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Treasure map guide in God of War: Ragnarök

 How to find all treasure maps and the places depicted on them

Treasure map guide in God of War: Ragnarök

You will first learn about treasure maps at the end of the story quest "The Secret of Groa", which you complete with Tyr in Alfheim. Each card points to a specific location that you must find in order to dig up the treasure. If you do not have a map, then there will be no treasure in this place. The reward for finding treasures will be different, and we indicate it in our guide.

Gold of the Vulture

You will receive this side quest and map after you complete the story mission "The Secret of Groa" and Tyr leaves you. Stay in Alfheim and go through the hole in the wall next to the Mystic Gate in Strand. Having done this, move deeper into the location. On the right, Odin's raven flies over the abyss. Pick up the moment and throw an ax at it. A little further on the ledge will be the gates of the new region "Canyons". To their left is the runestone "Supernatural" (legends). Next to the mystic gate is Sindri's shop. Look in the chest if there are resources there. Sindri will have a new request for you, Secrets of the Sands.

Move deep into the location on the wagon to get to the "Plains". Follow diagonally to the right and forward and look for a huge skeleton with a skull, inside of which a fire is burning. Go there and you will see a shiny golden dot on the ground. Excavate this pile (available when you have a treasure map) to find the following items: Shattered Rune, Stonewood, Dwarven Steel, Refined Crystal, Postmortem Blast accessory. Map completed!

To be continued...