chapter "Farm" we ask a friend to hide and do not kill the animal - Kate will hit the maniac from the back and the girls will run away from the villain. In the episode "The Lake" we do not try to fight the maniac and jump into the water.
  4. Kate - in the "Reflection" chapter, if Jamie has a screwdriver, we do not press the button.
  5. Mark - in the episode "The Lake" we will definitely activate the replica "Authority" for Erin in order to get a gas canister. Later, on the boat, we try to help the hero for Kate and use the item found.
Unlike the best ending, the good ending does not have a dog, so to open it, you must kill the animal in the Farm chapter. Separately, we note that in order to get the worst ending, it is advisable for the player to fail all actions and make other choices different from our list.