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The Chant - how to find all items, keys, crystals and fuses - Game Guide


Walkthrough The Chant - how to find all items, keys, crystals and fuses

The other day, The Chant was released - a third-person horror game in which the player will visit the island and learn the history of a religious cult. In this guide, we will walk you through the game in detail.

Introduction. How to run away from the cultists

After the introductory video, we run straight along the path. At the fork, we turn right and do not come across the cultists.

We crawl under the fallen tree, open the door and again run to the right.

We pass through the gate, go left and continue the path.

We push the enemy away and watch the cut scene in which the girl gets scared of the monsters and jumps into the water.

Getting to know the characters. How to Find Lavender, Ginger, and Oven

Let's move on to our time. The main character will go alone to the island, where she will meet with an old friend. Follow Kim. We select one of the available replicas, for example, "Say a compliment."

We study information about the main mechanics of the game and follow the sign "Post Office" to a makeshift mailbox. We put inside the “Letter to ourselves in the future” and return to our friend. We calm down and move after Kim. We get to the flock of flies.

We go up the hill, turn left to the fence and crawl under the tree to the right of it to find the vine. We return to Kim. Create a bunch of sage and attack the flies. We continue the path and go through training in attacking techniques. We get acquainted with the characters, communicate with them, and use any remarks.

In the reception area, we can study the notes on the table. We open another door and in the locker, we find another record.

In the kitchen, a woman will ask for lavender, oven, and ginger root.

Here we study a note with a tea recipe.

Not far from Kim we go into a small house. Inside, we get an introductory video from Sonny.

Here we examine the note on the table.

We follow in the opposite direction to the round structure and turn right.

We notice an orange surf and pass it further.

We immediately find lavender. We crawl under the tree, defeat the flies, and collect ginger and oven.

We go back and go to the reception. Insert the cassette and watch the video.
We follow the kitchen and put the found ingredients on the table.
We return to Kim and change clothes.

Looking for Kim. How to kill a flower and get a fuse

After the cut scene, we go to the tents.

We pass into an open building and find a note in the closet. We follow through the building further and go out into the street.

We move forward and activate the green transformer - the light will turn on in the cave.

We pass through it and along a narrow path we run away from hostile hallucinations.

We move forward until the girl notices the flower and calms down. We immediately collect lavender and go along the narrow bridge. Do not forget to replenish the vital signs of the heroine with the help of the plants found.

We reach the source of light and parry the attack on the mind.

After meeting with the leader of the group, examine the note on the table.

Find the vine and go through the first door on the left.

Inside, we study the note and take the sage bush.

In the table, we select a video cassette and examine the drawing on the wall.

We open the locked door.

We collect the vine and attack the plant. We parry an enemy attack and beat the enemy to death.

We take out the fuse from the cabinet. We defeat the enemy and go to the bridge.
We get to the electrical panel and insert the fuse.

canning factory. How to collect the dodecahedral key, open the door and get to Kim

We follow forward and find Kim. We go into the building on the right and take the geometric metal part from the table.

Here we activate the player and watch the recording.

In the hanging locker, we study the note.

We go back, turn left, and around the corner from the red box we get the key to the padlock of the canning factory.

We go to the neighboring building, open the door with the found object and study the entry in the frame on the table.

Outside, grab the lavender on the left and the geometric metal piece in the boat on the right.

We crawl under another boat and pick up ginger.

We combine the found objects in the inventory.

At a small bridge, we grab a sage bush.

We climb the stairs up between the two buildings and in the attic, we examine the notes on two tables. Next, we pick up the oven. In the box to the right of the entrance, we will find another film.

We pass forward and defeat two enemies. We take the third geometric metal part from the table. We combine with the other part to get a twelve-sided key and get out.

After descending the stairs, we grab the ginger on the left.

We take a vine from a neighboring building and return to the player to watch the record found in the attic.

We pass through the building and open the locked door. Inside we find a sage bush, a vine, and salt.

We crawl under the tree and defeat the plants.

On the barrel, we find one more salt.

We open the door and reach Kim. We grab a bunch of sage and attack the girl. We bring it to the ritual candles and push it to the mirror.

Let's go back to the camp and get an orange prism.

Finding Sonny. How to find the hex key and prismatic crystals

We follow to the house to Sonny.

After the conversation, we run after the man and get a flashlight from Hannah.

Climb up and go into a small building. We pass through it and get out on the other side.

On the right around the corner, we will find the oven. We continue the path. At the fork, we leave to the left and move towards the mines.

We pass into the house by the river and on the table, we find a photograph. In the same room, we pick up the video and examine the note in the photo frame. Let's watch the video.

In the next room, we study the note and pick up a sage bush and a detail of a geometric sign.

We go outside and pick up prismatic crystals from the red box.

We run through the phantom zone and kill the creature and the plant.

Take the key in the shape of a heart.

We return back to the place of descent and go through the door. We use the player in the house and watch the video we found earlier.

We go outside and open the lock in the shape of a heart on the left.

Inside we find a note and a detail of a geometric sign.

We pick up the lavender in the locker and connect the found objects into a hex key.

We return to the table with the restoration crystal and open the white door to the left of it.

Mines. How to find the fuses, turn on the lights and get to Sonny

After a shortcut scene, we launch the transformer.

Take the fuse on the left.

We approach the red transformer and start it.

We run forward and find another fuse and a blower.

We defeat three enemies and go to the third transformer. Let's activate it.

Near the electrical panel, we also find essential oil, ginger, and a fiery whip. We study the entry about the monster on the wall.

We go forward and defeat the enemy. We pick up the fuse and prismatic crystals.

We return back to the first transformer, climb the stairs and insert the fuse into another electrical panel.

We go outside through a narrow long tunnel.

We go forward and take the flashlight from Sonny.

We go in the door with three rhombuses. Inside the building in the locker, we find a note and, if necessary, watch unexplored videos.

We go outside and go into the next building.

We open all the doors in the stable one by one, kill the monster and find lavender and prismatic crystals. We get out from the other side of the building and raise thorny branches. We climb into the house to Sonny and follow him. The door next to the building will open. We defeat the monster and go inside. We examine the note and pass into a large room.

In the locker, we find a video recording, on the table we collect essential oil. We go outside and pick up thorny branches.

We pass along the yellow fog and climb into the hut through the window. Find salt inside.

We open a fast passage to the street and go to Sonny.

We follow the man to another building and examine the note on the table.

We go further into a large wooden building. Raise essential oil, ginger, and fiery whip.

We activate the elevator and fight the monsters. As soon as the elevator arrives, we immediately go down.

On the right, we examine the picture and the note, and also take the prismatic crystals from the box.

We move along the left path to Sonny and get a yellow prism. We follow through the fog and climb into a small cave. On the right, we find the oven.

On the left on the table, we study the note, and in the closet, we find the wick. We pass through the cave and select ginger.

We climb into the hole in the wall.

We raise the capsule a little ahead. We quickly get out back or fight monsters.

We combine the primer and wick in inventory to get explosives for mines. We activate the received item in the hole in the wall and run back to a safe distance.

We move in a straight line and find the witch's staff on the table. We climb into a cave with a yellow aura.

We go up the stairs and pick up lavender and wormwood.

We go down and defeat all the monsters. In this cave, you can also find a sage bush and a vine. After the battle, the path will open further. We take away two gingers, essential oil, prickly branches, and an oven.

We examine the note in the frame on the table and pick up the witch's staff.

We pass into the next cave and fight with the shelob and other monsters. If necessary, various useful items can be collected in the vicinity to restore parameters and create weapons.

To be continued...