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Valorant on Xbox and PlayStation, a job offer teases the arrival on consoles

Valorant on Xbox and PlayStation, a job offer teases the arrival on consoles

 VALORANT is only available on PC currently, but the title could be coming to consoles according to a job posting from Riot Games.

A few years ago, when VALORANT was released, many players wondered if the title would come to  Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

At the time, Riot Games indicated that they were not closed to the idea, but it was not a priority. However, a recent job offer published by the publisher would suggest that the game would land on consoles without further details in the offer.

VALORANT, soon on PlayStation and Xbox consoles?

If you want to know if VALORANT will soon be released on consoles whether on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch, well, at the moment we have no official information communicated by Riot Games on its social networks or via trailer announcements or Q&A sessions. However, the publisher has posted a job offer for a console Game Design manager has been published by Riot Games on the Hitmarker site, which would therefore suggest that the game could land on consoles one day. Here are some passages from the offer concerning the employment mission:

  • Work with team managers to develop a vision for combat in VALORANT on consoles
  • Make sure VALORANT's creative teams perform well
  • Anticipate the needs of gamers across all relevant platforms and understand the nuanced differences between them
  • Ensure gameplay execution and delivery schedule for a range of ongoing projects, from initial concept to final polish
  • Manage and coach your team members
  • Frequently influence senior management regarding product direction and strategy, both in relation to projects and related work (e.g. events, etc.)
As you can read, Riot Games, therefore, seem to be actively working on the creation of the console version of VALORANT.