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Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy, how to get them?

 For the launch of Tower of Fantasy, Twitch Drops are available and offered to players. We tell you how to get them back.

Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy, how to get them?

Tower of Fantasy is finally available and to celebrate the release of the title, the Twitch streaming platform, and the game developers have teamed up to offer Twitch Drops.

These rewards, which notably include nuclei, can be obtained by following a partner streamer in the operation for a given time. We are therefore going to tell you how to get them, but also the gifts that are offered.

How to receive the Twitch Drops offered for the release of Tower of Fantasy?

If you want to claim the various rewards that are offered in the Twitch Drops from Thursday, November 24 to Monday, November 28, you will have to follow the instructions below.

  • Head over to the Tower of Fantasy website 
  • On this page, then press the Twitch login button
  • Accept the link to your Twitch account by clicking Allow
  • Now create an account by pressing the "New user sign up" button or log in by pressing one of the buttons linked to the platform of your choice

Voila, your game account for Tower of Fantasy and your Twitch account are now linked. You just have to look at the steamers that have the mention "Drops activated" in order to obtain one of the following packs according to your viewing time:

  • Watch the stream for 1 hour and get the Title & Dark Crystal reward
  • Watch the stream for 2 hours and collect the Dark Crystal reward
  • Watch the stream for 4 hours and claim the Avatar Frame reward
While waiting to be able to get all these drops, don't forget that in Tower of Fantasy, you will be able to collect several simulacra and different weapons.