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Todd Howard spoke about the features of dangerous space exploration in Starfield


Todd Howard spoke about the features of dangerous space exploration in Starfield

Starfield is a new ambitious RPG with a huge open world from Bethesda Softworks about which we still don't know as much as we would like. The game will offer a unique and moderately dangerous journey through space, where gamers will find many discoveries. At least that's what the game's chief game designer, Todd Howard, claims.

In a recent podcast, a key developer at Starfield said he has no regrets about the game's release date being pushed back. The team did not take this decision lightly, but it was absolutely correct. The extra time will allow the developers to fine-tune all the mechanics of the project and polish the technical component so that the fans are satisfied.

According to Todd Howard, the space adventure in Starfield will be moderately dangerous for gamers. Each system of planets differs from each other by a given level, which reflects the degree of danger of its study. With a high level, more difficult enemies will come, there will be more of them, but not everything will be tied to opponents. Some planets will simply be dangerous to explore without the appropriate equipment and the required level. As Howard notes, suits that are resistant to toxic environments or high temperatures will often come in handy on your adventures.

Other interesting details about Starfield :

  • Getting stuck in space without fuel will not work, but perhaps this idea will be implemented later in hardcore mode;
  • The player's suits can provide additional resistance to toxins, temperatures, and other effects, which will be useful on different planets;
  • In the game it will be possible to meet assistant robots and hostile robots;
  • The world of Starfield is generated by tiles, just like in past Bethesda games. The developers made realistic landscapes, connected them together, and then wrapped them around the planet;
  • The team introduced limits on the number of planets in order to spend more time detailing each one;
  • Between planets, you may encounter cargo ships and other spacecraft that can contact you;
  • The player will see how the spaceships leave the spaceports in real-time.
Starfield is scheduled to release next year for PC and Xbox consoles.